Berlin Egg Hunt | Permanent Event

Easter is in like 5 days, and ioi is celebrating it by giving us this im curious on how this will play out.


It drops by 14:00/ 2:00 CET so you’re a bit early on that or a bit to late to properly speculate :sweat_smile:.

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so this is an escalation :rofl: i dont mind escalations, but we’re getting so many escalations today.

ah well, i bet it’s fun anyway. like the Halloween escalation


Another escalation? Honestly Im really dissappointed, especially because they made everything to make it seem like a new mission but nope. I hope it at least is good


escalations make up such a huge part of hitman 3’s live content i feel like IO needs an intervention. jeez


Sure it will be a Escalation? I thought it would be a bonus mission like Snow Festival with some challenges? :cry:

I liked that one, so there is still hope. :smiley:


‘take a seat, we’re all here for you, this hurts us more than it hurts you’.

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It literally has new voicelines.
Why do I feel like they were planing a bonus mission before deciding to make it an escalation?
And while I liked it it still would’ve been better off as a bonus mission.


not to mention the server is down.

Just played through this seasonal escalation and man, I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m happy that IO was able to record new voicelines for this. I hope it becomes permanent at some point as it does have some amount of replay ability.

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He (it’s he I think) is really creepy! :grimacing: I don’t want to follow him anywhere! :laughing:

The floor here is made out of floor


Its parmanent content or just for 2 weeks?

They added a sniper rifle at the top of the radio tower which has wall-piercing and shockwave ammo :slight_smile:


can you show its inventory description?


Does anybody know where you can get more red eggs? I know there’s one near the crane and another at that giant pig near the juice bar. They’re very useful in the last level.

isnt anyone talking about “the collector” new elusive target?

I think that’s another bug.

Okay just finished this and my thoughts:

  • Overall, pretty decent. The objectives were a bit on the generic side, just eliminating 3/4 guys. The White Rabbit was definitely the most interesting of the bunch

  • Eggs are very overpowered but I don’t mind that as it’s the whole gimmick of the escalation and we only have it for a few days so might as well be fun.

  • The Yellow Rabbit is an absolute waste. He stands in a puddle and a car battery is very close by, but you’re not supposed to eliminate him. Also he just stands still so you can take his outfit. They should have made him a little more interesting (maybe inside the party so you have to get to him in there)

  • There’s a good bit of nice new dialogue about the party and also explaining the absence of the biker gang. Made it fun to listen in to NPCs

  • The rabbit masks are just cool as hell

  • I wish the club security wore masks too. The bar staff do so why not guards? Just an odd detail

Think that’s everything, unfortunately I quite enjoyed this and IO clearly had fun with it, so it’s a shame it’ll leave us soon