Custom Contracts For The Switch (Cloud) Version Of The Game

Hello! I don’t really see any custom contracts going around for the Switch edition (Cloud version) of Hitman 3 besides some pretty nooby (trying to use more formal words than straight up bad) contracts. I think people should share and create more Hitman contracts for this version of the game. People could also just like we already normally do recreate already existing contracts on the platform considering the contracts can’t be cross-platform (which i still don’t understand).

Some people already know this, but the first number stands for which console it’s on. These are as follows:
1 = PC
2 = PS
3 = Xbox
4 = Switch

If you have any contracts to share, please share them below and just like the Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3 topic you need to state the following:
Contract ID: 4-(etc.)
Briefing: (for example:) Hello 47. Your targets for this mission are as follows: Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov (You are allowed to post a longer version of the already existing one here considering you can normally just put 80 characters in the Switch version).
(Optional but highly recommended) Pictures: A picture you made as an image for the contract or the Objectives screen (you can ofcourse do other kinds of images as long as it’s about the contract).

I myself think more contracts on this edition of the game would be wonderful as there are pretty much none to be found and the only ones you CAN find are usually (as i mentioned before) pretty nooby. If you DO find a good one, you can also share it but remember to give credit to the original creator at the start.

I hope great will come out of it. I will probably update later on to share my contracts as i have made a bunch already.

Hey! My custom contracts will be below this message. Have fun!

Kitchen Manners
ID: 4-03-6020327-82
Briefing: Get in and get out. Good luck, 47
Additional information: My first ever contract. Meant to be an easy speedrun level.

Target ID: DOC425
ID: 4-10-9446160-82
Briefing: Doctor Haruo stole a piece of candy when he was 8. Time for revenge.
Additional information: A pretty easy one-target contract in which you follow the Portman mission story and kill Haruo Nakamoto.

ICA Training Facility - Difficulty+
ID: 4-01-6756686-82
Briefing: Hello, 47. We have made an even harder version of previous training. Good luck.
Additional information: Meant to be a harder version of the original “The Final Test” mission which forces a lot of restrictions and SA.

Novikov’s Burrito Hamburger
ID: 4-02-3961498-82
Briefing: Hello there! I am a time traveler! Keep killing Novikov in different ways!
Additional information: this was meant to be an extremely hard version of “The Showstopper” Which you are challenged to beating multiple times, each time in a different way.

Hide Away
ID: 4-20-8056964-82
Briefing: Don’t. Let. Them. Escape.
Additional information: a simple contract in which you have 2 targets. Orson Mills and Alma Reynard. The player just needs to alert them by letting them evacuate to their hidden room in the office and then killing them. If the player fails to and they escape Orson will just hide near a platform in tall grass or somewhere else in tall grass all alone and Alma will go to the car which you can blow up normally to escape.

Dartmoor Garden Show - Difficulty+
ID: 4-33-8025579-82
Briefing: 47! These people here are REALLY dangerous members of providence. Kill them all!
Additional information: Meant to be a hard contract in which you have 5 of the normal possible Dartmoor Garden Show targers. Not much more than that.

Super Hitman Bros.
ID: 4-04-1000230-82
Briefing: Our clients, Wario and Waluigi want more fame. Help them about a bit.
Additional information: Just the SMB easter egg in the sewers but with them being actual targets. I tried to make a small story, being that Wario and Waluigi want to be in the spotlight for once but can’t because Luigi and Mario Fratelli always shine like bright stars.

The Carlisles
ID: 4-28-1816999-82
Briefing: Alexa Carlisle wants you to eliminate Emma as revenge and Emma the others.
Additional information: Basically just a simple contract in which you have to kill all the Carlisles (besides Alexa). I ran out of characters but the main story is that after Detective 47 uncovered the truth about the Dartmoor Murder Mystery Alexa Carlisle placed a contract on Emma (Like actually happens in the game as she asks you to) but Emma has placed a contract on all the other Carlisles so that she is the only living family member after she kills Alexa.

The Speedy Speedsters
ID: 4-10-4146421-82
Briefing: These people are planning to kill Soders. Be quick!
Additional information: Meant to be a small speedrun level in which you kill two people in the same room stealthily with a pistol and quickly escape.

The Speedy Speedsters 2
ID: 4-01-8354916-82
Briefing: These people are planning to kill Knight. Stop them!
Additional information: The exact same as last level but in another location.

The Speedy Speedsters 3
ID: 4-04-9621932-82
Briefing: Now you have 3 targets. Good luck.
Additional information: The final level in this series. Released a few days after the originals. For the rest, the same but with 3 targets instead of 2. This time it doesn’t have a story like “These people are planning to kill…”. I just made it for fun and to conclude this contractpack/series.

The Mogwai Depression Part 1
ID: 4-30-8292431-82
Briefing: A custom escalation contract. This is part 1.
Additional information: The first of 3 custom escalation-themed contracts.

The Mogwai Depression Part 2
ID: 4-30-2908080-82
Briefing: A custom escalation contract. This is part 2.
Additional information: The second of 3 custom escalation-themed contracts.

The Mogwai Depression Part 3
ID: 4-30-0215363-82
Briefing: A custom escalation contract. This is part 3.
Additional information: The final, third part of a 3 part custom escalation-themed contract. I wanted to make people in “The Block” targets, “The ICA Facility” and the rooftops but i could not get into The Facility in time as the timer was getting long.

The Troutts VS. The Wilsons
ID: 4-22-1023761-82
Briefing: The Troutts and The Wilsons have been in a constant war. Leave no trace.
Additional information: a stealth level set in the Wilsons’ house in which you kill 3 targets. What i did while making it was ring the doorbell and go on the stairs. After that i shot an emetic poison dart in her back and followed her to the toilet to drown her. For the Troutts however i waited until they went upstairs to the bathroom to distract one of them with a coin and knock them both out to then enter the room with the server and follow him to the next to do it again so that i could drag the bodies without anyone seeing. I did not find a way to kill Richard (Wilson) however so i left him out.

ID: 4-27-4994003-82
Briefing: Kill these two BFFs and escape. Good luck.
Additional information: Basically just kill Cornelia and Lucy with a rubber ducky or any other working explosive. Not much else to say.

The Ruins
ID: 4-03-3931144-82
Briefing: A custom contract set in the ruins. Good hunting, 46.
Additional information: Meant to be a level set in a lesser-used area of a map. Not much else.

The Morgue
ID: 4-10-7889467-82
Briefing: A community-made contract set in the morgue. You will also start there.
Additional information: Just like the last one, meant to be set in a lesser-used area of a map. Again not much else to say.

Learning how to become a ninja
ID: 4-20-1206932-82
Briefing: Sneak around and become a ninja.
Additional information: Nothing to say besides that it is a simple “Kill a few targets and leave” contract. I recommend starting from the office and taking the Katana and Shuriken weapons from the hidden room.

Bombs + Guns = Death
ID: 4-31-1978159-82
Briefing: Watch out! They planted a nuclear bomb on you! Kill them and take the triggers!
Additional information: A harder version of my first contract set in a different level. I did not have enough room for the original briefing plan but what i wanted to put is something like this: “Watch out! They planted a nuclear bomb on you! Kill them, take the triggers and leave the area. We have a team ready to defuse the bomb.” That wasn’t exactly what it was but i don’t remember what i was planning to make it originally. Just some slight details.

ID: 4-29-9832993-82
Briefing: Kill all the DJs and anyone near them. Also trigger the show climax.
Additional information: I didn’t know there was another DJ (a blue-haired one) but now that i do know i think this was a better way just because i wanted all of them to be near eachother.

The Penthouse
ID: 4-27-8619018-82
Briefing: These staff members have been naughty. Kill them! FOR CHRISTMAS!
Additional information: This contract consists of Diana not being present. Instead, your client is your handler for this mission. His name? Santa Claus.

Break time already?
ID: 4-30-6929196-82
Briefing: Scan the monitors and begin. Stay stealthy and good luck.
Additional information: A stealth contract where you have 5 targets. Two of which being on break and you having to scan the monitor of the others. I found this out when trying to kill Royce with poison in a room through ventilation (for a challenge). I myself kept changing the ventilation to move the targets to then silently kill them and hide their bodies. One of the hiding spots is in the break room, the other is in the toilet across the room and the final is in the room which i totally did not forget the room of. Basically just the room in the middle of both where you can poison the ventilation. I actually did not think there were enough hiding spots but when i found out i was glad i could still use that complication.

ID: 4-10-2406101-82
Briefing: Stab these 5 targets in the back without getting spotted. Happy hunting.
Additional information: Just use the kitchen starting location and pick up the knife conveniently placed right next to you. All you need to do after that is stab all the people in the back without being spotted and for an additional challenge, you can hide all bodies.

First Sight Part 1: Training
ID: 4-01-8081373-82
Briefing: Kill a few of the first people you see and leave quickly.
Additional information: I had no idea for a contract and thought of all the as before mentioned “nooby” contracts (how do i still remember that in writing all of this in a day?). I remembered that there were lots of pretty bad (nooby) contracts that just select a few random people (most of which being in “The Final Test” of people just selecting Luca Wood and Christopher May). I selected the first 5 people i saw and then killed them. Simple.

Scarecrow Mayhem Episode 1: Stealth
ID: 4-09-3913277-82
Briefing: Hello, Scarer… you have been assigned a job as scarecrow. Good scaring!
Additional information: A contract in which you have to start (or atleast are supposed to) by the greenhouse and quickly making your way to the scarecrow costume (near the fake Interpol guy meant to try and see if Penelope is really trustable and won’t just change sides). After that, you just play the contract normally. Meant to be themed as a cartoon in the name if you haven’t realized yet.

Well that was a lot of typing to do in one day. “Wait… you did this in ONE day? Are you insane?” I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know. Anyways, i just did it because if i make a new contract i can just add it without having to write a lot of stuff just to make the list complete. Everything after Scarecrow Mayhem Episode 1 is made after that day. I hope you all make fun contracts and hope you like mine. Have fun.

Sniper Assasin: Radio Tower
ID: 4-29-6541394-82
Briefing: Good evening, 47. This group of thugs is known as TRMIN8.
Good luck.
Additional information: A port of Kevin_Rudd’s original level.

First Sight Part 2: Chongqing
ID: 4-30-7308064-82
Briefing: kill a few of the first people you can see.
Good hunting.
Additional information: The same as the other part but in another level.

Sniper Challenge: Berlin
ID: 4-29-9172188-82
Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Intel suggests that TRMIN8 started a cult. Kill the leaders.
Additional information: A continuation of the Sniper Assasin: Radio Tower level i made myself. Instead of it just being a sniper map, i added a story. I made this one myself as i liked the original one.

ID: 4-03-4090947-82
Briefing: those dang coworkers always taking unnecessary breaks!
Show them hard work!
Additional information: In the ether lab, there is a sort of break room and these people go there pretty often. Two stay there, though. The one on the top of the room and the one that is near the camera evidence. Just made it for fun as a quick little level. Not much else.

Hitman Walking Simulator
ID: 4-30-5391268-82
Briefing: Just walk.
Additional information: A quick joke level. Literally just kill the first person you see and walk. A lot.

Deal Gone Wrong
ID: 4-29-9282702-82
Briefing: Make it look like a “Deal Gone Wrong”.
Good luck.
Additional information: A remake/port of Georhan’s “Adrenaline Junkie” contract. Not much else than that.


Try to install HCCE and see if it can work with recreation. I have suspicion that it might work, because originally Urben said it wouldnt work with Stadia, but I installed it and got it to work. If you install it and are able to recreate contracts, then I can give you a lot of quality contracts.

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Thanks! I’ll try and keep it in mind.