Ask HMF anything

As many of you may know my thread The Roadmap Museum has been a pet project of mine for what will be two years later this month. I’ve started it back in 2019 and have since been updating it religiously since then.

While I have additional plans for this thread that I will share at a later date but today I’ll be talking about three things I’m adding.

Firstly, I’m looking to rebrand the Museum so it’s fitting to the robust amount of content that is displayed there. Truth be told it’s more than just a Roadmap Museum. It surpasses that, but with that being said I’m taking suggestions to what it should be called since it needs a more definitive name.

Secondly, I’m adding a new section dedicated to the celebrity stuff that we had between Hitman 1 and 2. These little gems of content I feel are necessary since they are integral points to the content we received. I ask kindly that someone gather the Gary Promotional material and Sean Bean Promotional material for me if they feel inclined to contribute to this.

Lastly, it’s inevitable that the last Roadmap for HITMAN 3 will happen and that is slowly but surely approaching. I’ve created a placeholder section in the thread that I want the community to name. This will be the final era for the WoA roadmaps so anything post Sins will be placed here.

I’m looking forward to whatever suggestions or contributions you have for me, thank you.