Classic Hitman Modding Thread

Hello all! This is a thread for you to share & discuss all aspects related to modding the classic games. I will kick these things off by providing some basic resources and knowledge, though I don’t know that much compared to some others.

  • The Glacier Tex Editor

This brand new Glacier TEX Editor recently released, and unlike the old one, it has texture previews! Extremely handy. You will quickly learn the basics of how to use it, what you can and cannot do.

  • Model Exporters
This can also export Hitman Codename 47 textures, unlike the TEX editor.

  • Hitman Audio Tools

  • File Formats

ANM - Animations
DXT - Information about textures (C47)
LGT - Textures (C47)
SPK - Game archive: logic, scripting data, 3D data and so on.
TEX - Textures (H2:SA - Blood Money)
BIK - Videos (Contracts - Blood Money)
SMD - Extracted Models (Contracts - Blood Money. H2:SA?)

This is truly just the basics to get you started. There is a lot more information you may need to know and I will likely reply with some more information/existing mods soon. I also likely missed quite a few things. Feel free to discuss!


A few things to know about Glacier TEX Editor and some pointers.

  • A texture you have edited and intend to import back in must be the same resolution as the original due to memory limitations of the time, so it fits the model etc.

  • The textures will also have to be the original file type, and this goes beyond the standard extensions. DDS file type textures could be DXT1 or DXT3, when you export them as a DDS you must also keep this in mind.

  • If you are having trouble using or understanding the TEX Editor, please refer to this little guide below.

TEX Editor Instructions

I only just found about the new editor (thanks @Notex), so I’m not fully sure about some of these new features. I can tell you the basics however.

Launch the TEX Editor and select change directory, navigate to your game directory and open the scenes folder, here you will find a ton of ZIP files for each different map.

A ZIP should be named something like C00-1 for example. Click on one, and open it. Now using the little drop-down you may select the load/main ZIP. Load contains the loading screen broken down into tons of squares. Main contains all the textures you are likely looking for.

After selecting one of these you will be brought up with a big list of all the textures inside the level. You may select one, click on the file setting in the corner, export it, select the texture again and import it back in after editing. Ensure that you click the update button after editing the TEX.

EDIT: H2:SA and Blood Money have other folders than just “MAIN/LOAD”. That is for Contracts.

There are also some settings that weren’t in the old editor. This one supports PC and PS4. The old one additionally had support for Xbox, no PS however. I will add that me and a friend are working on a visual (and possibly audio?) overhaul for Contracts. This will go beyond textures :eyes:.

EDIT: Also intending to make a post about “Classic Intel” soon. Things like evidence photo objectives and invites from the classic games in a way you’ve never seen them in before.