Bangkok challenges that don't work anymore in DE?

As part of my goal to unlock all Ps4 trophies on Hitman DE since i didn’t play a lot of the first game, i have been playing extensively Bangkok and i noticed three bugs, two of them are annoying:

  1. Apparently the explosion challenge, not the explosive phone, doesn’t work, i tried many times and the challenge doesn’t activate.
  2. The ‘Nutcracker’ challenge doesn’t activate either, i used different saves to do it though or i’m doing something wrong.
  3. If Dexy Barat is in the way of Jordan Cross after he’s called for his surprise birthday party, he will stop walking behind Dexy who will also stand still. After a while they would go back to their normal routine.

Did any of you experience these bugs?

This has happened to me a few times too, once even during a Hitman torunament (Roulette Rivals to be precise). :melting_face:

I’ve also heard others saying this mission story is bugged sometimes, but I think this is the first time I actually hear what triggers the bug (all I knew was that Jordan would sometimes decide not to go to the cake room, but return to his normal route instead) . You should report it in the Bug Report Thread, alongside the other two bugs you mentioned.

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