Black Lily or Black Lilly?

I’m splitting hairs here but it’s “Black Lily” with 2 L’s in “Lily”, not three. This typo is also in HITMAN wiki but not in the game.

it’s in the files

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Huh. I must’ve forgotten then

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It’s “Black lilly” in the repo file.

Repo file? In-game inventory says “Black Lily” and Lily means the flower. Fleur de lys. Hitman insignia has lily. So it is Black Lily.

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A big internal text file that decides the attributes of each item, and links up npcs, items, etc to their names and images.

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It’s a typo. You understand logic behind the name “Black Lily”, right?

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maybe it’s not a typo :thinking:

On PS4, It’s “Black Lily”. Does “Lilly” even mean anything? We all know where the “Lily” comes from in “Black Lily”. It literally has a black lily below chamber. It seems there’s typo/typos on PC version of the H3.


A typo that they have supposedly carried over for both the original black lily, and the new mk3 version. In every one of the internal namings for them, they’re called “black lilly”. The localized name is “black lily” sure, but “black lilly” is still a valid naming for it, as everything referencing it internally uses that name.

MK3 version? I don’t think “Black Lilly” is a valid naming for it because it’s not “Black Lilly”…

Bro what are you on about? The files for both the released version and the unreleased version of the gun refer to it as the Black Lilly, it’s totally a valid name. Similar to how the Birth, Life and Death suits are a valid name for the Trinity suits

And yet IO primarily use “lilly” for it.

They use “lilly” even in the localization for it now.


The flower of lily is in Hitman Insignia. “Fleur de lis” to be precise. And because the lily is white, it’s often use in symbolism as a flower of hope, life etc. This black lily is an opposite. Dead flower which brings death. BT_TF and Invalid, I don’t wanna to insult or be rude like you were BT_TF but your arguments are irrational.

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I’m sorry but any amount of symbolism cannot change the name of the gun. We’ve shown you screenshots of the gun ingame and IN THE GAME FILES.

But the game’s inventory can. The name “Black Lily” has nothing to do with symbolism in itself. Just that the Hitman insignia is on the Black Lily, below chamber. What “Lilly” means? Explain that to me and I agree with you.

I don’t care what it means. I only care about you saying the actual name of the gun is not valid lmao

Oh look! It’s also Black Lilly on PS4.

Not in H3, on PS4. Checked 2 minutes ago. That is from H2.

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Would be strange to change the name for one platform only :thinking:

So: the game’s files call it a name, the game itself called it a name for several years and the wiki calls it a name:

And you don’t think it’s a name you can call it?