Ask HMF anything

Which one?
C47, SA, Contracts?
C47, SA, BM?
SA, Contracts, BM?

"But Contracts isn’t a real hitman game since half of it is just a C47 remake! "

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Codename 47, SA, Contracts :wink:


Obviously it’s Codename 47 since this is MrOchoa we are talking about :smiley:


The iconic Hitman trilogy of C47, codename 47 and Codename 47. Truly an unforgettable, underrated and underappreciated classic trilogy.


What can i say, its the most fun for me, it has a great story, cool mechanics, interesting missions and Settings, awesome Soundtrack and the tongue-in-cheek Humor the Danes are famous for.

9/10 would play for another 20 years.


What is @MrOchoa gonna do when they finally remake or remaster C47, and he HATES it?


they did. it’s called contracts. he uh loved it…




tenor (33)

joke, but i think they should include the original version as a pre order bonus or whatever if they are doing a Remake


Is the Franz here our @Franz?


Facebook is neat and Netflix is similar to Steam in being composed of mostly shovelware with gems hidden under lots of rubble.

Yes, “contracts mode” avant la lettre :slight_smile:

Back in the day I wrote a bunch of custom missions for Hitman: Codename 47. It dates back to 2005, back when creating such missions for Hitman:Contracts was hip, and the word “hip” was still hip.

I had forgotten about these myself, but when returning here after a many year hiatus I got a PM from a user here asking me if I was that Franz. He was also kind enough to have saved the original briefings.

This didn’t get edited so apologies for any “jokes” that may seem over the line. It was a different time and I was quite young then.

You can find the briefings in summary, otherwise too much scrolling for people not that interested.



Franz - tutorial mission

Posted 26 July 2005 - 02:08 PM

You must think I’m out of my mind.

Well I am, but that’s not the reason I made this thread. (but it does explain the rape of several farm animals)

Anyway, I see custom missions pop up from H2 and H3, and I was thinking to myself: Damn those crappy games, H1 has more potential than both games combined. (I’m not saying the sequels are crappy, they’re just crappy in comparison, mwhehe).

So I’ll just give it a whirl, maybe I’ll be humiliated while trying, but that’s no problem because of my high self-esteem and good looks.

Everything has been tried on hardest difficulty setting, so don’t you ‘amateur’ me :frowning:

So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The best level of them all.


Willkommen Agent, this is the day you’ve been working for. Consider this some kind of exam before going out in public. We don’t want to emberass our organisation by sending out bald freaks who can’t even climb ladders. This is what you should do in order to leave the premisses and pass the exam.

  1. Ignore the person speaking through the speakers. He’ll applaud you for simple efforts such as walking and opening doors. Somebody should take away that microphone from him. damn nut.

  2. Follow the instinctive route. Go through movement training (just to make sure), close-combat training, firearms training and make your way up to the upper basement…

  3. Stay in your Asylum gown. There’s lots of camera’s in the complex, and if in the future the wrong people find video recordings of a man dressed in a suit they’ll ask questions. The gown is a good cover in this complex.

  4. There’s two orderlies hanging around on your escape route. They both have been sleeping around with my wife (may she rest in peace). This will be their last graveyard shift. Kill them. I want to make sure you can make stealth kills on moving targets though. So kill them both with the fibre wire, while they are moving.


  1. To facilitate a later job, take the pump-action shotgun and the mp5 with you. Put them in the cabinet you find upstairs. They’ll probably come in handy on a later assignment, when the underground training area could be harder to reach.

Good luck, and watch your feet, there’s needles lying around the place.

Kowloon Triads in Gang War

Franz - Kowlook Triads in Gang War

Posted 26 July 2005 - 03:11 PM

Kowloon Triads in Gang War

Gutentag Agent, I see you already found a job with the ICA. Hope you got a nice office. Anyway, I’ll try to pull some strings to give you the most decent jobs I can. I heared they’re sending you to Hong Kong now. Sorry about that. Try to make the best of it. And watch out for porstitutes, they carry diseases even a superhuman clone like you couldn’t survive.

Anyway, I’m seeing here you have to off some chinese tribesmen who’s into dragons and stuff, hehe. Just killing him won’t do though. You owe us some more. There will be camera’s and the bunch, so give the home viewers a nice spectacle.

(I did tell you that from now on all your hits are being broadcasted on American television, right?)

Anyway, here’s what you should do:

  1. Kill that Red Dragon dude, framing the Blue Lotus.

You’ll have to do that in order not to get fired with the ICA and lose your license to kill for the people’s amusement. He’ll be easy though. He’s known to be against violence so he won’t be even carrying a piece. It will be like shooting a baby at point blank.

But do me a favor and don’t use the sniper rifle bullet on that pussy. Instead, kill him with the weapon of a Blue Lotus triad guy. Should also add another lead to the blue lotus being the real culprit.

  1. Don’t let your cover be blown by the Blue Lotus guards on ground level

This also means that you have to kill the red triad negotiator, and be able to walk away calmly passed the blue lotus guards without them knowing you did it. The public will love that touch of professionalism and comedy.

  1. Snipe the helicopter gunner

That guy seems to see everything from upthere, so even when the ground guards don’t know you did it, he will know and he could make your escape a little harder. I bet you could get away easily without killing him, but you have to admit: “Dead guy falling out of helicopter after sniper bullet pierced through his head” is something the public is waiting for. Make sure the helicopter only arrives after you killed the red dragon negotiator.

  1. Other Blue Lotus members must survive, except for one

They must all survive. Except for one. Like Confucius once said: “In order to get a person’s arm, you must first cut him up.”. In this case you still need a Blue Lotus firearm, so get slashing. I recommend the Oyabun knife. The fellow wouldn’t want to be cut up by anything different than a knife made in China. Make sure nobody finds his body and make sure he doesn’t get alerted himself, otherwise the helicopter will arrive too soon.

  1. Escape

Get back to the hotel, and don’t tip the receptionist. You also have to bring back the sniper and sniper case with you, don’t leave it lying somewhere around the park.

Allowed expenses:

Sniper Rifle (no bullets, you get one for free, and one bullet has to do)

Oyabun Knife

Ready? Set ! Aaaand, ACTION !

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

Franz - Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

Posted 27 July 2005 - 07:39 AM

Hast du etwas Zeit fur mich Agent, decent job you did there in Chiu Dai Park. People seem to like your style. I see Lee Hong got a little worked up about the death of his gay sex slave, so he demanded apologies and a lap dance from a Blue Lotus negotiator. Apparently, Blue Lotus complied to these wishes and they’re sending some men to the Wang Fou restaurant. Your mission: to kill all the blue triad fellows

Here’s what you should do:

  1. The limo driver is a Red Dragon spy who has just begun infiltrating into the Blue Lotus triad. In case the lap dance isn’t adequate, he is ordered to kill the negotiator and his bodyguards with either his own handgun or a sniper rifle that’s hidden somewhere on the premisses. However, the negotiator is known for his amazing lap dances, so the spy probably won’t do a thing, and that’s where you come in. If you can manage to frame the spy for the deaths of all the Blue Lotus members by only using his weapons (sniper rifle and his handgun) and killing and escaping with his suit, Lee Hong will have to take the blame for the killings, without suspecting an independant hitman has been at work in his area, as he will blame it on a communication problem. Be sure to hide the limo driver’s body where nobody will ever find it.

  2. Rig the limousine with the car bomb, but don’t blow it up. The car may be used by high profile Blue Triad or Red dragon members later on, so you’re just putting it there as a precaution. The car bomb would not help you in framing the limo driver in this mission, so don’t trigger it, whatever you do. If the bomb is found later on, it will only cause more trouble in the Blue Lotus-Red Dragon relations, as they’ll suspect one another of putting it there.

  3. Don’t kill any Red Dragon Members, don’t kill any civilians

The Red Dragon spy would never shoot his old friends. So neither will you. Don’t kill the innocent bystanders either, their death could throw us out of prime-time because of the controversy.

  1. Escape to your car.

Weapons/stuff you can bring with you:

The bomb and the trigger, that’s it.

Good luck.

The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

Franz - The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

Posted 27 July 2005 - 12:19 PM

Knoblauch mit Runtergebrat Agent, I hope you like fish. For your next job you’ll be visiting a local, tiny fish restaurant. There will be a meeting taking place between the police chief and two negotiators of the Blue Lotus and Red Dragon Triad. Your mission: to cause as much confusion and death as possible. Here’s what you should do:

1.Kill the Red Dragon Negotiator and hide his body

He?ll be the one wearing the Red Dragon amulet that you will use to incriminate the Red Dragon triad. Hide his body where it will never be found. He will then be regarded as one of the culprits of the massacre that?s about to happen.

  1. Kill the Red Dragon chef with his own knife and hide his body

The chef working for the Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant is actually a Red Dragon spy who?s there to keep a second eye on the meeting and to assist the Red Dragon negotiator in case problems arise. Kill him, and a second possible accomplice of the Red Dragon persuasion is in the making. To add some drama, kill him with his own kitchen knife. Then make it magically disappear. We?re competing against the David Copperfield Show after all…

  1. Don’t be seen by the bartender

We know he is close to Lee Hong, too. Rumour has it he?s also working at the Wang Fou restaurant. We can?t kill him yet, since he could hold worthwhile details (bartenders usually are the best sources of information in video games). But in order not to be recognized by him on a later job, you can? t be seen by him at any time, in any suit. He simply cannot see your face or show?s over. (aka don’t enter the dining area, let’s assume he’s not looking at what happens on the street)

  1. Kill the Police Chief with a standard Police Service Pistol

Kill him and make it look like someone from his own men killed him. This also means you?ll have to kill a cop. Howe viewers will love the death of law protectors. After all, who didn?t get a fine once in their life?

  1. Put the bodies of the police chief and the cop in such positions that it seems they killed each other in a fight, leave the red triad amulet on the body of the cop

We want the people finding the bodies to assume there was an undercover Red Triad member working for the police. If you do it right, people will think the police chief either found out or that the Red Dragon spy got orders from Lee Hong to kill him. They?ll just suspect they killed each other in a gunfight. Credibility is what we?re going for in this show 47, so do your best. Attached is an artist rendition of how the bodies could be positioned, be sure to leave the weapons where they are.

Be alarmed though: below image could spoil it a bit for you and give away part of the solution, so if you don?t want to see it just use common sense on how to position the bodies.

Like this

  1. Kill the Blue Lotus triad member during or after the meeting

He has to be seen attending the meeting otherwise police forces could assume that the Blue Lotus was in on it and decided to not attend the meeting to prevent accidents. We don?t want that to happen. We want the Red Dragon to take the full blame. His death will cause more suspicion towards the Red Dragon triad. He can?t survive this meeting since he could be an annoying witness. Other than the fact that he has to be seen at the meeting, you can kill him with the weapon and on the place you please.

7.Leave to your car without any of the other cops knowing you are the culprit

No other cops can know you were the one, so you have to be able to walk passed them without them realizing you did it. The people loved that touch in the episode at Chiu Dai park, so we’d like you to do this again.

Good luck, have fun.

The Lee Hong Assassination

Franz - The Lee Hong Assassination

Posted 08 January 2006 - 07:53 AM

Verdammt ich lieb dich Agent, today Lee Hong himself is going to get it. And you’re going to bring it to him: death with a cherry on top. All your previous hits have left mister dragon without any police protection, so now he relies on his own little army of Chinese wannabe ninja clones. Getting passed them and his chubby head of security will provide a challenge, but challenge isn’t good enough. Here’s the stuff you should do to keep home viewers in their chairs:

1.Bring nothing but an Oyabun knife

We have to keep expenses at a minimum for this mission. With all these lawsuits we’ve been getting we can use all the money we can spare right now. But the show must go on, and some throath slicing is never a bad idea.

  1. Kill only one public bodyguard

They’re the guys with pink shirts and sunglasses. They don’t belong to Lee Hong’s personal army however. Lee Hong hired them with a private bodyguard service after he lost his police protection. One of our chairmen has invested a lot in this service, and killing all of the bodyguards would put them out of business. Spare them, 47.

  1. Save the prostitute

“Hero saves girl” is a well-known and succesful format so we might as well give this a shot. Whores always need saving, so just rescue the first bimbo you run up against and try to get a “thank you-fuck” out of it. A “thank you-kiss” will do as well though, we don’t want you to get any kinky diseases.

  1. Save the CIA Agent

“Hero saves agent in underpants” is an unexplored format, but we might as well give this a shot. Apparently a CIA agent, icon of American supremacy, is being held in the basement and is forced to do unspeakable acts with the big-boned head of security. Rescue him and save American pride.

  1. Find the Jade Dragon and bring it to Sensei Kantsichit

Apparently jade dragon figurines are the next best thing in Malaysia. Mr. Sidjan, a close friend of mine, has requested to bring the statue to one of his contacts. If you see an old chinese fart who looks like someone who just got ran over by a camel, give him the jade figurine.

  1. Don’t kill anyone in the HQ, including Tzun

Apparently there’s another special american agent on the premisses. A master of disguise and infiltration, who has now, according to our government contact, worked his way up into Lee Hong’s elite group of security guards, residing with him in his HQ. We’re pretty sure it’s not Tzun, the slightly overweight head of security, but he also has to stay alive, because we don’t know how good this master of disguise agent really is. Better to not take any chances. Killing a special agent won’t do us any good.

  1. Kill Lee Hong and frame the chef

Ah, this is the cherry I told you about. We’re going to frame the chef! Sheer genius. How you go about it is your business. Poison might seem a good option, but remember that the head of security with a slightly higher statistical chance of getting a heart-attack eats everything he sees, including children and poisoned soup that’s meant for Lee Hong. Smuggling a sniper rifle and firing it from the kitchen is the best option. Don’t get caught by anyone when killing Lee Hong, apart from the chef, his word won’t count much anyway after this frame.

  1. Escape in the boat with full health

Bullet holes don’t look good on you 47. Avoid them. The speedboat should prve a welcome alternative for means of escape, people are getting sick of the black car.

Seems easy, but remember you can only kill one public bodyguard, can’t get caught firing the sniper in the kitchen, and you can’t kill anyone in the HQ.

Following picture will provide a hint on how to go about things, but I suggest you try to figure it out for yourself first:


Happy killing.

Finding the U’wa Tribe

Franz - Finding the U’Wa Tribe

Posted 09 January 2006 - 07:48 AM

Finding the U’Wa Tribe

Bist du verr?ckt Agent, we’re sending you to the Columbian rainforest. After the sad Hong Kong city center people wanted to see some nature. There’s some Colombian goofball residing in a camp there, and we want you to take him out. With style.

First we want you to meet the locals there though. Some culture is good for the people, and that way we can combine education with entertainment. Maybe they’ll give you useful info on the jungle life as a little extra. Here are your objectives for this mission.

  1. Bring nothing

We’ve already dropped some weapons in the area you may find useful. Those will have to do for this mission.

  1. Secure the road

We want to bring our camera material to the river to get some nice shots, but we can’t carry it all through the forest without it being damaged. Just kill any guard surveiling the sand road so we have safe passage. Satelite images show:

-2 four-men patrols

-2 pairs of soldiers standing on the road

-4 pairs of soldiers standing next to the road surveiling it

-6 guards standing on the bridge

-Two tower guards close to the bridge

-Helicopter machine gunner

Kill them all. (29 soldiers in total)

You may of course kill any soldiers you run into, but this is not obligatory, nor is it advised since it only increases the chance of you getting hurt.


  1. Get the idol and bring it to the locals

We’ve stolen their golden idol for you to give it back to them and be their hero and white friend. Sadly, the plane carrying it crashed somewhere in the neighbourhood. Retrieve the idol and give it back to those walking featherdusters.

  1. Do the locals another favor

Let’s show the world how willing people should be to rescue innocent citizens far away from dangerous dictators and crime lords. If they ask for any help, help them.

  1. Find an interesting way to the camp, and leave the area in full health

That big bridge looks like we put it there. Try to find something more authentic., people love that kind of stuff.

Also, you’ll be staying in the jungle for some time, so don’t get hurt, since we don’t have the means to take care of you here. Even just one shot might cause an ugly infection, so stay safe.

  1. Take a hunting rifle with you

Mr. Sidjan has heared about a rare jaguar running around somewhere in the neighbourhood. Try to find a jagdwaffen just in case you should bump into it. Mr. Sidjan would like that jaguar’s head up his wall. Be sure to leave some ammo (at least one bullet) in it too.

Happy hiking.

The Jungle God

Franz - The Jungle God

Posted 11 January 2006 - 07:09 AM

Added the video for the Training Custom Mission, just showing the only challenging part. (it IS challenging, just try it.)

(More vids coming up, any special priority requests?)

Now, on to the next mission:

The Jungle God

?ber den Wolken mu? die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein Agent, good thing you brought that hunting rifle with you. We’ve got a jaguar with an attitude to kill. This one should prove to be easy for you after the missions you’ve completed so far.

Kill the jaguar with one shot

Mr. Sidjan wold like him in a reasonable state, so don’t riddle the thing with bullets.

Kill all of Pablo’s men on the premisses

We’ll have a helicopter pick up the dead jaguar, but Pablo’s goons could mean trouble, seeing how they aren’t fond of unknown helicopters landing on their turf. Kill them all in any way you please. Try to make it entertaining. (hint: there’s 9 of them on the map)

Don’t kill the indians roaming around though. Word has it they’re an endangered species (with them having eaten all the women from their tribe and all) and we might get more money out of them if we capture them alive.

Escape through the secret passage, in full health

You’ll probably have pissed those indians off. Dodge their darts and escape through the passage under the mountain.


Happy hunting




For contracts competitions, what are metrics you think would be good to judge runs on? (Other than time/score)

Looking for ideas/input :eyes:

Totally subjective, but you could ask people to come up with a fun back story for the contract they create.

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Nah, I meant like when you set a contract and ask people for runs. Not ask people to make contracts, but that also gives me an idea

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Never actually wrote in this Topic, though I had a Question which I try to format as objective as possible to avoid confusion.

What do you think of killing off a Main Character(s) at the end of the second act of a Story and how would you go about it. If it helps, the Characters I’m talking about are two out of three playable Characters, who would then be replaced by other Chararacters, who were minorly introduced before.

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If done right, it would probably be an awesome twist.

Reminds me of the original GTA 5 script, where I believe that Franklin was killed halfway through and replaced with Lamar.


Thanks for the Inside.

To get a little more detailed about it, the means of Death would be an Explosion, set as a Trap by one of the Game’s Secondary Antagonists, Arthur Watryflow. The Problem I have is that this has kind of happend already before in World 4, where the Character of Watryflow had his intial introduction.

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Who voices the mysterious voice in the Pride trailer? It reminds me of the man who voices people such as the Collector. The voice sounds too familiar for it to be a unique VA, obviously