Assassinating all 6 heralds?

So, I set myself on trying to kill all 6 heralds (the ones that attend the meeting in the basement) on a fun run, but was unable to locate half of them. I was able to locate 2 women (Hira Amala & Alexandra Stavroula) having a conversation on some stairs outside, and Mikhail Kadir as well. I spend a long time walking around the map trying to find the other 3 heralds Geraldine Quill, Richard Jones & Wang YinYua.

I was wondering if someone had tracked all 6 heralds already? Or if anyone has succeed in killing all of them stealthily?

They’re all in pairs, so

  • Two women on the set of stairs, closest to the winemaker, going down to the vineyard
  • Two men on the stairs between the dance floor and the dining area
  • A women and a man near the fire pit area

So you already have the first pair (Hira & Alexandra), you also found Mikhail but somehow not the woman with him. So you just need the middle pair and that’s all six

The middle pair are the hardest to isolate, but I’ve managed to do it

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Thanks for your tips, I’ll try to find them tonight. I was really keen on doing the mission and trying to kill every Providence member on the map, just for the sake of Justice.

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Is there a contract with those people?
If it was, would be much easier to find them.
Maybe someone could create a contract like this? Just for the record

That is not fully possible as we can only mark 5 targets.


I know, I know. And that’s a shame.
But it could be two contracts with 3 targets in each, just to make it equal

You’re just trying to get them to overlook you being a herald and target the other 5!


Something funny happened last night. Thanks to TheContractor’s tips I was finally able to locate all Heralds and came up with a way to assassinate them all in a relatively easy fashion: I equipped a silenced sniper rifle and from the top of the cliff overlooking the vine fields, I sniped the 6 of them. I then triggered the basement meeting but since all Heralds were dead, Don Yates was speaking to an (almost) empty room

My question to anyone who has already tried to assassinate the 6 Heralds is: did you use a similar technique or something different entirely? I would love to find a way to make the Heralds move out of their position but I’m not skilled enough to do so, that’s why I went the way I described above. I’d be curious to hear some of your strats!

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Mikhail Kadir and the woman she’s talking to can both be lured over to an edge, and the Hira & Alexandra pair can both be lured up the stairs, but the two men at the dance floor are always public, and vomit in bins, unfortunately.

I had a fun moment once when doing the misison story where Diana will be brought to the mansion to be executed. When Vidal is killed and Diana brought away, the meeting ends, and all Herals go back to the party. I left the meeting early and ran into all of them when they left the meeting, all lined up perfectly on that stairwell built into the rock behind the vinery storage rooms.If you distract or knockout the guards below, you can execute all 6 heralds there without any witness, and dump them into the basin below the staircase.

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can’t say i was’t disappointed when i got rid of all Heralds and Vidal just to see Yates holds the same speech as they were all attending. think at least he should have 1-2 sentences realizing there’s just him & Diana at the Table