Bit of a Shame there were No Novelty Disguises

2016 had at least one per level (vampire, hippie, fortune teller, stalker, scarecrow, baseball player, the groom, ninja) and in 2 had less silly disguises but they often factored into the mission stories (flamingo, hippie, shaman). There’s at least one unique NPC per location that would’ve made for a great disguise (bouncer in berlin, Sheikh in Dubai, Edward in Dartmoor) but they seem to cut all that because I guess people complained about the Chameleon challenges being tedious to get for bigger locations.


2 had non mission story related novelty disguises in most locations too, pale rider, street musician, holy man, batty, knight armor, bank robber, boat captain I guess counts. Only Colombia and Hawkes Bay really don’t.
Definitely something I miss. Dubai at least has the skydiving outfit but it doesn’t work for contracts so that’s not great.


Sky diving disguise works for badasses.

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I wonder did anybody do a skydiving suit only run?

Prenatual did I believe, he also did the most amazing stuff in hitman absolution

Dartmoor is rather easy to suit only even inside the house, so it would have made a good map for a goofy outfit everyone is hostile to. The hunting outfit in the escalation is good proof of that. Maybe those escalations kinda took on the role you’re talking about in this game, to some degree.


Agree, I miss those too.

I don’t understand people who would complain about the Chameleon challenge. It’s pretty fun and when there are secret/random outfits like this it actually makes the challenge worth having as you have to look for not so obvious or hidden disguises.
As it is in Hitman 3 it’s pretty much an unnoticeable discovery challenge that you’ll eventually get automatically by playing the locations without much thought.

Thinking about it, Hokkaido alone had more novelty disguises (motorcycle, baseball, ninja) than the entire Hitman 3, lol

Dartmoor could very well have a secret disguise similar to the Vampire Magician in a secret room to match the dog walking cane, for instance.


I feel like the current idea is people can dress up in funny outfits whenever they want in any level.

That’s cool and all, I love the dumb outfits we can choose anywhere but all of that is pointless if we can’t Vampire Magician around places like Berlin.


It’d be cool if they put them all as unlockables or DLC, now we have tabs for outfits, people can’t moan about them being cluttered


How did we live before these tabs?

I just opened up HITMAN 2 to get a screenshot and that outfit selection took a year off my life.


No idea! there was about 40 odd outfits in H2, imagine it now without tabs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wait what, people complained for the chameleon challenge? All I did was punch the man with the required the disguise, equip it and find the next. Usually did this after around 7 playthroughs when all I wanted was to get 20 mastery


All I want is a clean kill bill outfit :smiley:

(and a turtleneck w/ long coat & shorts combo)

The first four locations really could have profited from a quirky unique disguise that fits the theme. Would have been fun, I also miss them.

IO stated once that H3 is designed more serious in tone, and that funny and quirky things have been reduced as they felt they kind of maxed it out in H2.

I can understand that, it’s a thin line between serious murder simulator and clowns throwing homing briefcases, probably not everyone liked that. But I still think there was enough room in the levels to slide in some fun outfits and characters. Enhances replayability and creativity.


I was actually quite surprised that it wasn’t a disguise. I spent a bit of time trying to get him alone so that I could take the disguise because I was so sure it would count for the Chamelon challenge…


Honestly I’m less bothered about their being no novelty disguises in H3 and more that there were less unique disguises in H3 in general. Unique disguises are great because you can build a whole contract around acquiring them in interesting ways. But, with less unique outfits and items, contracts get less focused and the puzzle aspect of them is lost somewhat


Novelty suits are cool but I wish we had more hostile ones and I wish you could start in them. The ninja had it right whereas Bangkok has a cool stalker disguise for example but it’s not worth the effort in my opinion.

H3 is lacking in good starting locations, give me fun hostile outfit starting locations.


Right, contracts suffer a lot if maps only have generic guard A and generic scientist B outfits you can find all over the map nstead of individiual disguises that impose a challenge ro get in itself.

I was just reading the favorite guard thread and realised that even if there are unique outfits, like Hush’s personal guard or the Sheikh, you can not even wear them. Mendoza did it a bit better wirh at least Corvo and the winery guy.


I tried to remember if any level had a novelty disguise and the only one that comes to mind was Florida Man in Berlin. Surprisingly it even was a different outfit than the one from Miami.


We really should’ve be been able to take Zachary’s clothes in Dartmoor and that be a hostile disguise. Like Janus’ burial robes in Sgail