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20 cell jammers

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I’ve been wondering how to get more ‘Natural Poisons(?)’ in Freelancer. I’m guessing I’d need to play Dartmoor and Mendoza since they have the poison distillery machines to make lethal vials. But as for the safehouse…

Any idea on how often a mushroom will spawn? I was thinking they’d only spawn when it’s nighttime outside. Or after so many levels one plays…


I’ll try to keep notes in the meantime. I only have 2 for that trophy.

Edit: Santa Fortuna too for the lethal flowers and frogs… Maybe Ambrose Island if you do the 2 1 quests for that scientist dude (by giving him an emetic flower)… It also has frogs.


As for the mushroom, I’m pretty sure it spawns every time, in all three day periods, but just like some of the other objects, it varies between a few possible locations. (Could be wrong though, it’s been a while since I played)

There was a discussion in one of the FL-related threads a while back about what exactly classifies as a ‘natural/crafted poison’ for the purpose of the challenge iirc, so you might wanna try checking that. Or someone with more playtime and insight on the matter might just jump in here and clarify it, which would be more convenient :no_mouth:


The mushroom is always supposed to be there. Even if you use it, exit to main menu and then launch the safehouse again, it will reappear in the forest. This way you can add both lethal and emetic syringes to your inventory :no_mouth:

PS: There were a few times I couldn’t find the mushroom, but I suppose that’s just me not looking too hard. Regardless, would like to hear others experiences regarding this too.


The mushroom is always there. It has at least three spawn locations (I think). It will only spawn at one of these locations but every time you load the game or return from a mission another mushroom is there. I usually make a lethal syringe every time to bring on a mission. Just an easy kill.
Will check later in the game for the exact locations of the mushrooms. Would be nice if someone could make a map of the safehouse with the outside and all the locations for everything (even though not everything always spawns).


The mushroom, however, will not always be obtainable. Sometimes there’s a bug where no matter where or how you stand, the option to pick it up will not appear on screen. Just like there are some times when the coin is not in either of the two spots it can be found (assuming there’s not a third location we don’t know about).


Were the Ukrainian flags added in an update in the Miami mission or were they always their? They seem more prominent then I remember.

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I think they are always there since H2 launched. Here is a gameplay video from 2018:


If the storage compartment in your car is in the front, what is it called?

  • Trunk
  • Frunk
  • Boot
  • Froot
  • Other
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I argue it’s a trunk no matter where it is because that term originated from an actual trunk which was lashed to the car. Putting the trunk in the front doesn’t make it not a trunk.


I say a Frunk because that’s what Don Eladio called in in Better Call Saul and that’s good enough for me.


Is anybody else amused by the fact that in these situations 47 cannot simply hop over the balcony railing and has to drop down the ledge, shift to the balcony and lift his entire body by hands to climb over the railing instead?


Well to be fair, he is not a good climber in general :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Jump to Balcony was always one of my favorite prompts, despite only being in Codename 47 and Contracts :grinning:

This shit was mind blowing back in the day


Yes! For me what drives me crazy is that he’ll leap down off of roofs in Whittleton Creek and elsewhere, but to get down from the tiled rooftop behind the Sapienza safehouse into the mansion grounds, he has to carefully turn around and gently lower himself down… come on man!


Blood Money too. :stuck_out_tongue:

He always groaned when jumping balconies in Contracts and BM. Too old to do that anymore :older_man:


I remember being trapped by Mei Ling after both of us jumped across the balcony so we both had to jump back across and then one more time.


Is there a way to turn this hellish shit off?


You should not get a bulk of these more than once, can’t you just click on Dismiss?


That did it. But to add, I get a lot of these notifications. Is there a way to turn nice reply messages off?


I only see the option to turn off the notification if someone liked a post of yours or to pause notifications fully.

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