Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion

Well, here we go:

The fall from grace ain’t pretty


I’m still having a blast with it even in base ps4…


Same. Game of the Year 2020. It’s so rare that I find myself genuinely caring about the characters in a video game but Cyberpunk does that. I’ve put 100 hours into it already which is pretty pathetic. But it really is that good.


i didn’t played the game and honestly dont really plan to do so, but CDPR acted more than just shady during the marketing of this game. Seemingly they also lied to their investors so they are now planning to sue them.

i feel sorry for the Staff of CDPR, but i hope the Investors will tear the Management a new asshole.

Why? We live in a Pandemic and afaik you cant even work right now, so what else should you do? Stare at the wall until you go crazy?

Time you’ve spent with something you enjoy was never wasted.


Because I’m embarrassed that I still enjoy video games tbh.

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I’m 30 Years old, I’ve literally grown up with a Controller in Hands thanks to my older Brother.
He and my Sister lost interest in Gaming when they grew older, but I still love gaming and probably will always do.

Everyone has a Hobby, some collect Stamps, others build Model Kits or enjoy Football or Motor Sports. Nobody should be ashamed of their Hobby.


Well unfortunately I am, because most video games are terrible and even the good ones like Cyberpunk are mired in controversy due to horrible work practices and have fanbases that literally try to give critics epileptic seizures lol.

i think most industries have exactly the same shitty problems, because they are run by the same kind of people…I just think we as Gamers notices stuff like that more in the Game industry than lets say the Movie business? With more interest comes more information i guess.
This isnt an attempt to sweep the problems of the industry under the rug, i just think other branches are doing the same, unfortunately.

This is true and it really makes me angry. But i think its wrong if the good Guys of the Community leave because of those Bastards, its like letting them win.

Sorry to hear that, maybe thats a better topic for the Dr Lafayette Thread.

Back to Topic: some of the bugs I’ve seen in videos are hilarious, real crazy shit.

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I’m waiting for the price to go down a little and that most of the bugs are fixed. I would buy it for pc in a heartbeat but with my GTX1060 max Q I rather enjoy it on the PS5 without the overheating.
My gaming laptop runs at 80C in Warzone with the settings on medium, I can’t imagine Cyberpunk.


mixed feelings about cyberpunk.

on one hand, it’s a pretty shallow rpg, mechanically speaking, and has some questionable social/ethical attitudes (mix it up, tiger claws, etc.)…

…on the other, night city is a genuinely incredible digital space to explore, even with its overall lack of interactivity. the sense of scale is unmatched, and it captures the whole bladerunner/neuromancer vibe brilliantly. the build variety is pretty good too.

i’ve put my copy up for refund for now, primarily because cdpr were so shady, but i intend to buy it again in future once it’s back on psn and on sale.


I wouldn’t say I was hyped for it but I brought it day of release and played for 5/6 hours and just wasn’t enjoying it.

Playing it on PS5 so had no problems with bugs but it was something I just couldn’t get into.

The game should never have been released in the state it’s in but after 3 delays they just had to get it out.

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I’m 35 and still play games and enjoy stupid things like maneater and so on…


Regarding bugs. I’ve run into less on cyberpunk than I have on the game pass release of skyrim, and bethesda has had several years to fix that by now. So far haven’t run into anyone missing a face, and haven’t fallen through the world either, which gives it a leg up on Unity. Does the game have issues? Absolutely, however I feel pretending that CDPR is somehow guilty of some new crime or did something worth the investor lawsuit is ignoring history.

I’m the same age as you and still enjoy games. I just haven’t had those massive binges in many years because I just fell out of love with “Gaming Culture” quite some time ago. Cyberpunk really is just that good that i’ve not been able to help myself.

I’m the same. I’ve had visual glitches and surface level bugs but nothing I didn’t see coming. I had to reload twice because a character stopped doing what they were supposed to and the mission couldn’t continue, but that was about the worst thing that happened beyond the occasional floating cigarette.

I feel like CDPR deserve a lot of the criticism they’re getting for crunching their employees so hard and still ending up with such a poorly performing product on the current generation of consoles. It seems like it really was unplayable for several weeks, but has since improved. As far as the criticism towards the game design in general though, such as the quest design, open world, level of interactivity, I feel a lot of that isn’t completely justified.

I went back and looked at the 48 minute gameplay footage from E3 2018 and a cursory glance at the comments shows heavy criticism. Lots of folks talking about how full of lies that footage was, how misleading it is, how unrepresentative of the final game it was, but in my experience represents how the game looks and plays absolutely perfectly. I’ve got no idea why people are so up in arms about that side of things.


It’s the “Thing the internet decided to be mad at”
Whatever legitimate complaints there are get buried by a deluge of people who likely never even planned to play the game hopping on the bandwagon to attack it, since they have no personal issue, they just repeat whatever they see on Twitter.

Same thing happened with Andromeda. What was originally a few reported issues with movement and facial animations turned into people who had never played mass effect calling the game “literally unplayable”.

I’ve genuinely enjoyed the game, and have played it for 60 hours now. Loved it. But, the lack of content, brain dead NPCs which includes NPCs not able to drive or get across obstacles easily, Police Spawning issue, random T-poses, missing or weird animations.

I’m giving CDPR proper time to take the No Mans Sky route and change the game with proper time and with reduced developer crunch, while taking this hard lesson to not say Yes to your investors if your game isn’t ready, and be honest about the release i.e., ‘Release when its ready’.

Fairly disappointed to see the sheer lack of content, No Trains, No customization options post character creation, really boring UIs for buying and selling stuff.

My final rating for the game as of now is a 7/10. The music, Johnny Silverhand, and the story are quite nice on their own. I wish the game is able to recover most of its cut content in future patches and become a much more refined and true experience.

What does “content” mean in the context of a video game? Content is some nebulous word YouTubers use. I feel like Cyberpunk has more than enough to do and see, between the main story, the side missions, the gigs, the random encounters, etc.

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Well, content is cut or basic features you expect from an open-world RPG. First and most basic, the Police AI. Right now its not working as intended and you know it. Police just spawns behind you even if you’re in the remotest place with nobody close to you, if you commit a crime.

Drivers not able to maneuver around a parked car, even GTA 3 had sensible working traffic navigation AI.

This is the content or basic necessities in the game that should be there. The game is good even with all the missing stuff but you know it could’ve been more amazing if the game was given proper time and love. The game is surely rushed to meet the deadline.

You have to think, that a game this big should have such features in it. Let’s wait and see what the game shapes upto in 6 months or so. I’m hopeful CDPR will fix a ton of stuff and add the neccessary features.

The game is good as long as you follow the missions or what the game intends you to do. If you try anything else, like messing with the traffic or start a fight with the police, the game just falls apart like a house of cards.

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it’s the overall lack of detail and presence of systems that don’t come close to fulfilling their potential that irk me most about it. there is the framework of something great there, undoubtedly.

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I dunno, i’m kind of glad the cops are barely in this game. It’s a dystopian society, like Mega City One in Judge Dredd or something. Police are stretched thin and barely attend gang shootings because there’s so many of them. It kind of sucks that the police just randomly spawn close to you on the rare occasions they do show up, but I’m really glad this didn’t turn into another GTA style shitfest with “wanted levels” and endless police chases preventing you from finishing your objectives because you gently clipped one of their cars 10 minutes ago and it turned into a wild goose chase.

I see what you mean - If you put a gamer in a sandbox their first intuition seems to be to destroy everything for shits and giggles. In this instance though I genuinely don’t care if the game doesn’t respond well to starting a massacre or something, because it’s not a GTA game where the objective is to cause chaos. It’s a story based RPG. Witcher 3 had the same issue, the amount of detail on everything was insane but if you stood still in a village for longer than 30 seconds you quickly saw through the pretty exterior and into the game’s clockwork. That was held together a bit better though. You couldn’t actually attack the civilians and could only fight guards. There was no technology so there was no “wanted level” or anything like that.

Anyway, I appreciate what you are saying here but I don’t think some of these things are genuinely considered “basic features” that are missing.