Controller issues on PC

Anyone else having issues using an Xbox One controller on PC? I’ve had this issue specifically with only games on the Epic store for some reason. Works fine via Bluetooth and via USB with all my Steam games.

Edit: Should mention its an Elite Series 2 Xbox One Controller. Going to test with my regular XBOne Controller to see if it makes a difference.


Using a PS4 controller connected via usb, working perfectly on my end.

Same im using an Xbox controller on PC, with the wireless reciever and it doesn’t register button presses.

No one asked if ps4 controllers work.

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The topic was regarding controllers on PC, I responded. Don’t be so hostile.

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Having the same issue on my end where I cannot aim (i.e. use LT). This is with the new Xbox Series X controller over Bluetooth (BTLE) on my PC. It works fine when connected directly with the supplied USB-C cable.


I am using XB 360 wireless controller. Works for me.

I have tested the new xbox series x and ps5 contoler via Bluetooth on pc both have the problem with LT&RT not working

You got a USB C cable with the new controler?
All I got was 2 crap AA batterys

Well, I purchased the new rechargeable battery pack for the usb-c compatible controller.

yeah i’m getting this issue too, (xbox series x controller) except all the buttons worked but LT and RT didn’t know what to do, but when i used DS4windows with a ps4 controller it was working fine, tired looking up a fix didn’t find one but found out it was a issue with hitman 2 too

Bought the new Xbox series controller for PC with included USB-C cable.
All buttons work aside from left and right trigger when connected with Bluetooth, thought my controller was messed up at first but it works in all my other games.
If hooked up with the USB-C cable all buttons including the triggers do indeed work.
Glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing this.

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I noticed when the new xbox controller with the share button is connected via bluetooth, the center xbox button (that turns the controller on/off) is mapped to the L trigger. My guess is the additional button on the controller (share) is screwing up the button map. Don’t have a solution to fix - but maybe that info can help someone.

XB1 don’t work wither

I’ve tried a variety of controllers on PC and can’t get any of them to work. Tried Xbox Elite 2, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS5 controllers with no luck. The game’s UI seems to recognize that I’m attempting to use a controller because the UI switches to controller input prompts instead of keyboard input prompts when I push a button on the controller. However, the game does not actually respond to any controller inputs. Feel like I’ve tried everything, including running the .exe through Steam.

So far, this is the only way I’ve gotten my Xbox One Elite Series Controller to work with Hitman 3:

First, I add the game to Steam:

  1. Click Add a Game in the bottom left of the Steam window and choose Add a non-steam game. You’ll need to find the Epic Games folder on you hard drive. Will look something like this: C:\Epic Games\HITMAN3\Retail\Hitman.exe. You’ll want to choose that HITMAN3.exe file.
  2. Now find the game in your Steam library and right click and choose Properties. Add the text -Epicportal to the Launch Options in Steam.

Next I disabled the Hitman 3 launcher in Epic app:

  1. Open Epic Games app on your PC. Click the Settings option near the bottom left of the window.
  2. Scroll down until you see Hitman 3 and click it to open the options. Add the text -skip_launcher and then go back to main screen and close Epic Games app. Make sure it’s not still open in the background. Check to make sure its not still open in the Windows Taskbar. If it is, right click and choose exit.

Now I can play with controller:

  1. Now that Epic Games app is not running I go to Steam and choose Hitman 3. It should launch without automatically starting Epic Games app and without showing the Launcher. Game should start and Steam should see your controller.

Hope this helps anyone else having trouble!


worked like a charm! thank you!

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I want to report the same issue with the new Xbox Series X|S controller on PC. Triggers do not work over bluetooth. Only affects the Hitman games (Hitman 2 as well on Steam). Other games work fine with the controller. Plugging the controller in via USB works fine for Hitman 3.

That’s it! It’s the additional buttons messing up the mapping for the new Xbox controller. I see the same behavior. The Share button and Xbox guide button are acting as the L and R triggers.

This worked for me as well for the new Xbox Series X controller. Thanks!

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