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everyone on this site has a ‘genuine’ opinion, even if it doesn’t match yours.

now now, let’s not go crazy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


He said it is okay, I said it is lackluster. Completely different opinions.

I don’t see how you think Dartmoor doesn’t take advantage of its atmosphere. The whole dang level is draped in a spooky, drab, antique atmosphere. What with the whole murder-mystery and fake funeral going on, I’d say there’s a lot of personality to it – even if it’s a bit bland to look at.

Your opinions are your own, man, that’s fine. Just don’t dismiss the 7, maybe 8 people above your comment that actually like Hitman 3 with “umm who are all these people lol”.

Uh oh.
Run. Run while you still can.


that’s right, and both are ‘genuine’. :man_shrugging:t4:

do we maybe mean two different things when we say ‘genuine’?

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Thank you. These are better opinions that I can accept and respect, despite I don’t agree with most of them.

I believe there’s more to every map in H3. While the story didn’t allow most of them to be arriving at the location and eliminating wealthy targets like traditional maps, I think the game does offer some spectacular moments like wiping out ICA data and dealing with the Constant.

Everyone has their opinions, I respect yours and still think H3 is a an excellent gameplay experience.

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Actually it does hinder the experience. I’m equally as passionate for this series and it’s developers, but one of HITMAN 2’s short comings at launch was the lack of meaningful progression between seasons.

While many jumped straight into HITMAN 2 and got to enjoy the maps. The people that wanted to feel they had a sense of progress that gained all their progress back unfortunately either suffered a sense of burnout or still had the mindset of grinding the levels and not actually enjoying their first experience.

The DLC season I was able to enjoy because I wasn’t under that mindset.

If you wanna continue downplaying others opinions cause they don’t line up with yours you should reconsider this stance. We all have valid opinions and belief about the series we love and no one has the right opinion. If you disagree with this I kindly ask you read the forums Civilized Conversation thread because this forum is meant to make people feel welcome and express their opinions as long as they don’t go against ToS and the Rules.


That “someone” happens to be the owner of this forum. Be careful not to insult him or the rules he laid out.


Is this not a fan forum?

Which is owned by wincenworks.

Yes, of which the owner is also a fan of hte Hitman series…

I highly suggest you take this place seriously, unless all you came here for was to stir up trouble.


User is silenced. Don’t bother replying to him.


I just want to make clear that I disagree with this comment.

That is just my personal opinion and I respect every other opinion! I respect that others liked Hitman 3 more than I did. I also can see why people enjoyed it. It just didn’t worked for me, but that doesn’t mean that my opinion is more genuine than other opinions here. It’s a fan forum so we should accept every opinion someone has. We can discuss, but there’s no reason to be disrespectful.


Does anybody here happen to have a .gif or .mp4 file of the main menu background in H2 or H3? I’m trying to make a wallpaper in Wallpaper Engine so it’d need to loop well.

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Does HF have Discord? I am on Frote7’s speedrunning community, but I am not sure if that is official discord or just Forte’s thing.


There’s an “official” Hitman one which is owned by IO themselves. As far as I am aware though there is no Hitmanforum server.


Is there any way to disperse crowd NPCs without killing them in HITMAN 3?
I know there is a way to make them clear out in HITMAN 2016, but it does not work in H3

Additionally to what Quinn said, there also won’t be a HMF Discord. We want to focus on this forum as there are plenty Hitman Discords already which do a good job, like the official one or the speedrun one.

I don’t think so.


Maybe triggering a fire alarm? I know that there was a trick to detonate a remote breaching charge near the Napoléon statue in the garden, which would clear them out of the catwalk area in Paris.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work either

Then these methods probably remain working in H2016, just not in H3.