Compliment other HMF Members!

:stars: Only good vibes in this thread. :stars:

Got someone on your mind you’d like to thank or cheer up? Say it!

Spread the love. Everyone loves a good compliment. :heartpulse:


Right off the bat, then, Thank you to @TheContractor for the idea of bringing this thread back.

I’ve got vague memories of it on the old forum. I don’t remember what it used to be called, but I do remember a lot of good vibes being thrown around within it. yeahhh :blush:


Well since this is here now, I’ll tag the person who originally showed me the thread on the old forum, @Gontranno47. You seem less active now but I always enjoy your posts whenever I see them, quality over quantity at least :wink: hope you’re doing well and look forward to battling you in the target guessing thread again one day


theres a lot of people i can compliment, but for today… @Ibbe is very cool. we handle things in the discord and the reddit… and he makes very good videos :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: check them out


I also feel like there’s a lot of people I can compliment, but I have to give this one to @TheContractor.
He’s always nice to discuss with across the Hitman social forums, he’s very gratious with the prizes in the competitions that he’s holding, he makes very cool contracts that I can enjoy for days, and he helps others across the Hitman forums make sick contract images.


Aaaaaw, what a nice idea!

I want to take this chance to thank everyone who commented and discussed on my Lucas Grey Fanclub thread! A special thanks goes out to @Luiluix @Freezer and @Gromova for the screenshots and videos and to @Franz @Jason_Portman and @Bourbon for the discussions! And of course everyone I forgot who had fun in my thread.

You gave me an amazing time when I needed it :heart: Thank you so much, I love you!


@wincenworks is a genuinely kind person and a great person to just shoot the shit with

@Mini @Gromova and all my other tumblr girls are some of the best fangirls around

@Hichkas - my dude.

@Yacob, @Nazareth, @Puerco @ZeroGravitas - I’ve had so much fun on our poker nights

More to be added I’m sure but y’all rock.


A thousand thanks to @Chef-assassin for showing us how good food should be! The food always looks delicious, and my wife and I have taken some hints and tips from your posts over the years.


I wish to compliment @v1deost, because I don’t think we’ve ever interacted, but I greatly admire your artistic work and this is a chance to share this admiration. When talking about graphic artistry I also feel compelled to mention @IndianAgent47.

Your kind of work actually gave me the idea to join a graphics design class, in hopes of achieving similar feats as you. Due to Corona and work, the long distance kind of learning didn’t do this ambition any good but I did get a taste of how complicated this is. It’s not just computer work, you also need to know how to draw. My admiration only grew. You are wizards in my eyes.


I’m new here and I know very few members of the forum, but…
My love to @Mini and @Bourbon comes from Tumblr. Girls, you’re the best :two_hearts:

Also I wanna thank @cake941 and @TheContractor for mentioning my blog. If I hadn’t misclicked the lines and typed the name of my blog into the search bar of the forum, and not into the address bar of the browser, I would never have registered here.

And, of course, I would like to thank everyone who supports my hobby in the form of virtual photography. Your words really make it clear that I’m not doing something in vain :sparkles:

I’m sure that I’ll definitely get to know other forum members better


Big shoutout to @Salem for making the best soundtrack mixes for the trilogy :smiley:

@TheContractor has always been an awesome guy to be around :beers:

@Nazareth is a great member too, I’ve been silently keeping track of our forum games, last year he destroyed me at chess and I managed to win at Monopoly, we recently fought to a draw in a rap battle so who knows how we’ll settle the score :sweat_smile:

@Piano_Man always makes the best new threads which have been a blast to engage with :smiley:

@djsojus was very generous a few months ago and gifted me the deluxe edition of Hitman 3 in a giveaway, I will always be grateful for that :+1:

There’s way too many people to mention, I could definitely think of a couple things to say about every member :sweat_smile:


Oh wow. Never expected this to happen…
Well, @wincenworks posts always show wisdom and are beneficial to the forum.
@MrOchoa, the jokester whose humor is always constructive, not destructive.
@cake941 always has the news before anyone else which says s/he is IO’s employee :stuck_out_tongue:

@Bourbon has always been kind and helpful, on matters unrelated to Hitman.

@EvilGeniusRo is someone you’d describe as “Always Helpful-Never Angry”.
@IndianAgent47 Great artist, greater musician :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Count.Rushmore, former MisterKiller whose knowledge on hardware and software always helps angry, new users find a solution.
And also @Screaming_Meat, @Yacob, and @ZeroGravitas has always been great to see around, with their own kindness.


I’ve done this before on the old forum so here we go.

@MrOchoa simply for being passionate and defends the series roots and for simply being a member of the community that I enjoy talking to outside the forum environment on occasion.

@v1deost deserves a lot of recognition for their passion and contribution to the Fan Art thread. The content they create outside of HITMAN as a series and their style I admire and enjoy looking at due to their comedic flair that they add. They also do amazing personal pieces and strongly urge anyone to check them out if you want a commission done for a new profile picture or something.

@TheContractor is the only forum member I played a game with outside the forum. Special shout out to them for helping me through some tough boss battles. I’d like to play Demon Souls with you one day.


My compliment goes to @musicalmushr00m for being an absolute legend. You make excellent pictures when I need them and you never fail to impress me. Besides that your lighting mods are incredible and I genuinly think IOI could learn a thing or two from you! Keep up the good work


@Screaming_Meat has good taste in music


literally the highest compliment i could be paid and i happily throw the same back your way, chief. you also took the time to be dead helpful the other day for no other reason than to be dead helpful. can’t thank you enough for that. :pray:t4:

there’s a lot of Good People deserving of the shout outs, but that’s for another day. i’m pooped.


What a great thread idea! Thanks for the kind words @SilentWraith im glad you enjoy my threads! :blush:

But yeah, where to begin… this community has a ton of great members!

A few shout outs, to some of my favorite, Agents here.

  • @badeaguard — Easily one of the coolest members here, I mean come on… Dresses to kill… has one of the best baller replicas I’ve ever seen and he’s not even completed with the project. Very outgoing and willing to help just about anyone any way he can. I’ve had great conversations with him over the years and I’m real glad we met. Although we have never met in person, I still consider him to be a great friend. Not to mention he got me David Bateson’s autograph a little over a year ago, which I still hold dear to this day. All around, great guy, great member. You the man, Alex!

@Chef-assassin — Another great member I’ve had some good conversations with. Over the years, I always enjoyed the pictures of the delicious looking food he has made. Definitely the forums most deadliest Chef, no question!

@MrOchoa — The worlds most dedicated Codename 47 fan by far! I don’t care what anyone says, This cocaine kingpin has a heart of gold & is easily one of the funniest members here imo. Very cool guy. Funny, polite, helpful and generous (thanks for the game codes! :wink:) and I like how he sometimes checks-in with forum members in the gallery thread wishing everyone a great weekend :beers:

@RotaryOliver — Enjoyed watching his magic tricks back in the day (hope you make more in this new forum like you did in the old one.) and really enjoyed how he would share his fashion sense in the formal wear thread we used to also have in the old forum. Another member who is always dressed to kill and always has a trick or two up his sleeve. :tophat: :rabbit: Great member!

@TheContractor — A member I have gotten to know over my time here and had some good discussions with. Very creative and his name says it all… imo he has definitely made some of the coolest contracts here. Intelligent, funny and very outgoing, I can say he is one of the easiest members here to start up a conversation with with just about any topic.

@Frote7 — The best shoe shining clown HMF has to offer! Not to mention a “real funny guy”


Lol in all seriousness, Frote has got to be one of the best Hitman players I’ve ever seen. Much respect with all those speed runs I’ve seen you do over the years. Mind blowing to say the least.

@Vinnie_Sinistra and @FantumX

Two members I really got along with great back in the day. Unfortunately, they have not been active for quite some time now. I really hope to see them both back here one day and all is well with them. Had a lot of fond memories & inside jokes with FantumX and really miss seeing his humor on here. Vinnie was also great to talk to and was always so helpful with any questions or favors I’d ask. Always willing to help, Vinnie was a great member and brought a lot of Hitman knowledge to the table.


@Agent_Smith — …Unfortunately, Smith is no longer with us (rip) but I can honestly say I’ve had some good conversations with him, both in threads and messages. We got along great and really shared a lot of the same interests. I very much enjoyed our time and it was so devastating to me when we all heard about his sudden death. He was such a kind person here and had a great attitude and never failed to get a little chuckle out of me. Just goes to show you never really know what people are dealing with behind closed doors. My heart still goes out to all his friends and family and may he rest easy. Miss ya buddy.

I’m so sorry, I definitely could name a few more but it’s impossible to name everyone. It’s not every day one comes across a game forum where like 90% of its community kicks ass!! :sunglasses: you’re all great!


Since we are talking about members who are no longer with us, shout out to Grim. He was active on the old forum but nobody’s heard from him since December 2019. He’d talked about battling incurable brain cancer and was told he had about 6 months to live. After a while he posted about being in hospice and then just stopped posting altogether, and sadly the reason for that appeared to be obvious. I just wish there was a way to be sure as I never knew his real name.

Dude was a badass.


Thanks for the shout out! Good to have you back on the new forum!


First of all, my fellow Canadians @Bourbon and @TheChicken, you guys are cool.

Some other great people: @ZeroGravitas, @Yacob, @Nazareth, @Accidental_Kills98, @Screaming_Meat, @SilentWraith, Hichkas, @Swangtheugly, @Piano_Man .

But you’re all great. Everyone here.