Black cricle forms when walking

Platform: ps4

Out of nowhere a black circle forms as I walk and closes in when I run. I reset all my setting to original. Cleaned the disc, restarted the device and its still there. Even loaded a game from weeks ago and it’s still there.

Bug Report Thread
Devs usually look there rahter than here.

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Who should I contact? How can I get help with this?

Copy and paste your reply in the other thread. This is a fan forum, with contribution of devs. And they made that thread to get informed about bugs.

I’m new to this what is the “other thread”?

I Put a link in my first post. Check it again.

I saw that, when I click on it it takes me to to someone’s post 1,072 or something. How can I post in there? There is no option to make a new post like I did in this one.

doesn’t matter where you are in the thread.

Ok I’ll give it a try

I tried bro, I give up, the reply is sent to this person who posted.

I’ll copy your post there.

I appreciate you bro, I think I did it. Hopefully someone can help. It’s driving me nuts and out of nowhere. I can’t even play like that.