Contract Mode in the Author and Patient Zero

Is plan going on adding contract mode in the Author and Patient Zero? As I noticed maybe two weeks ago that those two missions are shown in the contract search menu. Considering the same happened when Dartmoor Garden Show was about to come, I thought it might imply contract in them was coming soon. But I just noticed that they are deleted from the searching menu now…
So, is there any plan currently working on for contracts in the Author and Patient Zero anyway?


If those variants was there, I guess only by mistake.
There are no current known plans of IOI to add those missions to contracts mode.
I doubt they will now go back to the old 2016 content and add it to contracts mode.
But I won’t mind of them doing so

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IO will never add either solely because of Jeff. And if player takes it upon themself to make contracts mod available for those levels via mod, IO will quickly move in and terminate said mod with extreme prejudice. They’ve done it before.

You can’t just add a brand new contract creation brick by accident. It was manually created and added to the contract creation data in the year 2 patch, so clearly something is going to happen with them.


yeah, ask kevin rudd about that :joy:

Please don’t talk about things you clearly have zero knowledge about


Couldn’t it have something to do with Freelancer? I assume they want to use them for that, so maybe they’ve done something which will also let them be used for contracts

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Ratio + L + rip bozo


Sometimes we should appreciate being wrong. Right? :grin:

I definitely appreciate being wrong. I wonder how the Jeff issue will be solved since not everyone will have him unlocked due to failing to prevent him from commiting suicide early in the campaign. Unless he appears regardless, any contracts with Jeff as a target would be unwinnable for some.

Simple, either they force him to always appear or never appear.

I hope always, cause more potential targets is better than none, but we’ll see in a few days.


Im glad they are putting patient zero contracts this thursday really looking forward to them

Agreed. Just have Jeff always be there/not there in Contract Mode.

To be honest, I never really understood why this was such an issue in the first place.

I don’t even know what’s special about Jeff.
yes, I know he appears in every patient zero missions and attempts kill himself evert time. But do I have to stop his suicide previously to see him later in the following missions? Does it work only the first time I played Patient Zero? I mean, most of the time I did nothing to Jeff as I don’t know his situation. So did I lose the chance to see Jeff forever without knowing it?

He doesn’t try to kill himself in the first mission. So, unless you kill him yourself in “The Source” he’s guaranteed to appear in “The Author”. He’s sitting on a bench on the plaza crying, before eventually running towards the cliff to jump off. Knock him out before he does and he appears in the sniper mission. Save his live again and you can find him in Hokkaido no longer being suicidal.

And no he’s not lost forever if you failed to save him the frist time. You can still replay Sapienza (or Bangkok if you did kill him there) and make sure he survives and appears in the next mission.

Just so you know, you have to knock him out in Sapienza BEFORE he even stands up. Once he does so he won’t show up in Colorado even if you save him. Oh and guess what - his standing reaction from being tranquilized also considered standing so he still doesn’t show up in Colorado. So you have to knock him out with a non-lethal throw from behind and his body must be found so no Silent Assassin.

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Wtf kinda bullshit is that?!

No clue. Could be a glitch or design. No way to tell at this point.

shocked that is is not solved at all.
I can see forums like reddit and youtube crowded with questions like “why can’t I find the target!” :joy:

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Actually I unlocked Jeff in campaign version of Patient Zero and yet he hasn’t appeared in the featured contract.

Edit: Okay now I know what happened. He didn’t appear at GAMA because eliminated him in the featured contracts in Sapienza and Bangkok.