ICA Headquarters

This is a thread recreated by @Ingvar and @plover.

Welcome to the ICA Headquarters.

Here you can discuss everything about the ICA. Scroll through and see all past members, clients, affiliations and targets. Including from all Hitman™️ Games, Novels, Movies and Comics


“Merces Letifer” (Latin for “Lethal Trade”)


  • Unidentified chairman
  • Aheem Shbot
  • Jose Sosa
  • Frank Tang
  • Lalu Khan
  • Dr. Natalia Luka
  • Hans Beck
  • Mary Minnarr
  • Mustapha Nour
  • Goto Osami
  • Aristotle Thorakis (Deceased)
  • Erich Soders (Defected/deceased)
  • Angus Pritchard
  • Benjamin Travis (Division chief; deceased)


  • Diana Burnwood (Formerly)
  • [Clera]
  • Jiao
  • Robyn Gore (Miss Smythe in her first appearance) [Diana original supervisor]
  • Dolores Powell (Retired) [Presumed deceased by the ICA]
  • Agent 47 (Formerly)
  • Agent Stone
  • Agent Knight
  • Agent Jaguar (Deceased)
  • Agent Mahone
  • Agent Obrav
  • Aheen Shbot
  • Berlin Agents / All Deceased
    • Agent Montgomery
    • Agent Banner
    • Agent Tremaine
    • Agent Thames
    • Agent Green
    • Agent Rhodes
    • Agent Swan
    • Agent Lowenthal
    • Agent Chamberlin
    • Agent Davenport
    • Agent Price
  • Mr. Nu
  • Jade Nguyen (Formerly) / Deceased
  • Praetorians (Formerly) / All Deceased
    • Jack Aegis
    • John Hoplon
    • Carey Scutum
  • The Saints (9 members below) / All Deceased
    • LaSandra Dixon (Field Captain)
    • Heather McCarthy
    • Jaqueline Moorhead
    • Agnija Radoncic
    • Dijana Radoncic
    • Jennifer Anne Paxton.
    • Marie Garnier
    • Louisa Cain
    • Boo
  • Tuulia Hernandez (Formerly / Deceased)
  • Two unnamed agents (Deceased in a one year period) [Used to showcase the normal rate of agents loss in the ICA]
  • Agent Wilde (Deceased) [Diana was their handler]
  • Four unnamed agents (All wounded) [Confirmed to have been hospitalized by 47]
  • Hush (Deceased)
  • Imogen Royce (Deceased)
  • Ishigami
  • Rivers (In training) [May have been recommended to the Handler program]
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • MI5
  • MI6
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Interpol
  • United Nations (UN)
  • Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer (Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Sergei Zavorotko (Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Mr. Northcott Client
  • Dexter Industries
  • Birdie (Formerly) / Alive
  • Blake Dexter (Client, Deceased)
  • Omid Maklouf (Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Silvio Caruso (Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Kronstadt Industries (Client)
  • Providence
  • Taheji Koyama (Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Hamilton-Lowe (Clients)
  • The Highmoore Family (Clients)
  • Keeble Family (Clients)
  • Locksley (Client)
  • Aleksander Kovac (Client)
  • Miranda Jamison (Client, Suggested, Through Gorka Institute)
  • Unnamed Wealthy Romanian (Client, Formerly)
  • Dave Ready (ICA Informant)
  • Yurishka (ICA Mole / Double Agent)
  • Mayor of Rotterdam (Client, Formerly)
  • Unnamed Wealthy Father (Death of a Showman) Client, Formerly)
  • The New York Mafia (Clients)
  • Carlton Smith (Client, Possible Member, Associate)
  • Senator Bingham (Client)
  • Margeaux LeBlanc (Client, Suggested)
  • Lucas Grey (Client, Shadow Client, Formerly, Deceased)
  • Olivia Hall (Hacker / Handler for Lucas Grey)
  • Unnamed Major Ether Stockholder
  • Simone Larin (Client)
  • Gonzales Narváez (Formerly)
  • A Male Hygiene Product Company (Clients)
  • Jackie Charrington (Client)
  • Tommy Stoakes (Client)




Contracting Agency - Assassinations

  • Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer
  • Sergei Zavorotko
  • Mr. Northcott
  • Mayor of Rotterdam
  • Unnamed wealthy Romanian man
  • Agent Smith
  • FBI
  • CIA
  • MI5
  • MI6
  • NSA
  • Interpol
  • United Nations
  • Blake Dexter
  • Birdie
  • Diana Burnwood
  • Silvio Caruso
  • Locksley
  • Gonzales Narváez
  • Aleksander Kovac
  • Taheiji Koyama
  • Jackie Carrington
  • The Highmoore Family
  • The Keeble Family
  • The New York Mafia
  • Senator Bingham
  • An unnamed Billionaire (“The Surgeon’s” Elusive Target.)
  • Unnamed wealthy Father (“Death of a Showman” - Blood Money)
  • Former Investor in Gabriel Santos’ production company (“The Chef” Elusive Target)
  • Simone Larin
  • A male hygiene product company
  • Miranda Jamison
  • Margeaux LeBlanc
  • L’Avventura Pictures
  • Kronstadt Industries
  • Lucas Grey
  • A (partner) of a Singaporean Chef who committed suicide (“The Food Critic” Elusive Target.)
  • Former lover of Walter Williams (“The Blackmailer” Elusive Target.)
  • Globestar (“The Warlord” Elusive Target.)
  • Hamilton Lowe
  • Omid Maklouf



How can you say they all died? They’re gone from the Romania cutscene because the players could have killed any from 5-11.


What about Dolores Powell in Mendoza? She’s a former handler too


In case anyone doesn’t know, Dolores Powell was at first a character in a short story written in 2017 by Hitman main writer Michael Vogt (he is currently senior writer on project 007, and wrote a sci-fi novel, Fall of Gods).
With insight, it’s the work with the most call forwards to Hitman III.

More relevant to this topic, the story gives some insight into the ICA inner working, structure (with a cleaner program in addition to handler, agent, analyst…) and some other names :

  • Handler :
    • Dolores Powell (retired, presumed deceased by the ICA)
  • Agent :
    • Agent Jaguar (deceased, was top three)
  • ICA Cleaner
    • Ishigami
    • Rivers (in training, might have been recommended to the Handler program after)
  • Target :
    • unnamed CEO of a social media company (survived)

Also it confirms that Diana and 47 can be less than professional together, in a very “brought together we will negate each other intelligence and start sharing a single immature brain cell” manners. At least from time to time. Which makes me happy.

Also on the side of interesting trivia about this story :

  • this is the first name drop of Agent Davenport (“the Poisoner”) and Agent Swan (“the Olympic Archer”), they are assumed to be possible contenders for top two ICA agent
  • this is the first time the term “Apex Predator” is used in reference to the best ICA agent
  • the ICA headquarter (at least that’s where Director Soders had his office) is apparently hidden as the “International Carpet Association” :grinning:

And from the Agent 47: Birth of a Hitman (written by Rune Bendixen, Jean-Pierre Magro and again Michael Vogt), now confirmed to be fully canon and essential to the World of Assassination trilogy, we have :

  • Handler :
    • Robyn Gore (named miss Smythe in her first appearance), Diana original supervisor
  • Agents :
    • two unnamed agents (deceased in a one year period, used to showcase the normal rate of agents loss in the ICA)
    • Agent Wilde (deceased, Diana was their handler)
    • Four unnamed agents (all wounded, confirmed to have been hospitalised by 47)
  • Target :
    • Franklin Marchand (target stolen/eliminated by a then independent 47)

All from 1999, this ICA branch was hidden as “Insight Custom Accounting” They sure do love to keep the acronym intact.


Thanks for all of this! This is an exact recreation from a post made a long time ago, so some of the bits are off and others need to be added. You made a fantastic outline, @LandirtHome. And thank you @Luiluix for bringing that up. I appreciate all the info and I’ll add it in soon!

Well 47 is the best of them all, so…. :thinking:


Oh also I feel kinda stupid for forgetting about those but Knight and Stone from Sniper Assassin are also part of the ICA lol :stuck_out_tongue: and if you wanted to you could also add the other characters from the mobile game “Hitman Sniper: The Shadows” I guess, though it’s made by Square Enix and idk if IO would consider this game to be canon


For the targets we have a completely separate page for it that includes both his target kills and his non-target kills.

I don’t have anything from the comics or the books and if I’m recalling correctly, that is a decision Ingvar and I decided.

However, I love the info that you, @LandirtHome, are giving me and I think it’s great to know. If you’d like to put a comment there that details all people he’s killed as both targets and non-target eliminations, that would be much appreciated. I will most likely just have to reread the books completely to be able to do it for the novels.

Here’s the link to the other topic: Agent 47's Hit List

Thanks! I hope it isn’t too much trouble for you.


One of the things I’ve always wondered about the Agency is: how do they get the word out?

We know that ICA was originally a part of MI5 (was it 6?) as an off-the-books department that eventually broke away and became an independent organization that chose to go global and neutral, rather than serve England. We don’t know when they started accepting paid contracts from outside sources, and it’s possible that’s how they funded themselves when they were part of MI5 to avoid oversight for illegal assassination activities, but my guess is that they went independent after WWII, meaning they became a solo entity around the same time Providence did.

I can understand how big government organizations like CIA, NSA, MI6, the United Nations, etc., came to know about them, through their connections starting as a government agency themselves, and I imagine that’s probably how big corporations became aware of their services, too. But what about organized crime? How did mafia syndicates, drug cartels, and various terrorist groups learn how to contact them and order hits?

In the lore prior to WoA, which kinda broad-stroked the previous lore, there are three tiers to the kind of hits their agents perform: alpha, beta, and gamma. 47 attained gamma level after his first hit, so alpha and beta are lower-level hits. Now, does that mean just in the amount willing to be paid? The difficulty of the mission? How high a profile the target has? My guess is that alpha level is your run-of-the-mill hitmen that any mafia family could call up to whack someone, but ICA does it more professionally. So while they may not always go for huge assassinations like 47 always does, they may have street-level “vendors” who listen for word going out among the criminal element that someone is looking for a trigger man, and might pass it up the chain, and then someone for ICA might reach out to the client, rather than the client going to them.

It’s only guesswork, but I think it makes sense. With how much money they make and how many agents they have, it’s very unlikely that the big hits are their regular thing. There’s be no big corporate leaders or mafia bosses or controversial politicians left, not after all these decades that ICA has been active. So I’m thinking, the majority of their work is corrupt cops, retired mobsters, local politicians, or vengeance killings, done by killers far less skilled than 47 or the other agents we’ve seen in the series, but still good enough and professional enough to work for the Agency. People more like the Kashmirian, for example.

So, getting back to the point, I’m thinking that the big organizations and powerful independent people probably pass the info about ICA amongst each other, and more “regular” people probably don’t reach out to them specifically, but word goes out among the right kind of people to find a hitman, and the ICA learns about it and offers their services.