Bit of a Shame there were No Novelty Disguises

:nerd_face: :memo: Noted. Might be worth looking into for a PC mod.
Although, based on your post history, it seems you’re on PS4. :cry:

But that one counts as suit in Contract Mode, right? Now if we had a scenario like Hokkaido, where you could start in a unique disguise to kill one target and then switch to a suit for another one… But alas that’s not the case in Mendoza.

However Mendoza also has the Tango Musician which is probably the closets thing to another Novelty disguise.


It is quite sad we never had a starting-location-exclusive disguise, it was a gold nugget for contract mode.

I like the levels overall and I like to make contracts on it. But I miss features. In H2 it was worth going back to legacy maps because things changed a bit and we could rethink them. But in H3 every contract you can make in the previous seasons can be remade in H2.


The overall narrative of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 was more playful, with a story arc that was more in the background. It would seem that IOI left out introducing more comical disguises in Hitman 3 because Hitman 3 is more story driven and has darker themes.

It is pretty difficult to balance out the comedic elements in a game like Hitman, while also trying to inject a serious-sounding story narrative at the same time. You would notice if there was an imbalance of too much seriousness or too much comedy.


I guess IOI might have focused Hitman 3 more on nostalgia rather than novelty disguises perhaps? Like you say, those Escalations are a prime example of that and give players the opportunity to unlock 47’s disguises from past games, but it would have been cool to have an unlock from Absolution and it be Charlie Chipmunk disguise :joy::joy: that would have answered this thread question straight away :rofl:

This for a future deluxe escalation unlock…:wink::+1:t2:


yes it was done, pretty difficult too

Made a switch from pc to ps5, just wanted to be able to sit back on my couch and have fun.

Okay time to make a list of all the novelty disguises from the main missions.

First Game

  • Paris: Vampire Magician.
  • Sapienza: Cyclist; Bohemian; Street Performer; Plague Doctor. Not included are the plumber bros. because they actually grant access to Villa Caruso.
  • Marrakesh: Fortune Teller; Headmaster.
  • Bangkok: Stalker.
  • Colorado: Scarecrow.
  • Hokkaido: Motorcyclist; Ninja; Baseball Player.

Total: 12

Second Game

  • Hawk’s Bay: None.
  • Miami: Street Musician; Sheik. Not included is the Pale Rider because it grants access to several restricted areas and has zero enforcers.
  • Santa Fortuna: None.
  • Mumbai: Holy Man.
  • Whittleton Creek: Politician; Politician’s Aide; James Batty. Not included is the Arkian Robe because it counts as suit.
  • Sgáil: Knight Armor.
  • New York: Bank Robber.
  • Haven: Boat Captain.

Total: 9

Third Game:

  • Dubai: None. Not included is the Skydiver Suit because it counts as suit.
  • Dartmoor: None.
  • Berlin: Florida Man.
  • Chongqing: None.
  • Mendoza: Tango Musician. Not included are the Tactical Gear and the Classic Suit because they count as suits.
  • Carpathian Mountains: None.

Total: 2


I’m kind of confused, what are your criteria for a novelty disguise?


A disguise that…
… is unique or at least only worn by a few NPCs.
…serves no real purpose during the mission.
…doesn’t count as suit in Contracts Mode.


Then what about the Herald suit in Mendoza?

Doesn’t that one gives the player access to the villa?

It might do, but given its difficulty to obtain relative to any small access perks it may give I’d say it satisfies

Especially seeing as there are a few more easily obtained disguise that do the same + more

It may grant some access, but first and foremost it’s a novelty

Edit: I’d also add Pale Rider under the same criteria. It’s clearly a novelty

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Is the Herald disguise hard to obtain? Yes. Are there more useful disguises that are easier to obtain? Yes. Still the same can be said about several other disguises.

Why take the butler outfit or the mansion chef outfit in Sapienza when there are other more easily obtainable disguises that grant access to the same areas? I think the same logic applies to the Herald disguise.

As for the Pale Rider, that one is super useful. It’s easy to obtain, gives access to most of the staff areas at the race and has no enforcers. It is a cool unique disguise like the Vampire Magician or the Ninja. No doubt about that. Still, I’m going to stick to my “rules”.

Of course, that’s just my personal interpretations about what counts as novelty disguise. It’s not supposed to be hard facts. :slight_smile:

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Not really, just a simple lure

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In a way, when 47 wears that thing with the nipple stickers and the wires, it’s a novelty disguise (swear im not trying to be funny i just don’t know the name🤦). Everyone in the level treats you as a trespasser and it’s pretty useless while looking weird


Yeah but that’s the suit. The whole map is just a hostile area. Would love that as an unlock though.

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This suit has a funny description. :joy:

And this is the mod.


What about drug dealer disguise? It doesn’t really give you much, outside being able to lure away some NPC’s like Florida Man.

I think that’s still a benefit. You can use the drug dealer disguise to easily gain a DJ or Security outfit.

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