Aleksander Kovak - Future Ambrose Island Target?

In Mendoza, Tamara Vidal asks Diana to spill the beans on the “accidents” of various people, Novikov and Margolis, Craig Black from Patient Zero, The Undying and uh… Blake Dexter lol. As well as this, it’s confirmed that 47 was behind the death of Aleksander Kovak, leader of The Yardbirds. He could potentially only be a future elusive target, if they’re going to continue those. But It’s pretty interesting, a kill I would assume happened before the events of Hitman 3, and it just seems like a sneaky little nugget of knowledge staring at us this entire time. What do you bros think?


Confirmed by who, where? The only info I could find is he died in prison and Tamara mentioning him in H3 is either a continuity issue or Diana was just bullshitting Tamara because she was annoyingly talking too much (the irony, right?)

Regardless, I doubt he’ll have anything to do with the new level. Seems like it has a mercenary/militia vibe to it. The Yardbirds were professional thieves. So no connection.

Wouldn’t really work as an ET either because he died in prison. Even if you flip it and say “47 killed him inside and made it look like Kovak died of natural causes” … that would still require an entire new level (Prison). Unless you retcon it to “47 killed him on a mercenary/militia island”. Which is kinda wonky. :rofl:

Aleksander Kovak was arrested by the Interpol in Panama, as GNN news said, which can be seen in Hwake’s Bay.
So the story of Yardbird seems a dead end for me, four of them died and the last one arrested.


Where did you get that info? I know he was arrested, but I don’t recall anything mentioning his death in prison.


If he did die, maybe that’s why Diana is taking credit, because technically it was by fulfilling his contract that he got thrown in the slammer for all the deaths in Himmelstein. If he died after being in prison, that was technically their doing. So perhaps she’s taking credit by proxy, kind of like how I maintain that 47 still technically fulfilled his final contract for ICA when Grey killed himself because he did it for 47, so 47 really did kill the Shadow Client after all.


The Hitman wiki. Wikiwikiwiki.

I just went and looked there, and it only says he spent the rest of his life in prison, and that Diana taking credit for it is either a continuity error, or Kovak was assassinated off-screen.

I haven’t heard the conversation about Kovak with Vidal, but if all she does is say his name and Diana says yes, then she may only mean to ask if it was Diana and 47 fulfilling Kovak’s now-infamous contract for the Himmelstein wedding massacre that got Kovak the money that led to his capture.

I haven’t heard the conversation about Kovak with Vidal, but if all she does is say his name and Diana says yes, then she may only mean to ask if it was Diana and 47 fulfilling Kovak’s now-infamous contract for the Himmelstein wedding massacre that got Kovak the money that led to his capture.

You’re correct, it’s quite possible she’s just taking credit by proxy for someone who was sent to jail and died there, I looked around too and couldn’t find anything mentioning him being killed in prison only he’s just apparently dead now, I believe the context of the conversation with Vidal frames it to be made to look like an accident, and she’s asking if we were behind it. I work in a minute but I’ll try and find / record some footage of at least this part of the conversation so you don’t have to take my word for it.


This video @ 14:45 is when Vidal begins to ask who else we took out besides providence members, @ 16:10 is when the simple yes from Diana claiming credit for Kovak’s death, before this, a conversation between Diana and Vidal about the “accident” MO will play out, but I’m currently either too dumb or rushed to find it in this video. So we can tell Kovak died in an accident, or Vidal wouldn’t even have asked if we killed them as that’s outside our MO. I dunno, could be some sort of prison riot gone wrong and fucking burned to death like Siberia haha, or maybe it’s a future retconn or continuity error and he didn’t end up spending the rest of his life in prison. (unless very comedically the rest of his life was like 2 years lol) It’s definitely not “confirmed” that we were directly behind his death like I said in the first post so I definitely take back making such a definitive statement, however I do find it rather suspicious that he was the high profile victim of an accident that Diana took credit for, that we’re missing a lot of info for.

Also from 15:53 - 18:15 this video rapid fires out a bunch of target dialogue, just interesting for anyone who hasn’t heard them before.

Mmm, not necessarily. Vidal merely name-checks Kovak. Yeah, she’s listing off contracts, but I think it’s pretty clear that Kovac is now widely known for having led the heist of the Shamal Hotel, then ordered the deaths of his partners and all their bodyguards at the wedding massacre, then got busted trying to cash in. Vidal could be asking if they killed Kovak (no indication that ever happened), or asking if they were the ones who pulled off the wedding massacre, as I don’t think anyone believes Kovak himself did that.

So unless Ambrose Island really does show us killing Kovak, then sometime between Hawke’s Bay and Dubai, 47 took a contract on Kovak. It’s not too far-fetched, as the first half of H2 had unknown periods of time between missions while ICA and Providence coordinated on finding the Shadow Client and the militia lieutenants, and the second half was spent pursing the Constant and the Partners, and in that time, to avoid suspicion from ICA management, 47 and Diana would still have to be doing their jobs in between their off-duty activities.

I think, more likely, we are merely misunderstanding the nature of Vidal’s question based on what the other questions were. I think she means to ask if Kovak was a client, not a target. If not, then Kovak was killed, but not by 47, and Diana is inexplicably choosing to lie about that one.

Then again, if The Shadows mobile game is to be believed, then 47 is only Diana’s primary agent, but not the only one she’s responsible for, and she did have Kovak killed, but sent a lower agent to do it.


The Hitman wiki sucks ass too. If I could I’d edit it. Their mission meanings article is a bugbear of mine because it gets stuff wrong

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Tell me more about this mobile game lore

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Tell me more about this mobile game lore

There’s a mobile game???

You can play games on mobile???

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We don’t really know because the timeline doesn’t match with the inclusion of agents Knight and Stone, the disappearance of 47, and the fact that it’s an ICA initiative. Either during the two-month period between Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgail, or some point in the future after ICA had been re-established, Diana puts together a team of snipers, and it basically plays out like a mobile version of Sniper mode, with the option to upgrade your rifle the better you do.

Since i’m never playing this some of the characters look quite good, I like June and Dieter because they look like trilogy targets and I also just like Dieter’s archetype that he gives off whenever it shows up in media. They also don’t have many exageratted features. Kiya and Soji, I also like because they look like Mercenaries characters if you ever played those games. They’re not good Hitman designs which shouldn’t be so flashy unless it’s as a gag (think Steven Bradley when it comes to comedic character design, with one of the targets in this being him but without a personality) but they’re good enough character designs for a spin off that’s mean to have a band of misfits type design, but sorry to use such an overrepeated phrase but a lot of these just look like Fortnite characters

It’s a wikia fandom thing. It’s free to edit. Thanks for the tip off btw. I’m trying my best to clean up the wiki of odd facts and things that makes zero sense.

IF it gets re-established.

Not in this context. It’s an approved initiative by the ICA, meaning that if it is a canon entry, it either happens in the past before the events of WoA, during the events of H2 when 47 is unavailable for other missions because he’s dealing with the Shadow Client/Providence war, or it happens in the future when ICA is back.

Yes, but you make it sound like an inevitable thing, instead of a possibility, which the latter makes sense to use.

For what it’s worth, i feel the implication is that it takes sometime in the past, but given the lack of hard evidence on anything in the game, it’s impossible to know.