Community Featured Contracts - November 25th (Wrath)

All 5 targets sure felt my wrath. 3 explosive kills, 1 gunned down while puking and 1 pulled down to death. Definitely my favourite of the bunch, even tho it took me 100 restarts.

A Woman’s Scorn (4:24)


Yes, that vault prompt it’s very unexpected, I still discover more surprising shortcuts on Chongquing, Dubai and Berlin. There is still a way to overcome a locked door without picklocking or blasting it on Hitman. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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haha holy crap, this is a great surprise to wake up to! thanks so much, everyone!


wow, ive never seen that out of bounds strat before! that was crazy! amazing run


Perhaps I’ll just have to make 5 contracts next time… :smiley:
I mean, if Cry Me a River wasn’t worthy then trying every possible option will have to do! :angel:

On a different note,
Great to see @Heepo 's contract here, it’s a guarantee that it’ll be good!


LMAO, good one!
i was a bit heavy on the contracts this time :sweat_smile:


Here’s my run for A Woman’s Scorn:

That’s four whole deaths by explosion, and the sommelier got shot in the head and robbed of his clothes. Could be more optimal, for example I didn’t think the sommelier would die from such a short drop, and didn’t want to risk it due to no pacifications, heh, but I restarted too many times already. Still, a great contract to bash my head against :slight_smile:


Congrats to all the Featured Contracts winners!

I too had an idea for a Shotgun contract, in Dartmoor, but it’s too bad there’s no way to restrict loud weapons without having a bunch of other targets with different kill conditions, plus setting off a loud weapon in the garden sucks, since those hedges aren’t tall enough to hide 47 standing up/stashing a body.
Didn’t work out unfortunately. And I’m still working my way through the H2 featured contracts hehe :sweat_smile:


Never underestimate yourself. I loved that contract.

Plus, your bamboozle contracts are godly. IOI would be totally lost. :rofl:



Actually using Urben’s tool, you can restrict it to specific shotguns wether they are loud or silenced


The Terminator

This is a brilliant contract! I can’t deny that I enjoy playing a shotgun / loud ballistics contract every now and then. I did it in 1:59, but I completely forgot about the rooftop exit. I could have probably saved 20 seconds if I used it.

The Gunrunner’s Purgatory

This is also another solid contract which I enjoyed playing.

Woman’s Scorn

I have only played this a couple of times and I haven’t enjoyed it so far. I really dislike restrictions, most notably the no pacifications one. However, first impressions aren’t everything so I will give it another go tomorrow.


Pretty damn solid batch. Congrats to those picked. And we get our lovely screwdriver unlock which I already ended up using in the Mendoza contract.


I havent got around to finishing any of the contracts, but ive played a bit of Woman’s Scorn and i quite like it so far. Vargas and Mikhail are both great targets with many ways to get to them. i’ve had a pain of a time getting to the sommelier tho

very excited to try the terminator contract. loud ballistic contracts are some of the most fun you can have with contracts!


I know there’s that but I’m hesitant on using [asking PC players for] modded contracts for Featured submissions. I don’t think it’s something at the moment IOI is willing to promote or feature, and the only time it’s ever happened is when they had their hand “forced” during a Curated Contracts batch – with Grand Theft Bosco.

It just seems like a redundant thing to post as a potential feature, given IOI’s stance on the matter this year. :confused:


grand theft bosco wasnt even modded, that was just a glitch anyone could perform. only kevin rudd knew how to use the glitch at that time though.


Ah. Still, that was an anomaly of a contract, and I think modded contracts kinda fall under the same banner, unfortunately even if it’s still using code within the game.


who knows, maybe one of year twos “surprises” is a contracts revamp. i know we’d all want that!


Congratulations @Hichkas, I enjoyed your Terminator before it was selected , your other two contracts were cool too.
Congratulations @Canucklehead and @Heepo, I can now play them at PS now.

I would also congratulate each and every participants throughout the 7DS FC submissions for their amazing contract. Happy Joysticking !!


For what it’s worth I enjoyed playing this submission:

(except for the forced exit… and non-target insta-fail :wink: )


Congratulations to the three! I loved all three (and I gotta say, there were many in the mix).

But “A Gunrunner’s purgatory” really stood out due to the HUGE homage to CD47 (formally know as CN47, C47, OG Hitman etc.). And then, I picked the Shotgun Contract (The Terminator) due to the fact, that we rarely see full-out-shooter contracts (that are also fun). And A Woman’s Scorn, is just beautifully executed :slight_smile:

I just wanna say thanks for all who participated under the 7DS Seasons, it has been amazing to see your creativity unfold in these setting - And I’ve been super excite each month, because I really think the quality has been through the roof :smiley: