Attacking from cover, I cant figure out how

In this video at 2:34

The player is crouched and throws the hammer from the cover position. I have seen other clips where 47 waits around a corner and immediately grabs someone. I cannot figure out how to do this on my keyboard and mouse. It seems to give me the option of only throwing the item as a distraction. When using the normal aim and shoot mouse buttons. I thought this would be easy enough to figure out but after playing with it for awhile and getting nowhere. I thought I would ask as google turned up nothing, I appreciate any help.

I don’t play on PC (and I will not give a MrFreeze vid a view), but by your description I think I know what you’re talking about.

That’s a melee attack. You use the exact same button you normally use for melee attacks (like subduing someone from behind or punching them in the face). I don’t know which exact button that is on PC.

When you’re hiding behind a corner, wait until an NPC comes up close (but not from your side) and press Q when the prompt appears. Then it will work like any subdue.

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As I stated on the other thread, I am very new to Hitman so all this… Streamer/Grooming/Community stuff is a bit above my current pay grade. I just watched a video where he demonstrated throwing a hammer from behind a desk. When I tried to do it, my only option was to toss the hammer as a distraction. I couldn’t figure it out :confused: I was not trying to kick anything up.

Oh wait, so your question isn’t about grabbing the NPC as they walk past your cover, but about how to throw the hammer?

Can you explain what you mean by throwing the hammer from behind a desk vs tossing the hammer as distraction? Because those are the same actions. If “throwing the hammer from behind a desk” means “in the target’s face”, all you need to do is move your camera until the hammer locks onto the target.

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oh ok, I will go back into the mission and try that. Maybe I just missed the queue

I found it’s easier to do this if you go into “cover-mode” (on PC: space bar). That way you are pressed against an object and can throw at a better range. Otherwise some object may obstruct your throw.