Classic Hitman Modding Thread

Thank you :slight_smile: I am kinda proud of it, and I am happy someone else digs it as well :slight_smile:


No news about the Freecam mod for contracts? If CheatEngine can handle Absolution then why not Contracts?

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I’m not really active here anymore and neither do I still play or mod Hitman (although I was privately working on some projects last year for a short time), but I recently noticed the creator of the Hitman: Codename 47 level editor made some updates to it and added new features like model imports, texture editing, and so on.

I got a little tempted to play around with those (but I won’t be making any actual mods because I’m not really into this stuff that much anymore), and I had one old file lying around I thought I could put to use, so I quickly threw together a little scene, which I think someone might find amusing.

@MrOchoa C4_3 - Google Drive Have a good one, and don’t be late. There’s something waiting for you :birthday:. To download, just go to your installation directory, then to “C4_ColombianRainForest,” rename this and replace “C4_3” with this after having copied the original to somewhere else. One last thing to do is add EnableScriptRTC 1 to your Hitman.ini configuration file.

(I will also add, due to a small functionality trade-off I made you have to Alt-F4 to close the game, sorry. There are some small visual/script glitches as well because model imports aren’t perfect and I’m rusty.)

I also made a small update to the concept art collection a few days ago but I think it went unnoticed. It’s mostly just a few renders for C47 and one for H2:SA I found last year. You can see it in the changelog.

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I created a mod for H: Codename 47.
It affects *.sdl scripts in all combat missions.
For more info see readme.

Make backups of original mission folders.
Replace missions in mission folders with mod missions.
Add this line to your Hitman.ini file: EnableScriptRTC 1

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Made a tool able to completely export Hitman: Blood Money PC versions and can export and import audio back into Hitman: Codename 47, Silent Assassin and Contracts.

New releases will be on GitHub for now so follow if you are interested :slight_smile:

Plan to expand it to other Glacier 1 games like Kane & Lynch and Freedom Fighters.

Also would like this to be as generic as possible in future, working with console versions if possible but that is huge stretchgoal (would like to first do some cleanups and finish docs etc.)

I’m also documenting the formats slowly here

Best documented is Hitman: Blood Money, although it is still a bit outdated…


Could you tell, please, how did you:

  1. find exact NPC to edit it’s scripts;
  2. which programm allows to do it.
    Also, does anyone know if there is a way to change NPC models in a mission?
    For example , is it possible to change NPC models in mission 2 like it is shown in screenshot?

Hi. Could please someone find out what the hell is wrong with the CX-X_MAIN.ZIP files in this mod?: Hitman: Contracts - Unofficial Patch addon - ModDB

Objective portraits look like rainbow garbage and GlaciertTEXEditor says “Index was outside the bounds of the array” when you select the textures (MissionObjectives_0Xx#0). A few other PALN files also throw the above error message.

Incidentally, GlacierTXTEditor doesn’t export the vanilla textures with the right colors; background is brown instead of blue.

I’ve created this Contracts-Inspired suit mod for Blood Money thanks to this forum post!

Download here: Contracts Inspired Suit

Here are the textures in case if someone wants to edit them or to simply dunk on how badly edited they are.



Can we just appreciate these lightmaps