Community Featured Contracts - May 12nd (Food Fight)

Congratulations to the winners: @WINNODD, @SpeedrunnerInTrainin , @linux_penguin, @RedSneakyFox, @Axwage, and @THAT


Nice, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into these contracts after work.



WOW. My contract made into the game. I’m speechless. Thanks!


@linux_penguin finally made it!


Trying eat your heart out now, and man i remembered why i never like contracts on dubai. Hopefully the others leave a less sour taste in my mouth

Also we’re back to 6 contracts being featured which is great!


Holy crap.

Thank you.

I wanted to make a contract that was “sloppy”, where members of different collegiate archetypal factions would take each other out, while roleplaying that all the shots you take have to hit a person and since it’s a food fight no one really knows where anything’s coming from (hence the “don’t get spotted”).

I was afraid that I had made those complications mandatory in my haste to meet the deadline, but am happy to report that they are indeed optional. I’m not completely against mandatory complications, but optional is usually the way to go.

Also, it’s hard to take great pictures on PS4, so I just kinda threw some burgers at poor Frankie and snapped a pic of his butt. Frankie shoulda stayed down man… Frankie shoulda stayed down.

I don’t know if you guys will like this one or hate it. It’s complex and precise, but can be approached many different ways. It’s frustrating but also goofy. Maybe it’s hard for some people and super easy for others — once you play your own contract a few times, perfecting it, it’s hard to distance yourself and see it from fresh eyes.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy, thank you for playing, and thanks devs for including my creation.
Edit: And, duh, congrats to everyone else whose contract was selected, and for the forum in general.


The feel when you realize you need to go back and unlock the Ice Pick.

By the way congrats to everyone to who was picked!


Congrats to the 6 winners of the Food Fight Featured Contracts. Although my contract didn’t make it in unfortunately, I strongly encourage people that are on the forum site to check out other people’s submissions that didn’t get featured. There were some very solid contracts there. I am happy that we’re getting 6. Looks like we’ll be satiated for a while with these food themed ones.

Let’s get quacking onto the Rubber Duck Featured Contracts.


Yeah!!! Thanks for deeming ol’ EYHO worthy!!!
Today there’s been a funeral unfortunately so I hadn’t thought to check HMF. Congrats folks (who I won’t ping again) for getting your contracts featured, can’t wait to play the other 5 and then let EYHO forever sit on my home screen alongside Cold Shoulder

This is absolutely fair. For me there’s too much empty space on Dubai for contracts, especially the floor Ingram starts on. Even making the lady who talks about the golf ball roam about could’ve improved it. Dare I mention all the scene-setter npcs who unfortunately can’t be used practically in a lot of contracts.

When I’ve got the time (probably Sunday) I’ll make my way through both these (wins and submissions) and the duckie submissions. I’ve got my work cut out! :smiley:


Congratulations to the winners :smiley: :trophy: and thank you Clemens for increasing the slots. :man_dancing:


Not a single food kill contract. That’s the exact opposite of what I was expecting lol. What a pleasant surprise!


yea good assessment, cause yer contract is fine, good even. but dubai just brings it down


I had predicted only 1 in the submissions thread, but there’s a few of those brought forward from Hitman 2.

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So are unlock tracks pretty much dead for Featured Contracts at this point?

Is the Elusive Target Arcade now the go-to for unlocks moving forward!?


If the unlockable muffins were different item IDs to the ones you can find on the map in Whittleton Creek I might have

There already were a bunch of food contacts submitted. I’m talking about the fact how none were picked by IOI.

didn’t think i’d get into the game on the second one, nice

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only done 3/6 thus far, but good stuff! and it’s a bonus seeing H2016 and H2 maps in community featured contracts.

as for College Daze IV, my only complaint is that it has the Perfect Shooter complication. maybe it’s less so about the contract, but the complication itself since i’ve never understood its purpose. always feels somewhat unnecessary. i kept screwing up this contract from it, such as accidentally using a bullet distraction or shooting out cameras. it was a fun contract other than that.


One of the targets is right by the recorder that you can delete any recordings, so I wouldn’t worry about that (unless you are recorded with an illegal item, but SA is moot then).

I found that College Daze had a lot of moving piece for the contract. I don’t mind a variety of disguise with one (or two) kill options, or one disguise with multiple kill options, but I find multiple disguises with multiple kill options onerous. It’s not a bad contract, but it is definitely my least favourite of this batch so far (note: I have yet to play the Colorado contract).