Can't change graphics settings (Shadow maps/resolution, supersampling)

I am sorry for posting this Hitman 2016, my issue, here, but it’s my best shot I guess…
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(I can’t, don’t have required score of my forum account I think…)

You may particularly want to check the Known Issues thread: <<<<<< read those (didn’t find a similar problem)

Please can you help me, do you know something about this?

My problem is that few months ago I was playnig Hitman 2016 >> new AMD drivers come up >> blue screen >>> crash. Once I fixed it by DDU and downgrading the driver, I started to play Hitman again, but I noticed, that I am at first, playnig at HD resolution, not the virtual QHD resolution on my FullHD monitor (that act like antialiasing) and all of the details and other settings, which were maxed out, are set to minimum. So I turned it back BUT some I could’t turn on again (Shadow maps/resolution, especially supersampling can’t be changed at all).

I contacted the Epic support, said: (in short version) they can’t help me… contact players support of the game developer…

My first guess was that something (config file) saved, during the crash, wrong on the server IOI, because I tried to reinstall the game twice, (once alone/just the game, than with Epic game luncher re-install and all the games with it…(didn’t help). So I tried to find the particular problem >> result: Found out about memory safeguard protection… I don’t have any idea how to overwrite this…? It could be part of the problem with cloud save going wrong if there is any…

Than I found this thread below,
It describes a way how to change these graphics settings manually in register. I think it is my fix and I think that’s just it! But I need help to set it right, I don’t want to set these ones too high because I don’t know what it will do (don’t wanna break my OS or HW), I don’t understand it. (just decimal and hexadecimal switch and what is changed with it)

So my questions are:

  1. If I change register settings… Will the settings be overwritten by game? Because I reinstalled it few times, the register settings of Hitman should by deleted with it, should’t it? Or rewritten by cloud backup of these settings, if are these backed up?

  2. When I wil set new values, will I be able to change it in the game again? Or it could do some mess???

  3. How high can I set values for Shadow resolution, shadow quality and supersampling?
    Thank you for every answer…