Can we PLEASE get an inventory clean-up option?

Please! I’m tired of having to scroll through 6 reskins of the same sniper, and items I never use personally in my loadout. Can we PLEASE get an option to hide/unhide items that we choose.

I am a guy that likes the clean look of things. Allow me to choose which items to be shown in the inventory screen, something ALONG the lines of the completed/uncompleted challenges view.



Yeah, I think it would be a good option

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100% warranted IMO. Please add!



Concerning UI, there really is zero innovation. So sad, this would be a huge QoL feature. Also see the request for a proper contracts navigation.

Both were requested a hundred times


I was watching some H2016 clips recently and got jealous of how it had so clean inventory, so few reskins. One lockpick! Eight handguns, only one of them being a reskin! And then I read the comments from 2017 and people were complaining about too many items even back then lmao.


If they knew back then of what’s to come, if they only knew :cry:
For a reskinned weapon, a simple drop down menu from where you can select the desired skin would clear so much space…


Item-wise the trilogy has been a little letdown, ngl.

Not for those that starts the trilogy at Hitman (2021), but for those of us that started with 2016, there really hasn’t been much new items. Take the Hackl Leviathan for instance: At first glance it seems to be better than the Sieger 300 Ghost, right?

Well it is not. Turns out the sounds from the shots are pretty much the same when it comes to being detected by NPCs, together with recoil, slow-mo time and ammo pool the Sieger 300 Ghost is starting to leave a trail for the Leviathan to follow, even though the Leviathan has one additional perk.

What is the meaning of this?

Sadly it cheapens the experience. To me; cool, useful, and serious items are quite definite when rating map-replayability.

Instead we get tons of reskins, we get weapons that are presented as better but aren’t, we get items that can only be used once (I’m looking at you Crystal Ball, and you Snowball.)

Come ON!


Let’s face it, the inventory screen is not the only thing that needs a overhaul but all the menus and it’s not like people haven’t asked IO to do something about the UI / inventory screens since 2016. Now we’re in 2021, third and last instalment is released and nothing has changed and sadly non of this will be fixed. End of story. Good job, IO.


Yeah, I’m 100% on board with this. The inventory system is my biggest pet peeve with Hitman, but I’ve already bored other people with this topic elsewhere on the forum, lol. :zipper_mouth_face:

Haha, another random example… we have seven fiber wire reskins and you can’t even see the damn things!

EDIT: Wait, okay, you can see the earphones and the measuring tape, for example, but it’s still a yellow line instead of a tiny white line, etc. I stand (self) corrected. But uh, the point still stands? I mean, who cares?


Or even like COD had in Black Ops III, where you press a Button to Scroll through & Select the Skin you want
(Triangle, X, etc)

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That would be a great idea!

Not only to hide weapons we don’t use, but also those awful MKII reskins all over the inventory :tired_face:

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Every duplicate or reskinned item/gun/suit etcetc.

We should be able to display our inventory as we damn well please.

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Agreed. Group it all up, give us a button to change the item skin before selecting into the mission slot. Easy.

Wholeheartedly YES PLEASE

They need to reorganize this like they did with the suits(maybe silenced and unsilenced categories, then for melee stuff like sharp and blunt).

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Maybe give us ability to pick player’s favourite items and they’ll show up first in the list, so you don’t have scroll all the way through things you never use


Personally it doesn’t bother me but it wouldn’t hurt to add the ability to hide certain items, and then view them in a “hidden” section alongside gear, distractions, pistols, shotguns etc.


I’m fine with showing all of them but what bothers me is that I have to scroll through all the weapons to come to the poisons and than I have to scroll through them to come to explosives and so on. It would be easier to switch between the weapons, poisons and stuff with just a klick.

On PC you can just click on the category and skip to that.

I imagine there is a controller version, maybe clicking a stick or shoulder button?