All firearms from the whole trilogy (with pictures)

Here are some guard weapons as well that aren’t on the list :slight_smile:

There’s two more variants of the Fusil G2 as well (one without a stock, one with a more ‘weathered’ texture) as well as some silenced versions of these weapons as well.


I think the most reasonable theory is that it’s the intended unlock for the featured contract challenge that currently has the default pistol as its unlock image

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I’m not happy that there is so many simply reskins without any difference. I don’t like that “mess” in equipement. I would like to have a small amount of weapons in menu, but some kind of submenu to choose a variation/skin. It’s riddiclous.


were do you unlock the golden dragon sniper rifle

Deluxe Escalation in Chongqing named The Lee Hong Derivation

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Cheers for taking the time to compile such a comprehensive collection of screenshots! I can’t imagine how long that must have taken, but it’ll come in very handy as a reference.

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Well soon I will make a run on every mission from H1 to H3 picking up all the guards weapons and screenshot them.
There are quite a few variations out there. I made a similar topic on the old forum.


Speaking of the old forum, do you remember the black and silver reskin someone did with the krugermeyer? It was basically the same gun, just black instead of gold. It looked truely amazing. Im kind of dissapointed the new one looks like what we have in game now. Comparison:





I just want the Absolution version wich is pretty similar to the one in H2SA. Still, I prefer this silver version than the gold one.


The new silver Krugermeier is everything I wanted it to be. Nothing more, nothing less.


I updated the list with the NPC’s weapons and some found in the missions. If something is missing please let me know.


Just glad we’ve moved past all the blue guns. Remember those?

Having said that, we still have yet to receive the ICA19 Blueballer with extra-large silencer.


Still weird they went through the effort of reskinning guns from blue to black, but then when they needed MKII reskins they slapped a sticker on instead. Man I need to learn how to use mod tools…


“Silvermeier” reminds me alot of Werlod, which is prolly from when it was inspired. I like that alot!

Also, after I unloccked H-L, I realized how many awesome perks it has. IO was prolly like:
“People use S300 Ghost too much, so how about we make exactly same rifle, but with penetrating bullets?”
“Yes, but won’t that be OP?”
“Well, decrease the number of bullets in chamber from 6 to 4.”
“Ok, that will perfectly balance it!”


For those interested, previous design versions of the Fusil G2 and RS-15:


Hackl pistols also seem to have changed

Already posted this in another thread but I think it also has it’s place here.

The Sieger 300 Ghosts barrel isn’t actually the same as before it was changed around the half H2 lifecycle. It’s a teeny-tiny bit longer and going to bother me till the rest of eternity.

Also every single Sieger 300 has the Sieger 300 marking in black and red with the exception of the new Sieger 300 Viper on which they are white. It also, coincidentally, has the old Sieger 300 Ghost barrel length.


am i only one who think that thumb hole on the stock is too low?

and we’re not going to get this. right?

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Surely you meant from 6 to 4 :wink:

I´m glad they´re introducing viable alternatives to the Ghost. Until now, the only thing that made me consider a different rifle has been “how well would it fit the level´s aesthetic?” :joy:

I wish the RS-15 was also used by some guards in certain levels… Dubai maybe, where it feels kinda weird that the elite guards opt for the “obsolete” Shashkas instead of the modern edition (or Western rifles).

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