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I have a six tattooed and I am always getting asked about it I say it’s my lucky number. No one ever questioned that :woman_shrugging:


Well then how about 5 years from now?

Also I didn’t mean anything bad. I have no idea when you hope to be married and settling down.

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You should get a tattoo of your mustache on your wrist.


Nah, get an exactly proportioned tatoo of your own face over your own face.

Number tattoos on the (fore)arm? Seriously, I thought people would´ve dropped that shit by now for good reasons…


ftfy :laughing:


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What is the deal with origin movies taking characters with purple clothing and turning them red?


To those who are Godzilla fans, what is the one Godzilla movie that you are most fond of because of the human story more than the monster story? And I don’t mean that the monster parts are bad so you default to preferring the human parts, but that the human story is genuinely good and you just like it better? Godzilla Minus One does not count because that one is like that by default.

For me, it’s Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (Godzilla vs The Sea Monster). The human story - taking a sailboat to search the Pacific Ocean for a surviving family member, washing up on an island controlled by a paramilitary terrorist organization, infiltrating their island base and discovering they’re secretly developing nuclear weapons like James Bond villains, freeing natives taken from other islands being used as slave labor, learning to work together in a group of incompetent screwups lead by a wanted armed robber - the whole human story on its own is good enough to watch as its own movie, and its original English dub is one of the better ones in the series (the newer dub is crap, like all the others that company did). Godzilla, Mothra, and Ebirah the sea monster are all just icing on the cake, and if you cut the monsters out of every film completely, it would probably be the most interesting movie in the franchise.


My favorite movies would be Biollante and the '54 original. Imo they have the best human stories, GMK is fun too.

Shout out to the Saraudian Agent in Biollante and M-11 from vs Ghidorah.


The Saradian agent wasn’t as tough as he looked and acted, but you can’t deny that he gets results, and his overall look is pretty badass.

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What happened to the What’s New thread? Was just about to post something and poof, gone…

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The what’s new thread, and the funny pictures/videos topic were Quinn’s.

He asked for his profile, and posts to be deleted. So they were.
I think that there is a way to edit them to have them be under a administrative profile. But that will take some time.

(yep there is: change of ownership)

By the way, I’m bummed to see Quinn go out this way.


I think it’s suspended while wincenworks does some editing.


Same here. Personally, I never really liked the guy’s attitude. Even before I joined the forum and was just lurking for a while, he had an attitude and made some comments that made me wonder why he wasn’t being admonished more, suspended, banned, whatever, he seemed to be making too much controversy at times. And while here, he’s made some comments to/about me that continued to make me want to see him go, at least temporarily to gain some perspective and tone himself down. And now, he actually is gone, and although it was by his choice, it was regarding a subject in which I was actually on his side (regarding the topic, not how it relates to the forum and its users). So, I got my wish, but I’ve taken no joy in it. Ironic. Be careful what you wish for, indeed, I guess.

Working on it, please tell us asap if you notice any more topics because they might not be possible to be brought back for long.


Huh? Quinn is gone? Wtf happened?


@Urben (and I guess @wincenworks) if you want the list of Quinn topics were:

  • What’s New
  • The Funny Pictures/ Video Thread
  • First Impressions and Small Details
  • IO Interactive to open THIRD studio in Barcelona
  • Night Mode layout

Long story short: an argument regarding what happened in Palestine the other day led to Quinn feeling that the forum was no longer the place for him, and asked to be removed and his posts deleted.


Has anyone ever looked at @Rimland’s avatar and the first thing that went through their head was a picture of a badger :laughing:
Ever since he’s been using it, even though I know what what his avatar shows, this is the first thing my mind sees :grin:


You’re not alone in this.