After doing almost everything, what do you do to keep the game fun?

Well, that’s the question. What is your way to go to keep Hitman fresh.

And i know there are other games and all that, i’m aware of that, i’m not saying i can only play Hitman, i’m asking what do you do to keep Hitman fresh.


Personally, I find it difficult to do, especially now that the, limited, multiplayer aspect has been removed (‘Ghost Mode’). Although, the amount of rage quits quickly made it stale.

Whilst there’s still a co-op sniper mode, it’s only useful for helping others, or trying to get a high score, once everything has been unlocked.

At the same time, IOI have been amazing at adding new content, and they seem to have more planned for next year.

Ultimately, nothing good lasts forever.

Edit: From reading other posts, apparently co-op sniper mode has been discontinued. Shows how much I play it these days.


I’m having a blast playing the Sonko challenges created in this community. I used to being not particularly interested on contracts in the past, but thanks to the Sonko ones founded in this forum, I’m now more engaged on game like never before. I think it’s the only reason to keep playing this game for me.


To extend what @Loner said, I think that being a part of this community can add a lot to your enjoyment of the game.


Contracts Mode keeps things fresh for me, I regularly boot up H3 just to play through random user contracts across all trilogy maps, and to play the new Featured Contracts when they come out. I enjoy the gameplay of the new trilogy a lot, so playing a bunch of contracts and trying to go for SASO rating most of the time is just very fun to me.

There’s also the original four Hitman games… those games are special to me and they’re some of my favorite games ever, so I keep them always-installed on my PC. I still like messing around in their missions and I replay their main campaigns in full every couple years or so, they’re still mostly as fresh to me as they were when I first played them many years ago, I think.

Also, I really enjoy listening to the series’ music in my free time. I have Kyd’s, Nielsen’s, the Hitman movies’ soundtracks, that Jordan Cross music album released on Bandcamp, all of them saved as digital albums in my computer. I like putting them on the background whenever I’m studying or just using my PC, I just find it comforting to listen to them. Helps keep my favourite franchise fresh in my mind too, even when I’m not playing any of the games at all.


I won’t stop repeating that: Ghost Mode.


Contracts mode kept me incredibly busy in Hitman 2. It has not in H3.

If it weren’t for modding I probably wouldn’t touch this game.


I simply play other games waiting new contents. There isn’t only Hitman!


I like doing whole-trilogy story-focused roleplaying runs. Doing one can take a whole day for me, so that’s half my weekend spoken for on occasions where I go for it.




Master SONKO runs.

No Loadout runs.


Random loadouts, starting locations and additional challenges to the new playthroughs :+1:

Contracts Mode is also a good opportunity to try things differently, try to think out of the box and try something else regarding targets and kills.

Looking forward to try this to the different released Elusive Targets.
There’s so much possibilities!


Contracts for me. Without updates in this mode since H2016 GOTY, I have to use my mod tool to get something fresh out of it. I am not sure if I want to do a little break from playing a bit, I will see.

What I also used to do was Elusive Target videos. Clearly this requires an ET to be live but I let the previous ones slip already, mostly because I lack the free time to make these. I am looking forward to the Arcade concept, maybe this makes it easier for me to create this content too.

Of course if IO happens to update contract mode I probably get invested much more again, but I try to not hope for it. :smiley:


This sound like a real fucking challenge. Especially on legacy maps, were the remixed Npc positions and patrols are making some old routes really hard. I don’t even know how to make a decent sonko or no loadout on Paris actually.

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I have no idea how they were created (and I don’t create my own contracts so it’s OK that I don’t know) but there are contracts out there now (I think @WINNODD made them?) that have all NPCs as targets so they’re legitimate kill-everyone contracts. I’ve been having fun with those. A few of them tend to may the game crash though fairly consistently. I wish there was a save function for doing contracts!

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Two things, basically

  1. After taking months off a certain mission, I find that redoing the oldest mission stories that I no longer remember 100% is entertaining again. As long as I don’t have memorized every step, item locations, dialogues, and so on. With the amount of locations already in the game, it’s quite practical to do.

  2. Unsilenced weapons run. The randomness of the sound alarms and forced gameplay changes are enough to keep it fesh for me. Making an unsilenced SA run and keeping it under a reasonable time (that is, avoiding knocking out everybody and getting an unsilenced kill in empty runs is time consuming, lame and rewardless) makes for a fresh creative fun!


How do you do the random loadouts thing?

I stiill have challanges to do so…
But when i will finish that i belive i will do all feature contracts in the game, sniper challanges till i arrive 100% and make and play Contract … but still in my opinion they must to increase more modes for the game to keep him alive
Contracts its not enough… i hope for multyplayer.

You select different/random tools and weapons at the start of the mission, or you can use the randomizer mod!

Modding and roleplaying :joy:

That’s all I’ve been working on. Mostly. No Loadout on Paris is easy.

If you’re interested.

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