Ask HMF anything

Assuming you’re finding all the clues… Are you also getting the mission stories associated with those clues? :face_exhaling: I’d think you wouldn’t have to go to that extreme…

Here are the clues I can think of.


The letter that Mr. Green is supposed to deliver
The Newspaper article Batty vs Janus
The cigar box
Security Tape (in Cassidy’s house, kitchen) - listened to in the dilapidated house in the attic
Microfilm (in Janus’s house) - viewed in the (housewarming house) attic
Janus’s Robe
The picture (Janus’s Basement)
The phonograph (Janus’s house, 2nd floor)
The guard sitting on the bench near the garbage truck reading a book

Edit: Oh yeah! They all have to be done in one attempt.


Yeah, those things. Or more specifically,

  • Letter - Bodyguard in Tan Coat
  • Batty’s Lawsuit - in his Shed
  • Cigar Box - Buried in Frog Habitat
  • Security Tape - Play it in some attic VHS
  • Microfilm - Play it in Wilson’s attic
  • Picture of Ark Society - Basement Memorabilia
  • Ark Robe - West’s House Bedroom
  • Gramophone - Listen to Janus reminisce
  • Diary - Guard near the garbage truck

I haven’t had time to pick all those things up tonight – but I’m sure I remember getting them all over the course of my playtime of the two games

Dang it. You’d think there would be some sort of ‘0/9 Tracker’ linked to it, so you know you’ve got to do everything in one run. But ah well, thanks for the update. Guess I’ll get to that tomorrow