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Alright made it to NG+2

Haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary at the Lodge. So any inherent changes aren’t face value.

I’m gonna go into spoiler stuff that I made in my NG+ Run so read at your own risk.

  • You Can Bring Constellation Members with you in One Giant Leap, by extension this explains why a deceased companion in high price to pay would later appear as a Starborn from another universe.

  • in the Artifact Room during Revelations for NG+ you can convince The Emmisary and The Hunter to stand down if you haven’t chosen a side and end things peacefully with unique dialogue options. It’s unclear what implications this might have for me in NG+2 yet since so far everything seems normal.

  • Starborn abilities can get upgraded and it’s unclear how far they can be improved. I have almost all Abilities with a few at level 2 so far.

  • NG+ Reward Suit and Ship improves slightly and it’s unclear how far it will improve.

A tip I recommend so you aren’t totally broke during NG+ is “borrowing” from a specific chest that has a large quantity of credits on New Atlantis to get you what you need to start off.

Also for people who use the Adoring Fan trait it disappeared for me in NG+ so I recommend getting a trait that is more useful.

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Am I starting the week-end with an unreasonable lack of sleep because I took 6 hours to survey the entire Sol system ?


From the last one, Charon, Pluto visible.
(bonus for triggering the first companion dialogue with the completion of this survey)

On a more technical side : Cloud gaming is smooth. An agreeable surprise.


Ugh. Probably the worst bug yet.

There’s a fairly significant part of the main questline that happens in one of the cities where I have player home. In this player home I’ve put up several mannequins and put all of the unique space suits / clothes on them that I won’t use but think are cool.

After this part of the questline I had reason to go to the player home do dump some stuff, and when I arrive it has been entirely reset as if I was never there. All the space suits, clothes, items in chest, and furniture/decorations is just gone. I’ve loaded an earlier save, but I don’t really know what to do. I guess I could slowly move all my gear to the Lodge? Only other option seems to be to wait for a patch (but who knows when that’ll come).

Apparently a lot of people have this problem. I can’t believe this type of bug is in the game. What a fuck-up.

For those of you who might not be there yet and want to know so you might hold off until its fixed, or just want to move all your geae, I’ll put the answer in two parts.

Which city? : New Atlantis. In my case it’s the penthouse you get from the UC Vanguard questline, but I assume my apartment in the Well is equally fucked

What quest line?: “High Price to Pay” after you return the Artifact from “The Scow”. I guess it’s because the quest generates an entirely new instance of the city


It’s “O” as in the letter “O”!!! Not “0” as in zero!!! Chose a better font next time motherfuckers. :rage:

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Currently XP Farming to get an abundance of Skill Points.

Not gonna lie - I’ve restarted four times already because…well customization obsession, which is not a bad thing. Currently playing through with two characters and already knowing I’m barely scratching the surface, I won’t be done anytime soon. :+1:

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Does anyone have any hidden knowledge on space battle tactics? I’m at my wits end here.

I’m at the end of the Crimson Fleet quest line. and I’ve taken out all three batteries and am now assaulting the Key. I swear there must be 20 ships all focusing on me. I’ve discovered a way to cheese it by taking out one ship at time, then putting all power into engines and just shooting off as far away as possible until my shields reacharge, but it would probably take hours. I really don’t know what to do. I’m not even close to getting all of the ships before I explode.

Online guides come with bulllshit advice like “shoot them in the back” as if I have a choice in the matter, and the standard “use targeting”, “take out shields with plasma first”, and so on. All things I am well aware of and use.

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So I’m only a couple hours in, but I have heard that in many space battle situations where the player is overwhelmed, you’re “supposed to grav jump”. As in, grav jumping away is the intended technique to surviving. Is this one of those situations?

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Nope. I’ve used this before, but I believe it’s scripted that I’m not allowed to grav jump out since it’s the climax of a major questline. Thanks all the same though.

Edit: You know what? tried it again, and it worked this time. Not very consistent, but at least I can go upgrade my ship.


I’m not sure how I feel about this game yet. I’m not very far. I like the presentation so far, but jeez there are a lot of systems to work with— and I’m not sure I have the capacity for that level of engagement.

Also, once I got to the first big city, I immediately proceeded to attack all the policemen, just to see how it would all play out. That was fun enough, but I do think that, to a point, I’ll “play as intended”… boooooring!

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I’d say you can sort of chose what you want to engage with though. I didn’t start doing weapon upgrades until level 35, for instance. The only problem might be space battles if you don’t put some time into the right ship, ship upgrades and ship related skills. I think I would’ve done the skills differently in particular if I had known how challenging the space battles would be.


What i recommend is just playing the game until you decide when you wanna invest into outpost building and shipbuilding.

Only thing with Outpost is understanding how Cargo can be shared between Outposts otherwise it’s just Fallout 4 settlements.

Shipbuilding I recommend looking into YouTube videos cause I quite frankly was confused but that’s where we can learn from others. But I’ve seen a lot of cool builds that are fun.

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Outposts are useless unless you RP them. They are only useful to gain resources, to build new outposts. An ouroboros. At least if you go for mining/cargo link/manufacturing. It’s no good money, no good items creating, no xp at all. The cargo link systems is also currently a pain to put in place.

They can be neat if you do only one as a base. In which case take one skill in botany and zoology. It allows you to grow crops, and some animal husbandry.
And if you do only one outpost, you can just buy the resources for it, it’s reasonable.

As for the game systems : most systems are purposely redundant. And the game normal difficulty is balanced with having the player having to only interact with one to get by.

This goes both for combat/quest. Weapons can be upgraded by buying upgraded version, crafted up, or skilled into, companions can be improved, stealth is viable…
But also for xp/making credit. Surveying, bounty hunting, free exploration, pirating… It’s better to concentrate only in one.

As an example, my character :

  • survey systems for credit and xp (level 40 just with surveying, I’m still at less than a dozen quests done, and it’s just the main one up to into the unknown)
  • new weapons tier for combat (advanced Beowulf, legendary effect of +30 percent against aliens, since I survey), but also companions more effective with the leadership skill, and inventory management.
  • I use the Ship Command skill to have a 7 crew ship, with all the crew bonuses that go with it, also particle beams!

And at level 40 I’m just starting to hit the ceiling of what the build can do, but I’m also at a point where I have more skill points than skills needed. So I will be able to expand.
A large portion of the game can be done under level 30, so only a few systems really needs to be interacted.

As for my play, knowing how NG+ works, I roleplay the hell of my first playthrough : Constellation works, no factions. And I will do one per NG+ after.
This also allows me to take “useless” skill to add flavour in the gameplay. So currently, Botany and Zoology. I can scan fauna and flora with only 4 needed for each. It’s neat. It’s not impressively impactful, but it’s felt, and it gives personality, some salt to the character.

Stealth and concealement will be for the corpo faction ng+. theft and boxing for crimson, combat for UC…

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Thanks, all the info definitely helps. Still a whole lot I’m learning about but I’m taking it little by little one quest at a time. Even if building an outpost may not be too useful, I still wanna do it just for knowing how. I’m only at level 11 but we’re getting there brick by brick.

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The XP farm disagrees.

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To be fair to the outpost system. The game backs them up.

You can find the shipyards of every ship manufacturers in the game. And if you go there, you will be able to become a contractor for them. They will buy resources in bulk, at twice the usual rate. Like 5000 aluminium.

You can play as an industrialist (since it’s a possible background), well at least supply line manager.

Here is from the Deimos shipyard :