HITMAN 3 - Known Issues

This thread will be updated regularly with a list of community-reported issues. The list won’t be exhaustive, but is intended to let you know what has been frequently reported and what is on our radar.

We expect to update the list with every major patch or more frequently as required.
For the latest patch notes, look here: HITMAN 3 - February Patch (3.11) - IO Interactive

Known Issues, Last Update: Mar 09

Recently Updated:

  • Some challenges and trophies (across all three games within HITMAN 3) do not unlock, despite players completing the requirements.
    Status: Tracked. There are several challenges that are tracked and the fixes for them are at different stages. More details will come in future patch notes, but we’ve extended the list here of known issues.

Trophies: Full House, Future Shock, Shortcut Killer, Perfectionist, Dune Rider and others.

Challenges: Estate Wines, Urine For It, The Gig is Up, Electric Boogie, Showstopper, Discover Mendoza, Shortcut: Inner Courtyard, Shortcut: Facility Elevator Shaft and others.

A note about challenges requiring the camera: If these don’t seem to work for you, there is a possible workaround whilst we work on a permanent fix. Start a new playthrough of the level and make sure the first photo you take is for the challenge you want to unlock.

This is to circumvent an issue where taking a photo earlier in the playthrough can prevent those challenges from unlocking. These challenges are known to be affected: Precious Moments, Nightcrawler, Voyeurism, Nothing as it Seems, A Private Moment.


  • Players can run into problems when trying to play created contracts on Mendoza
    Status: Tracked.

  • In rare cases, players can run into server issues when reaching the end of a mission.
    Status: Tracked.

  • Players cannot access the Requiem Pack
    Status: We’re aware and working on a solution.

  • Players are not awarded a trophy/achievement despite completing the requirements
    Status: Partially fixed in version 3.11 (February 2021). We’re tracking further reports.


  • Players are unable to reach full mastery in a location due to losing XP, but challenges still marked as complete after experiencing a server disconnect.
    Status: Fixed on 02 March. Affected players will now see their correct mastery and XP amounts. Any unlocks that would be earned as a result of that change will now also be available in the inventory.

  • In rare cases, players on all platforms who own the Deluxe Edition are unable to access the digital downloads (Digital book and soundtracks)
    Status: FIXED in version 3.11 (February 2021)

  • Players cannot access their Deluxe Edition content.
    Status: FIXED. In-game content (suits and items) are unlocked by completing the Deluxe Escalations. The digital book and soundtracks can now be downloaded via your linked IOI Account.

  • PlayStation players are encountering a ‘failed to fetch online resources’ error.
    Status: FIXED: We rolled out a fix to remedy this issue. We’re tracking other reports for future issues.

  • Players are encountering a ‘failed to fetch profile information’ error.
    Status: FIXED. We rolled out an update today (Jan 25) to remedy these issues. We’re tracking any additional reports.

  • Xbox players are unable to access/download the HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass, despite being eligible.
    Status: FIXED. Together with MS, we’ve fixed this issue. The GOTY Access Pass will be automatically applied to Xbox players who meet the requirements. Look for it in your H3 Add-ons. Try restarting your console if you don’t see it. As an alternative, try to install/claim this specific Access Pass on the web store and install it to your console.

  • Players who own the PS4 disc version are unable to access the free PS5 next-gen update.
    Status: FIXED. Together with Sony, we identified an issue and implemented a fix.
    PS4 disc players should search for the next-gen upgrade on the PSN store.

The HITMAN Player Guide has an FAQ with more updates. We’re continuing to monitor and track the reports and we’re working on more fixes than we can currently list here. Stay tuned for updates and fix information.