About those 6 heralds in Mendoza

Now that we know how to make contracts with more than 5 targets, will anyone come up with a contract as discussed before here getting rid of all 6 heralds and tearing providence down after Edwards?

Perhaps it could even fit the Wrath theme contracts submission that took effect yesterday?

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Well if you need assistance on creating a modded contract, you may visit the dedicating thread to ask our fellow members. But anyway, you can also check out the latest submission thread, maybe someone there will have similar idea so you can create the contract together.

Didn’t someone already make that?

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They did? huh, I guess I didn’t notice that. Thanks! :grin:

I’ve kept an eye on that topic but it seems way complicated to me, I’d do it myself otherwise :smiley:

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I wouldn’t have risked and suggest IOI a contract with more than 5 targets.
Just because officially we can mark only 5 targets.
They now working on Modding Policy and this attept can make even worse in sense of developing it.
IOI is strongly against modding of their games. So I may say we all here out of a law so to speak :slight_smile:
I mean just developing a text rules is one thing, but they also can do something programming-wise so the game won’t even start with mods or something.
I.e., this is something I wouldn’t have done

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Make sense, you got a point there.

Nonetheless, a regular non-featured contract with that idea would be ace.

Does anyone know if that was done before, if so, what’s the contract name and hopefully it’s on PS4 haha