Agent 47’s Aliases

This is a thread recreated by @Ingvar and @plover.

Throughout Mr. 47’s career, he went under many names.

These name’s will forever be a part of him. But to the very few who know him and actually lived to speak of him, they will remember him only by one number…47

Because names are for friend’s, so he doesn’t need one.

Hitman: Codename 47:
  • Tobias Rieper (All Throughout the game; on / off)
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin:
  • Lord Sinclair (The Death Of Hannelore)
Hitman: Contracts:
  • Flech Fisher (Hunter And Hunted)
  • Mr. Metzger (Traditions Of The Trade)
  • Mr. Byrd (The Bjarkhov Bomb)
  • Mr. Fuchs (The Bjarkhov Bomb)
  • Fabian (The Bjarkhov Bomb)
Hitman: Blood Money:
  • Mister Julio (Till Death Do Us Part…)
  • Jacob Leiter (Till Death Do Us Part…)
  • Hendrik Schmutz (A House Of Cards)
  • Doctor Cropes (A House Of Cards)
  • Mr. Johnson (Final Cut Scene Before Credits)
Hitman: Absolution:
  • Ben Franklin (Attack Of The Saints)
  • The Patriot (Fight Night)
  • Timothy Hawke (Skurky’s Law)
HITMAN: World of Assassination (2016):
  • Helmut Kruger (The Showstopper)
  • Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali (The Showstopper)
  • Dr. Nicholas Laurent (Situs Inversus)
  • Nails (Situs Inversus)
  • Mr. Brookes (Situs Inversus)
  • Amos Dexter (Situs Inversus)
  • Jason Portman (Situs Inversus)
  • Roberto Vargas (World of Tomorrow)
  • Doctor Oscar Lafayette (World of Tomorrow)
  • Sal Falcone (World of Tomorrow”)
  • Umberto Megazzini (World of Tomorrow)
  • Mario Salvatore (World of Tomorrow)
  • Luigi Salvatore (World of Tomorrow)
  • Torres Piombo (World of Tomorrow, Three Headed Serpent)
  • Abel de Silva (Club 27)
  • Benjamin Bertram (Club 27)
  • Burgess (Freedom Fighters)
  • Robert Powell (Freedom Fighters
  • Sayid (A Gilded Cage)
  • Konny Engstrom (A Gilded Cage)
  • Finley [Jeff Baker] (Cameraman in A Gilded Cage)
  • Hektor Lindberg (A Gilded Cage)
  • Sayid Laham (A Gilded Cage)
  • Salvatore Bravuomo (Landslide)
  • Ted Mendez (The Finish Line)
  • Nicholas “Florida Man” Velmorres (The Finish Line)
  • Moses Lee (The Finish Line)
  • Taita (Three-Headed Serpent)
  • P-Power (Three-Headed Serpent)
  • Mr. Hussain (Chasing a Ghost)
  • Gunther Mueller (Another Life)
  • Blake Nathaniel (The Ark Society)
  • Jebediah Block (The Ark Society)
  • Sinclair (The Ark Society)
  • Axel Phenniger (The Ark Society)
  • Janus (The Ark Society)
  • Mr. Roger Jackson (Golden Handshake)
  • Dale (A Bitter Pill)
  • Mr. Thomas (A Golden Handshake)
  • Jakson Mamao (The Last Resort)
  • Chrisotpher “CJ” Jackson (The Last Resort)
  • Sagar (Chasing a Ghost)
  • Gregory Arthur (Chasing a Ghost)
  • Zana Kazem (On Top of the World)
  • Roberto Franculitta (On Top of the World)
  • Mr. Leonard Parsons (Death in The Family)
  • Mr. Phineas Witmer (Death in The Family)
  • Flynn Sharp (Death in The Family)
  • Rolf Hirschmuller (Apex Predator)
  • Xiang Wei (End of an Era)
  • Aron Ford Jr. (The Farewell)
  • Gabriel Vargas (The Farewell)
  • Corvo Black (The Farewell)
  • Mr. Kenneth Flowers (The Farewell)
HITMAN 2007 Film:
  • Mr. Price - Used When Meeting Udre Belicoff for the first time.
  • Mel Johnson - P. 8-15
  • Peter Samo - P. 136
  • Waleed Abadati - P. 168-173
  • Alex Taylor - P. 198
  • Tazio Scaparelli - P. 261
  • Alexandru Cosma - P. 289-291
  • Francois Gerrard - P. 302
  • Stan Johnson -Used All Throughout The Book. On / Off
  • Michael Brant - P. 13-16
  • John Duncan - P. 209-210
  • Sebastian
HITMAN AGENT 47 2015 FILM: Not Available:
  • None

PLEASE NOTE: In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin mission, “Terminal Hospitality”, 47 can take the identity of the doctor “Dr. Chakran” to fulfill the mission. However, 47 never introduced himself as Chakran nor did anyone else call him by that name. Same thing goes for Hitman: Blood Money, mission: Flatline. 47 can take the disguise of doctor “Dr. Greg Thurman”. However, again, 47 never introduced himself to anyone under that name, nor did anyone else call him by it.


There are also the minor disguises.

Umberto Megazzini (World of Tomorrow)

Torres Piombo (World of Tomorrow, Three Headed Serpent)

Mario Salvatore (World of Tomorrow)

Luigi Salvatore (World of Tomorrow)

Hektor Lindberg (A Gilded Cage)

Sayid Laham (A Gilded Cage)

Benjamin Bertram (Club 27)

Robert Powell (Freedom Fighters, chef)

Nicholas “Florida Man” Velmorres (The Finish Line)

Gunther Mueller (Another Life)

Jakson Mamao (The Last Resort)

Chrisotpher “CJ” Jackson (The Last Resort)

Roberto Franculitta (On Top of the World)

Flynn Sharp (Death in The Family)

Xiang Wei (End of an Era)

Also, Finley’s real name is Jeff Baker and Laurent’s, Jackson’s, Parsons’, Whitmer’s and Flowers’ first names are Nicholas, Roger, Leonard, Phineas and Kenneth.


I wouldn’t count impersonations as aliases tbh. An Alias is a person who doesn’t exist (that we know of, unless he’s taken a dead person’s name from years ago), an impersonation is someone who does exist

47’s Alias is whatever his arrangements have been set up under the name of. He doesn’t get a hotel name under the name Hendrik Schmutz, Hendrick Schmutz really did get a hotel room for himself, it wasn’t a 47 alias, he was a real person who was there. If the police go over the records they don’t go “oh Hendrik Schmutz, that’s the alias of our killer” they go “Hendrik schmutz, that was the victim who booked his hotel room”


In Landslide 47 can also become the priest and trick the target into chatting with you.

As Kevin said, not technically an alias so much as an impression/pretending to be another real person, but if the attorney is on the list in landslide then I think the priest should be too.


This, totally agree :+1:


And name himself Padre… who?
Rieper? :slight_smile:


I don’t remember his name but it’s clear through the dialogue 47 isn’t just blending in as any random priest. He is attempting to pass off as a specific person. The same one who has been opposed to Marco Abiatti for a while.

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Yeah, I know that he’s playing the role of Padre Francesco, but let’s fantasize, how would he name himself while being a priest? :slight_smile:

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Maybe he would use the name of his friend in Sicily. I assume that guys is dead or retired by now.

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This is a recreation.

However, I was genuinely confused on why the original creator, Piano_Man, counted these as aliases.


I personally appreciate that he compiled most of the unique disguisable NPCs that 47 can assume the identity of, even if they’re technically not “aliases”.

47 uses the same alias 6 times in the trilogy: Paris, Bangkok, Hokkaido, New York (technically only the Rieper part), Haven Island and Mendoza. And in my opinion, “Tobias Rieper” starts to overstay his welcome in Hokkaido. When the series of brutal yet strangely charming deaths all have a stone-cold bald stud introducing himself as “Reaper”, there appears to be a pattern. Granted, only Bangkok and New York are legitimate enterprises and they all would tend to keep their guest lists private, but still.

There’s plenty of generic non-ominous white guy names that 47 can choose: Richard Andrews, Henry Morrison, James Donaldson, etc.

They can even still have callbacks to the books, films, old games: Timothy Price, Stanley Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, Timothy Hawke, Jacob Leiter, etc.


… Guess this is one of the things inspired by the James Bond franchise: constantly and carelessly using a certain name and getting away with it. “Rieper. Tobias Rieper” :smile:

I was personally more than satisfied with the comeback of Tobias Rieper alias from good old Codename 47. Although I think in the next installments, it is time to use different aliases on different hits, preferably even with more puns, just like Rieper, Metzger, Crops, Flech Fisher.


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this is a fair point. I think it’s worth keeping what’s on the list but maybe split it up somehow or use markers to indicate which are made up by 47/ICA and which are disguises of actual people.

what is this a pun of?

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It’s german for “Butcher” :wink: