Chile, A VINTAGE YEAR (Mission #1) - Discussion Thread

Sometimes, you won’t be able to poison the cocaine. It actually shouldn’t be a huge problem, since his bodyguard sometimes won’t follow him in here. You should be able to stick him and dump him into the bin in back.

So maybe its probably just buggy a lot of times.


I wonder how Agent 47 and all the tourists even went to the Colchagua Valley vineyard. There is no way to enter other then by sea plane


All the guests parachute in. Only answer that makes sense.

They disposed of the parachutes moments before the mission started as well.


On PS4, I was never be able to poison his drug.

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Playing with PC DVD-Rom…Tried it many times…Crosshair did not turn red or cliking around it…Maybe it was removed from the patched DVD version along with able to enable cheat console :kissing:

Grabbed version 1.2 from GoG and it doesn’t seem to let me poison his coke, but I too remember being able to do it (PS2). Perhaps it was changed or bugged in the later versions?

Here is the answer you’re looking for:


It always bugged me that the level looks nothing like the Colchagua Valley or even any sort of Chilean winegrowing region at all. No grapevines in sight and no cocoa plants either.


It is assumed that somewhere nearby there are vineyards.
There are a lot of conventions in the game in general.

From them all, a Vintage Year wasn’t the best. It’s a house in the middle of a forest on a cliff. I have seen no Vines yet everyone is drinking wine. There’s is very little interactive in the main garden, even if you could poison drinks etc without getting caught. On top of it, 47 the only person on tour with a suit and tie. Wouldn’t they notice his absence quicker than others? For a game that’s tricky and often underestimated, that level had little to offer.

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