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A revival of the title with the same name from the old forum. I’d like to start the conversation by asking two questions:

  1. Is the next Battle Pass going to be based solely on Black Ops: Cold War?
  2. What are your expectations for the new Battle Pass? This includes operators, new weapons, the story, etc.
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All Battle Pass unlocks are usable in Warzone and Coldwar with few unlocks being exclusive to Warzone and few being exclusive to Cold War. The majority is useable across both games.

As of next Thursday we will be in mid season of the first season for Cold War.

Operator? Will most likely introduce someone from the Story either Mason or Hudson.

Weapons, We are bound to see things such as the Ballistic Knife, Riot Shield, Galil eventually.

Story? Well it’s gonna loosely connected and lead into the big Warzone event that is coming in March with the new map. It will currently be filled til around Mid Season 2 at best.

As for Items, Unlocks, and skins. The Game Fuel Skin will be released for people who earned it. I expect some additions to the Music Player. Plenty of filler content and Tokens. Oh yea and another Anime Pack.

115 Day is coming soon so heads up on that front.

I know this, I just asked if it’s confirmed that the next Battle Pass will be based on Cold War. As in, if it’ll continue Cold War’s expanded story introduced in this Pass instead of the one from the previous six, which expanded upon Modern Warfare 2019’s story.

Isn’t the riot shield is already in the game? I use it with the knife and the dual kodachis, so I know it’s already there.

I can’t believe this is real… but well, at the same time I’m not surprised. It is COD, after all.

For some reason, they seem obligatory in Warzone, but I don’t really dislike them. The last one released (the one with the purple tracers) is the best one yet… and the only good one out of all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Cold Wars story will continue for the next 5 seasons after Season One.

The Modern Warfare Riot shield is in Warzone. Cold War doesn’t have one yet.

I bought it and enjoy using them in Zombies.

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Oh, okay…

god fucking damn it

Honestly, I think it’d be a bad move to make it unlockable in a Battle pass. Plus with how the Cold War weapons work, I don’t think the shield would improve the gameplay. But still, I’m only saying this after using the weapons in Warzone, since I have no plans to buy the full game.

I’m glad you enjoy Zombies… but can you tell me what you consider its appeal is? I’ve never been interested in it.

It will most likely be a challenge unlock.

Horde based PVE, you don’t need to sweat or worry about SBMM. Easter Eggs are satisfying to pull off, it’s a relaxing game mode to play with friends.

It also depends on which iteration of Zombies you play.

Black Ops 3 is amazing.

Cold War is great

Black Ops 2 is good.

Black Ops 1 is okay

Infinite Warfare is okay.

Advanced Warfare is okay.

WaW is okay.

WW2 is horrible

Black Ops 4 is objectively the worst one.


it really isn’t tbh and if they had released zc2 it would have been the best

Things Wrong With Black Ops 4 Zombies

  • Focused on quantity over quality.

  • Forced a new continuity that was controversial, half baked and unresolved while the Aether Storyline was shoved to the side.

  • Support was lackluster with factions being promised, but scrapped this was due to Blackout being prioritized.

  • Overhauled Perk/Point systems which was controversial and still resulted in the same problem of people using the same perks.

  • The only high round strategy is the Helion Salvo a RPG. This is because all weapons damage except especially PaP become obsolete after a certain point except for the weapon mentioned above.

  • Last original map in terms of Aether was Gorod Krovi ever since then its been all remakes.

  • Path of Sorrows was the norm field upgrade. Because nothing compared to it.

  • One off game modes that are fun the first time around. This still continues with Cold War.

Blackout and Multiplayer had more Zombies Content in Black Ops 4. The general sentiment among the Zombies Community is this.

  • Quality of life improvements with the Mystery Box and Max Ammo System are great.

  • Point system is terrible since you really can’t kill things on high rounds.

  • If maps were on BO3 with BO3 Mechanics they would of been received better.

  • Mutations is great, but should of been updated along the way.

Except the only proof of ZC2 existing is pre existing assets in Blackout and Multiplayer with the “dude trust me it’s real” mentality from sources. If I remember ZC1 was leaked in Stores along with files of it being found in game during playlist updates for BO3 on the server end.

The Zombies Community wants more consistent updates has some form of Quality to it. These one of game modes such as Jingle Hells and Cranked are mirroring BO4 with its game modes outside of normal survival.

I did a poll on the Zombies Sub Reddit about which Gamemode they want in Cold War and the vast majority voted for Grief a 4V4 mode that hasn’t appeared since BO2.

The developers need to listen to the community from time to time instead of throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks.


Things Right With Black Ops 4 Zombies

maybe this is true but i dont think die maschine is that much better than the bo4 launch maps to justify the lack of content cw zombies is suffering from rn. at this point in bo4’s life cycle we had 5 maps

I agree that chaos was unresolved but only because aether should have been finished with bo3, but they couldnt let it go. chaos was honestly great and had lots of potential that its a shame treyarch were too afraid to continue with it.

this is true and it was a bit of a pisstake that zombies didnt have battle pass progression outside of the dailies. but i dont think cw zombies support is really a marked improvement

i dont mind the new perk system as much as other people but the perks should have been more balanced. points wise the system was honestly not a bad change but it did kind of take away from the tradition of milking for points - still miles better than cw’s system

i dont go for high rounds so this was never on my radar but kind of a dumb change

kind of true but if alpha omega is guilty of this then so is die maschine. its all just nostalgia bait really

idk i liked the death machine and the ragnaroks i thought they were all op asf except the flamer

idk rush was always good for daily challenges and i played a lot of gauntlet.