Any enforcers that don't make sense to you?

Any enforcers that don’t make sense to you? I haven’t played the old maps on Professional difficulty yet so I don’t know what enforcers were changed.

But in my opinion, I think that disguises that cover the face shouldn’t have enforcers. I also think that low tier guards shouldn’t be able to see through guards that are of a higher rank.

You can if you surrender afterwards.

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Or kill him afterwards.

so I contribute: the typical, you know it, one suit enforcer in the Paris blinding lights radioactive glow bar


I read this as “are there any enforcers you can disagree with” as in they try to recognize 47 but he argues that he’s totally allowed backstage, it’s his first day, wow you don’t remember me Tony, I want to speak to your manager.

But yes, anyone who can recognize you with a gas mask in Chongqing is just stretching it a bit. There should at least be an option to blend in and search for yourself until you can say you’re covering a hallway with some stairs.


I can’t stand the random waiter in Paris who will see through you in a suit. Actually most suit enforcers are no fun. The exceptions being the PIs and the crows gang. At least those two make some sense.


I always just assumed enforcers who see through disguises with face coverings are just, like, suspicious of 47’s posture and stride, and whole general vibe.


I doesn’t make sense to me that every Embassy guard in Marrakesh can see through the mid-tier soilder disguise, but fewer of them are enforcers for the Embassy guard disguise???
And why are both of the crew guys behind Jordan Cross’s recording booth enforcers, only one use to be.
Not to mention the random pink attired bartender in Berlin who can see through all of 47’s suits except when he’s dressed like the drug dealer.


I’ll change the title to any enforcers you disagree with to any enforcers that don’t make sense to you. Sorry if that was confusing

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That Guy actually got payed by Montgomery to be on the Lookout for 47. Not sure why the Dealer is okay though.


Really? That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. Now I’m much less annoyed by his presence.

Just any guard enforcer when you are wearing a fellow guard’s disguise with any form of mask. (e.g balaclava cave guards in SF). Makes no sense at all.


I don’t recall (in H2), probably due to not playing one particular area so much (all of the FCs for Miami in a row)… But it seems in H3 the crowd blending doesn’t seem to work if there’s a bit of panicking nearby. Making you more easy to spot by the guards in that area… Which doesn’t make sense. A large crowd? 'Could totally be a new guy. But they’re granted omniscience of who does and doesn’t work there.

Anyway. Whenever I get spotted by one of these (types of) enforcers - they might say something along the lines of; “Excuse me! Who are you again?” To which I verbally/IRL respond; “Hey buddy, I know EVERYBODY! And I sure as heck don’t know YOU!” :laughing:

I’ve said this before… There is one enforcer that seems to see through any disguise which, when thinking about it, does make sense. The Front Desk guy in Bangkok. It’s because he recognizes “Mr. Rieper”.

I think it’s kinda weird that Ljudmila Vetrova doesn’t see through every single disguise once you’ve introduced yourself to her and/or had the meeting with her at the restaurant. Then again, idk if it would make sense for her to be an enforcer, since she’d probably see 47 in a disguise and think “ah this is how he does his burglary, he uses disguises. Must be part of what I hired him for”.


Anybody if you have one of berlin’s masked disguises…

Doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t annoy me as it’s for balance

There’s a conversation between the soldier at the back of the embassy and an embassy guard that explains it: embassy is for the blue guys, the garage is for the soldiers.


I know some people are upset that enforcers see “through” the masks, but it’s not that farfetched I think. An enforcer can be simply suspicious of 47’s behavior - he doesn’t do his “job”, he’s just mindlessly walking around or staring at something, he doesn’t follow any orders previously given to the staff/guards before. He’s out of place.

And all the enforcer does is just reassuring if they know you, not trying to shoot you on spot. 47 cannot give any proper evidence he actually works here so he gets busted. Plain and simple.


Well when I choke out a dude on break and typing emails on his phone, how is it suspicious if I proceed to walk around in the same spot as him (in his clothes)? Its basically “dude not doing his job” vs “another dude not doing other’s job” while not being recognized bc of the mask.

That Paris guy. Why is he there anyway?


Yeah, I’ve heard that conversation. It still doesn’t make sense to me that the embassy guards know who every single one of Reza’s guys are. They should know their own people, not his dudes.
Especially since the Embassy is not a trespassing zone for the mid-tier soldiers. If it was, then I would accept that, but it’s not so I simply cannot.


That one guy in paris that was added to the game in a patch sometime. I dont get it. I really enjoyed the crows in Mumbai, as “looking for people not from here” it really fits. 47 may not be too recognizeable in the canon world, with “a face noone really notices and noone remembers”, but his clothes alone make him stand out in Mumbai, no matter what starting suit you pick. This was cool! But that guy on the outside party area…

But overall this is a thing less to devs having an overlook or gamelogic freaking out, I think most of these are made for gameplay reason. And for that, they are really well done.