Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

A teaser trailer for a new Hitman game? What do you guys think?

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//revealed 2021-06-13:


My least generous assumption is that they exported the multiplayer sniper game mode, currently unavailable in H3, into a seperate game.

Sniper Assassins plural definitely points to multiplayer, and we can see the familiar characters.

edit: this ungenerous assumption is wrong and there will be new maps. I’m excited.


I had a hard time playing Sniper on mobile, just isn’t really for me. I love the idea though, just like I love sniper assassin - maybe if I could get them running on PC.

I’d really love some more level packs for Hitman GO. That was a really unique way of adapting the series to mobile that still managed to feel like Hitman.



It’s a new game with 3 new maps and 4 playable characters, one of them is new.

There are screens and another trailer here.


i like hearing Diana (Jane Perry) again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I didn’t see 47 in there. That’s lame :unamused:

Hopefully he’s in the game. Maybe as an unlockable character or, it would be cool if on a few levels you interact with him and he’s computer controlled.

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Interesting! So it appears like Knight and Stone are officially hired by the ICA. And then the events of H3 took place. :sweat_smile: Well maybe this takes place in a different universe.


At the end of the cinematic part of the trailer, you can see more than 3 briefcases. But that could mean anything.

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Credit to @sapors on Discord for the text-less image.


Yeah the third one is for the new Agent Kolzak

He looks a bit generic tbh :upside_down_face: I like Knight and Stone tho, glad they’re back

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Weird I remember images of the third agent looking a bit different, more hair, older look… Now he does not look that impressive.

I am no big fan of Sniper Assassin but the observatory map looks interesting!

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So who owns rights to the series anyway? IOI or SE?


I think IO, but if I had to guess Square retained the rights to mobile entries since the mobile games were developed by SE Montreal.

I am surprised to see Knight and Stone in there, since they didn’t appear until after Squexit.

EDIT: It might be a little more complicated, check the responses below.

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Actually, Square still owns the IP and exclusively licenses it to IO. That’s the reason it says "Owned or Exclusively Licensed to IO Interactive.

edit: Thanks to @Hardware for linking those trademarks.


I get this very weird bad gut feeling that Square Enix might get into legal trouble with IOI. But I’m not entirely sure why I believe this might not be the case at the same time.

Square Enix still owns the Hitman IP.


Like the Bond IP is owned by Danjaq. But IO has the right to use both to create games.


They used them to sell merch as well. So it’s kinda unclear what license allows them and what not.

Hm, that’s confusing, since all of the press and statements from IO’s announcement of their independence talked about retaining the rights, which to my ears meant they owned it - I also remember reading that SE kept Kane & Lynch, which further made me think it was a different situation.

I guess that rights can be a bit of a vague term - if it really means the exclusive publishing rights, not ownership.

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