Can't play hitman 3 on xbox series x

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You may particularly want to check the Known Issues thread:

I own the disc version. I have fully installed, uninstalled, reinstalled. I can only play prologue. I can’t play any of the hitman 3 campaign. It just tells me to buy it again.

the only thing i can think of would be to maybe check the Microsoft store through your Xbox. there could be an update or a download button you need to press on the Hitman 3 page. i had a similar issue with hitman 2 when it came out. if this doesn’t help, i’m sorry and i hope IO Interactive can sort it out for you.

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Thanks for responding! I have done that a few times but it looks like it’s fully downloaded. I sent in a help ticket so I guess we will see. When I google the issue it’s almost always people trying to get hitman 1 and 2 missions, but I can’t even play the missions for the game I bought!