Challenges and Feats - These do not unlock in Hitman 3

The challenges as listed below do not unlock in Hitman 3:

Paris - The Showstopper

  • The Showstopper (timing the light rig release may trigger it to complete)

Sapienza - World Of Tomorrow (Landslide)

  • Urine for It
  • The Gig is Up

Marrakesh - A Gilded Cage (A House Build On Sand)

  • Electric Boogie

Bangkok - Club 27

  • Oops! I Did It Again!

Colorado - Freedom Fighters

  • Cleaning Up

I have tried completing all challenges multiple times with mission replays, console restarts, game restarts, but nothing will let these challenges unlock. Most come under the category of electrocution kills which indicates a bug. I have seen this be an issue for other players recently but it has not been reported from what I can see on the forums.

Can anyone else confirm this on their playthroughs if your progression has not been carried over?

Bugged Equipment:

  • Antique Syringes (all three of them do nothing once used)

If anything else is causing other player’s issues, make a reply so I can add it. Hopefully, the developers will see.


The challenges are checked off for me since the carry over. (Xbox)

Yeah, I chose to redo everything again so I always have something to do. It’s a shame as I’m a completionist.


Yes, i can confirm this two bugs.

The “Showstopper” Challenge in Paris is bugging aswell.

There might be a lot more bugs but since i play it in chronological order i cant report any on the other original Hitman maps.

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I had issues with that challenge unlock also. It took me 3 attempts before it registered. Make sure to wait until Viktor Novikov is all the way out on stage at the far end before using the crowbar to release the light rig.

Hope this helps. Thanks for confirming.

The Landslide bug concerns also the PS4 players, like me ; and effectively, even in PS4, the challenge “Showstopper” is buggy if you release the light rig before Novikov is at the end of the stage, it took me only 2 attempts to registered it however
Some other challenges are bugged in PS4, like the electrocution challenge in A House Built in Sand or Cleaning Up in Colorado


The Showstopper challenge is the main bug that people talk about. As you mentioned, you have to let Novikov walk to the end of the stage for it to register. Took me 3 attempts to figure it out.

I’m working in chronological order. Both the challenges I mentioned in the post don’t seem to work at all regardless of timing. I have done them well over a dozen times with different timing, being caught/ compromised, doing silent assassin, etc. nothing will work. I hope these get fixed.

Thanks for adding to the post.

Thanks for the advice, but after trying it all day long now i still didn’t get the Showstopper challenge. Maybe there is a way to cheese it by timing it like you said but i couldn’t pull it off and anyway this can’t be the intended way to unlock it and has to be fixed since Reddit is also flooded with complains about this particular challenge.

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Very strange. It is definitely the most reported bug right now. I hope they get around to fixing them all. There seems to be a couple of bugged challenges in almost every mission of Hitman 1 and 2.

Good luck anyway.

I have been playing these missions in Hitman 3 on my PS4 (I have a physical disk version) as I’ve never played a hitman game before. I have had issues with ALL FOUR of these challenges listed in the first post. I’ve tried each a few times and despite meeting the requirements they are not unlocking. This is definitely a bug I am still experiencing as well.


Thanks for the confirmation. I was hoping the update, that was released yesterday would fix some of these. It appears not, even after trying them again.

If you discover any other bugged challenges, feel free to drop a reply so I can have it added to the list.

I’ve been playing more and I just ran into another challenge that refused to complete. It was the Cleaning Up challenge in the Freedom Fighters mission in Colorado. So that makes five now for me that have been bugged this way, with no clear link between them except that they’ve all been Assassination challenges.

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Thank you @tylorlilley for making me aware of this bugged challenge. I have checked it myself and can confirm it. I will add it to the list.

Electric Boogie and Cleaning Up won’t unlock for me either. I have the Showstopper unlocked through the carryover. I will try the Landslide ones and see if I can unlock them. As for the Oops! I Did It Again! I managed to unlock it with without any problems a couple of weeks ago. Hope all these are reported with the devs

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Thank you @NickLibra for confirming some of these bugged challenges. I have tried them multiple times each week and still nothing for myself.

I suppose some people have carried over a lot of their completed challenges from the past Hitman games progression, or been lucky with unlocking them as they should.

It would be nice if the game devs saw these posts and addressed the issues, but I doubt it will ever happen, as taking this long suggest that.

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That was not bugged for me. How did you try to complete the challenge?

IOI is aware that some challenges are buggy:

Luckily, they would be fixed in next patch scheduled next week. Keep an eye on the patch note that will be released next Tuesday.


Last time I watched this “patchnotes”, the bugged legacy challenges was not in this list.

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So I can confirm that they fixed none of these with the new update. Just tried them all and none popped up as usual.

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Thanks @Alexandria_V

I will confirm this later this week and keep a note.