Challange packs

Hey someone know if the challange pack from hitman 2 (content that removed from hitman 3) going to back?
I not even finish them yet . :confused:

and new challanges pack i understood they not planning to make… thats shame :confused:

A lot of items from Challenge Packs have been moved into either Escalation Milestone Rewards or Featured Contract Rewards.

Only a select few are considered unobtainable right now.

You can find out more here.

Hitman 3 – Full List of Unlocks and Mastery Tracks


Thank you
The season content will back?
just in November , December? :confused:

Yes, Holiday Hoarders and the Snow Festival will return.

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The challenges themselves are confirmed to not be returning by Travis (well, there’s “no plans” for them to return at present). The “missing” unlocks however have not been mentioned.


Here’s developer’s employee direct answer on this question.
That means HITMAN 3 won’t have any Challenge Packs, either new or old

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That was nice… too bad :confused:

In Feature contracts has something wierd
I finished 21 contracts and i didnt get the price of 15 contracts…
and it was wrote that i completed it when i was with just 2 contracts that completed…
i guess its bug?:thinking:

I said this elsewhere, but I’d assume they have good reason to cancel challenge packs in favor of escalations or whatever. As in, they know exactly how much of each thing players do, and I’m guessing challenge packs were less popular. Which is a shame, as I quite enjoyed them. Especially Hitman 2’s, which were better than 2016’s IMO.


Yeah i hope they introduce something else that’s equally nice. Maybe escalations can have their own challenges for doing multiple approaches?