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@Silvereyes what is the appeal of Sonic the Hedgehog? i watched like 5hrs of Reviews of the Games, tried to get into the classic Games multiple times, because i really like their Music but they just not fun to play (for me).


Oh, good grief, where to start. I mean, I think for me it’s less about the games than it is about the world and the characters. The Sonic franchise is infamous for the large number of characters but there are so many that are well designed and have interesting personalities it’s easy for one of them to hook you in. I think it’s part of the reason why the Sonic fandom has so many women in it actually. The world has interesting lore, level design and music and what makes up the Sonic “aesthetic” is very interesting and easy to be sucked into. There is a ton of Sonic media to sink your teeth into, 5 TV shows, the OVA, the live action movie, the Archie comic which has nearly 500 issues, the Fleetway comic, the currently running IDW comic. Different genres of games, 2D Sonic, 3D Sonic, racing titles, a few interesting spin-offs.

As for the games themselves, well… alot of them are average or mediocre. Not really many that excel. Sonic 2 and 3 & Knuckles are the classic games, but even then they have aged a bit. I’d actually recommend Sonic Mania if you havn’t played that, it effectively keeps what makes 2D Sonic great but also trims some of the fat and old school jank.

I don’t know if that helps in anyway. I’d say Sonic Mania is a good start for 2D Sonic and Sonic Generations is a good start for 3D Sonic, both are on sale on Steam for £3.74 right now, and can be found cheaply elsewhere.


hey i think i actually own Mania trough PS Plus! I’ll give a try next time, Thanks!

Is that so? I never knew lol

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Make sure to turn off the time limit when you start a new game.

Evan Stanley is taking over writing the IDW comic. She started off as a fan who managed to become an artist for the Archie book, then got onto the IDW book, did a couple annual stories, and is now going to take over the book. But yeah, there is alot of women out there in the Sonic fandom, I think having cool guy characters and a real mix of female characters to relate too is the main reason why, in my opinion.

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@cake941 where does your name originate from? Is it due to a extreme love for bakery goods?


Since I haven’t pre ordered yet should I pre order Standard or Deluxe and digital or physical for Xbox One? Here is a poll to help me decide. Leaving it open just a couple days before. Thanks for helping me decide.

  • Standard Digital
  • Standard Physical
  • Deluxe Digital
  • Deluxe Physical

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was actually due to minecraft :’)



How old are you? :thinking:

hmm… not as old as you, but i played C47 when it released. you can make a good guess from that, i think :grin:


See the more you know, I thought it was due to a love for cake. There are so many small things that shape our usernames :slight_smile:


what about you? why Mads to Norseman :thinking:


Mads47 is a relic from a time where I wasn’t too creative. I been wanting to switch name from a long time.

Norseman/Norsemen is the common name used about Scandinavians back in the “Viking age”. Like many other Scandinavians I romanticize our pasts.

I was either going to go by Alfather, The Wandere, Odinson or Æsir. Since I ain’t a god, I decided to go with something more simple.


Should I buy last tomb raider on sale?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Its my favorite Game from the Reboot Trilogy, definitely worth picking up, especially if you liked the two games that came before.

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In North America we do this with the pirates of the Caribbean :pirate_flag: Brutal men who killed, raped, pillaged, and tortured, but we tend to remember them more like this guy…
Or even this guy…


Americans do that to everyone in their past.


Thats something you have to learn not to do as a German :wink:
At least the one little Part everyone remembers.


Two, it seems in you forgot your country was involved in or otherwise started two world wars.

WW1 is known as the War, that had many Fathers, i think it also would have happened without Germany.
WW2 is undeniable on us tho.


Not wrong but at the same time Germany is the “villain” of WWI because of things like their use of chemical weapons, the Rape of Belgium and the sinking of the Lusitania.

There was always going to be a big conflict it was inevitable but German mobilising after the Black Hand’s assassination just turned everything into a shitshow. If they didn’t then Germany still would have used the war as an excuse for a land grab and they would become a major player regardless,

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