Choose a WoA mission to complete yourself, instead of 47

Edit: Training and Hawke’s Bay count.

I probably call it my favourite map out of all Trilogy.
I would’ve arranged a meeting of the targets and blow them up or set up some other accident depending on a situation.
Accident because I call it my favourite kill method

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Haven Island of course. Knowing i probably wouldnt be able to kill folks, i might as well get in a nice vacation time. :desert_island:


Illusions of grandeur is really easy,so that’s what I would choose.:joy:


Is that the one with Basil Carnaby?


20 characters

The Vector because I’m so far away I’m at no real risk of my safety and as a squeamish person killing from very far away seems less disgusting to me.

I don’t like blood and stuff so keep me far away please.


Death in the Family because I could pretend to be a PI and not even actually kill anyone. :sunglasses:


Yes they do, and I’m picking training. You literally can’t stop me


Yes but then again Madam Carlisle only gives the case file to 47 as a way to give him back what he deserves. If it were any other PI she would just order her guards to kill them.

Unless you actually meant to be a real PI. Then good on you.

I could just not ask for the case file and simply steal it. :smile:


Sapienza, if only because the opportunities would be different as a woman.

I can’t let Silvio see me or he’ll start freaking out so all of his opportunities would be long range or the chandelier/gas tank drops. For the virus I think I’d need Diana to teach me how to do a quick and dirty chignon in the field so my glasses and I can blend in as a Totally Legit Scientist Here to do Science. As for Francesca, I’m a new hire, eager to prove myself and wow I just noticed something really weird about the virus that I’m surprised the other team members didn’t catch. Can I talk to you in private about this, I don’t want to embarrass anyone. WHABAM! Screwdriver to the temple.

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Alright, alright. They do.

Mendoza because i’m thirsty


I don’t want to kill anyone, so Mendoza I guess. I could enjoy some good wine while dancing tango, end up drunk as a skunk and forget everything about the mission :upside_down_face:


I trust her to be smart enough to pull through without me. I wouldn’t be much help anyway :upside_down_face:


Let’s review. Diana helps 47 kill her biggest rival, delivers an ice cold line about how she’ll dedicate her life to undoing everything he and Providence have worked for and then does a sexually charged dance with her man in front of every remaining Providence operative and stooge short of Edwards. She’s practically wearing an I :heart: Assassination t-shirt


Whether or not she sees the act through to completion is only part of her attitude towards killing. She’s arranged killings for a living for almost 30 years and there have been times where she gets down right effusive in her praise when 47 pulls of something in the field.


Patient Zero because I can be a greedy piece of shit and take the only vaccine for the Nabazov virus.


Just realized i replied but never answered the question… and i have no idea id probably die in all of them