All sniper rifles are gone!

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On PS4 disc playing Dartmoor. Not sure when this first happened. I had all my sniper rifles in the Dubai level but when I went to select a sniper rifle this morning in Dartmoor, the entire tab was gone so there was no opportunity to even select a sniper rifle. The SMG tab also contains only one gun. The problem appears to be permanent since I have tried multiple times to quit out and restart the system. It may have started two days ago when all my autosaves crashed upon loading. I no longer use the autosaves. Don’t know if the two issues are related but I’ve given up on the game until I can find a fix. I had all hitman 1 and 2 completed near 100% and everything transferred properly before it started to disappear.

Where are you trying to use the sniper rifle? Because your comment about only having one SMG makes me think that you’re trying to use a Hidden Stash instead of an Agency Pickup. You can only smuggle small items into Hidden Stashes, so Snipers and other large weapons won’t appear when you try to use them.


Yes, and if you’re trying to choose them as a gear you have to put them in a container.

There is no option to choose them. They don’t even appear in my items. I wanted to have it as a smuggled item in the greenhouse but they simply are no longer in my list of items. The whole tab is gone.

You can’t bring a sniper rifle in the greenhouse it’s a hidden stash for little objects like pistols poisons or tools
You can only bring sniper rifles in the agencies pickups than means for Dartmoor the cemetery, the bathroom and the corridor


Thank you. I did not realize there was a difference between a smuggled item and an agency drop and I played through the entirety of Human 1 and 2. I’ll give it a go later today.