Classic Hitman Modding Thread

Hello all. This is a thread for you to discuss all aspects related to modifying the classic games. Here you can find resources useful for developing mods and experimenting.

Basic File Format Documentation

ANM - Animations (Codename 47 - Blood Money) (.MAX, .ANIM etc.)
AMS - Unknown (Contracts)
GMS - Glacier Mission Script (root container, many things) (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
LOC - Localization Strings (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
MAT - Materials Database (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
OCT - Physics Octree (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
PRM - Models/Objects (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
PRP - Model/Object Properties (Blood Money)
RMC - Room Collision Tree Data (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
RMI - Room Inside Tree Data (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
SGD - Static Game Level Data (Blood Money)
SGP - Sound Graph Data (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
SND - Sounds (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
SPK - Game Archive (lots of data and 3D stuff) (Codename 47)
PAL - Color palette (Codename 47)
LGT - Textures (Codename 47)
DXT - Texture Data (Codename 47)
SDL - Scripts (Codename 47)
SUP - Unknown (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
TEX - Textures (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)
ZGF - Geom Files Data (Silent Assassin - Blood Money)


GitHub - pavledev/GlacierTEXEditor
The new and improved Glacier TEX Editor developed by pavle. You can edit game textures from Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money using this tool.

ReGlacier · GitHub
ReGlacier/ReHitman, reverse engineering the Glacier engine. I’m not exactly sure how to sum this up while doing it justice. Take a look at the roadmap yourself. The amount of developments and discoveries made is incredible to say the least. They have even more data if you look around in the Discord server.

HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor | mh-nexus
A good hex editor is invaluable for serious modding. I personally also recommend Notepad++ for more casual yet still more intuitive file browsing.


A separate tab for extra software junk.

Index of /hmc/
A collection of tools for Hitman: Contracts. The redundant original Glacier Tex Editor and the LOC tool.

Hitman Blood Money PRM+LOC Tool : John "Cryect" Rittenhouse (PRM to OBJ Converter 0.3), Csaba Varga (Hitman 4 LOC UN-/Packer) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
A fairly redundant PRM converter (we have newer tools) and Blood Money LOC tool.

A Blood Money model importing tool does exist, however I am refraining from linking it here as of right now. I have seen it used successfully, a mod has even been made out of it, but it triggers an alarming amount of virus warnings.

Feel free to ask if you are curious about anything.


A few things to know about Glacier TEX Editor and some pointers.

  • A texture you have edited and intend to import back in must be the same resolution as the original.

  • The textures will have to be of the same file type it was when you exported it. This goes beyond standard extensions. DDS image files can be DXT1, DXT3 etc. It must be exactly the same as the original. The editor will display all the information.

  • If you are having trouble using or understanding the TEX editor, please refer to this little guide below.

TEX Editor Instructions

I’m not 100% sure on some of the features of this new editor, but replacing textures in the game is easy.

Start the TEX editor and click on the “change directory” button. Navigate to where your game is installed and enter the SCENES folder. Inside this folder you will see a bunch of separate folders, each one dedicated to different levels in the game. You may enter any of the folders and you will find a selection of .zip files that vary depending on the game.

The .zip for the level itself will be labelled MAIN. Click on main, click open. Now in the TEX editor, select the drop down and select the MAIN zip again (don’t ask). All textures should load, and you can now export/import by right-clicking a texture.

I should add that not all the folders are for levels.

As of recently the .TEX doesn’t get replaced when I save, it is a newly generated file right outside of the folder that the original .TEX is actually in. I’ve had to disassemble and reassemble the .zips for my edits to work. Saving can also be very weird.


Wasn’t somebody making a free camera mod for Hitman: Contracts? Was that you, @AkaneTutszulor?


I recall he was working on one but then stopped, later on I think he said he was still trying to program it? Unless that was the same time.

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yes, the project was stopped as I have taken a break from Hitman modding for a while.


I’ve revamped this post to improve it today.

On another note, this is very interesting. A proof-of-concept test for Blood Money multiplayer (one of the goals of the ReHitman project).


That is interesting…

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