Community Featured Contracts - June 2022 "HOT SCOPE"

Congrats to @Casetros, @Urben, @Charlie_Farmer, @Quartz_tan, @Hamushi and @Mastertino!


Well done folks, guess I found what to do this weekend


Looking forward to trying Urben’s Far Frag. Briefing (and pic) looked interesting, as always with Urben, and Hawke’s Bay always needs more love (A bonus mission would do, but I digress)


Congratulations! Very much looking forward to these contracts!


Congratulations @Casetros, @Urben, @Charlie_Farmer, @Quartz_tan, @Hamushi and @Mastertino

Meanwhile the winners :crazy_face: be like :


Well I just make a simple change to my old contract then submit it ,so it’s already have a video,check the follow link on vedio briefing to see the strategies of different starting locations: 杀手3 自制契约 TOWN-0 PHASE-5(1/5) 狙击点 58s_哔哩哔哩bilibili


Congrats guys @Casetros @Urben @Charlie_Farmer @Quartz_tan @Hamushi and @Mastertino
I look forward to playing these contracts


Congrats to the winners of Hot Scope. The contracts looks so good in each of the selected submissions that I don’t even care that my contracts didn’t get picked. None of my submitted contracts from Heat Stroke and Hot Scope deserve a place in any of those spots. I already made a good and terrible mark on the Rubber Duck ones.

Guess it’s time for me to go back to the drawing board and study up contract making. Yeah, that is me being very happy and salty in one comment. Yeap, June has been a pretty… interesting month for me on the forums, that’s for sure.


Congrats to the winners. I look forward to playing these over the weekend.

While I never expected my submission to be featured (it was hastily made), I am surprised how many people have played it on Xbox. Usually my submissions only reach about 5 players, this one is over 60. I’ll take the victory where I can.


Congrats folks. Had to sit this round out. My gaming time has been very limited the past couple weeks— haven’t even played all the Heat Stroke contracts yet much less have the time to create a Scope contract. I look forward to playing when I get the chance.


OMG i won, i just turned on (ha) my Xbox to see this.


This is the first one I’ve played so far, and it was quite fun. The exit made things a little bit more interesting too!


I was optimistic that they weren’t all going to be based around the sniper rifle but wow… 4 with it as a condition somewhere, 1 requires it for functionality and the other suggests that’s what will be done in the briefing :pensive:
But hey my passion for hitman is fleeting again with all this 3 month comp I signed up for so it’s not like I’ll necessarily want to play 6 sniper contracts
Yet of course good job. Got another contract for urben’s list haha, didn’t even see it get submitted so I wasn’t aware there would be another one this set


Please release your Noodle Massacre mission in PS4 (and also XBox) if possible (I think with help of some IOI developers that might be possible). We console players miss so much of fun.Appreciate the great job you and your team member did by innovating this nostalgic level.
Looking forward to see that in PS4 and also some more of them - maybe Bjarkhov bomb (maybe steal Rico’s submarine for the replacement) :smiley:


Congrats to the guys whose contracts were selected.
I’ll try them tomorrow for sure!


Really enjoyed this one, I’m pretty pleased with my run as well.

First, congrats to all those selected!

Second, I’m disappointed but not surprised that mine wasn’t selected (as usual)

Third, I’m even more disappointed because I just played “Furuhata Nin47rô”. I really enjoyed it but it reminded me of a contract I submitted for the Season of Sloth called “All In A Day’s Work”. I intended for that one to have 47 go all around Dartmoor setting up various accident kills but speed runners brought it to my attention that you can basically do the entire contract from the second floor library with a sniper rifle in like thee minutes. And then I also remembered that some people occasionally resubmit contracts and I thought if they picked this one, I might have had a chance if I thought to resubmit mine. Alas, hindsight is 20/20 and this one was really fun anyway.

And fourth, I, like some above, had hoped there would be a bit of variety. Sniping is not favorite part of the game and I wished that they would maybe take a chance or two on contracts that played with the theme but didn’t necessarily wholeheartedly embrace it. That said, the two I’ve played so far, “Man In the Grandfather Clock” and “Furuhata Nin47rô”, have been wonderful. I’m not saying I’m looking forward to the rest any more than I was now but I’m definitely less pessimistic about the prospects the remaining four have to offer.


Furuhata Nin47ro - 1:37 - SA (no Taser)

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Congratulations to @Casetros, @Urben, @Charlie_Farmer, @Quartz_tan, @Hamushi and @Mastertino for the feature!

They all look pretty rad. I can’t even tell what’s going on in the Hot Scope, Cold Snipe image but it’s piqued my interest. Looking forward to playing them all!