Dartmoor - First Impressions

Is it good or not? What do you like about it? What could be done better?

I have just recently finished my first playthrough of this map (and am now watching Biden’s inauguration :)), so I can’t give a full review here, but I will start with some of my first impressions.

The art direction in Dartmoor is excellent. It looks fantastic inside and out. The music fits very well with the story and is quite atmospheric, I like it a lot.

Mission design, as far as I can tell is quite good. Lots of ways to move around the manor as well as the outside. Lot’s of secret to be found.

I am also quite impressed by the characters and little stories within the story.

Looks like there’s a good amount of diverse disguises (important) and the detective mission story, at first glance, seems to be very flexible and open. I have not tried it yet, but I’m hoping the real detective can actually solve the case as well.

I am looking forward to playing more of this mission a lot. The first playthrough was quite a treat, and I can already imagine this becoming one of my favorite missions if the rest of it is just as good.

Have you played Dartmoor yet? What did you think?


seems pretty good :slight_smile: definitely Paris-like, but thats a crude comparison. it really feels like its own thing

nice secret passages, just enough NPCs, and an amazing atmosphere that feels cozy and grandiose at the same time.

and Diana and Grey’s lines while youre exfiltrating the mission is chilling… the way Diana’s mic glitches out and the music just goes silent. it’s so tense up until the point where you hear Grey getting shot at and then the tension turns into panic


On first impression, I think I liked Dubai just a bit more, at least in terms of atmosphere and exploration…until I got to the end. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say that I found the way my version of the murder mystery wrapped up to be tremendously satisfying. And then, of course, exiting the level brings it’s own drama.

If the next four levels are anywhere near as good as the first two, I am tremendously happy.

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Just had my first playthrough of it. I’m shaking. The map was phenomenal, as was Dubai. Hoping all of the other maps are as good as these two. And the story. Wow.


I too love the art direction and the secret passages. I still have alot to explore but enjoying it so far definitely. I like that there is only one target and assuming the code stays the same, getting the file shouldn’t be too much bother.

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Gave me lots of Golden Handshake vibes, at least with the atmosphere.

Murder mystery was super obvious, though the map may have more potential with the other mission stories and contracts… I’ve only played it once so far, and it was pretty good, but compared to the other levels it didn’t really have much of an impact on me. The only thing that really stood out to me was the follow up cutscene.

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Spent there about 1.5 hours exploring the area.
Well, it wasn’t that bad.
But I poisoned some random glass and in a while target found herself dead.
Too easy

I… love… this… map!

Sounds lucky really. Then you gotta get the files.

Anyway this is the kind of map where I really want to see a ghost. There must be a ghost easter egg.


Aha, that was a bit of a challenge

Did one playthrough so far, using the detective story, which is enjoyable enough and gives some nice Poirot vibes. I finished it by pinpointing the real killer, so I´m gonna mess around with the other options as well. Was a bit surprised by a certain opportunity that presented itself at the end of it, or rather the lack of consequences for taking it…

I definitely enjoyed the level, and especially the atmosphere of it (definitely has the Bank vibes) and the amount of NPC dialogues in it, but still have plenty of digging to do before I pass a more “definitive” judgement.


I think I’ve missed something.

I understand the whole “Grey getting shot” part of the narrative, but WHY exactly do we not hear from Diana for about 3 missions? I know the Constant’s talking to her about Providence, but what reason does she give 47? Has she been ambushed too?

Spoiler tags plz

like this

Oops, sorry! I’ll edit them in. :slight_smile:

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I’m missing a single clue in zachary’s room and each of the suspects room. Its driving me nuts! What am I missing? I cant find anything with the camera or 47s vision. Is there some hidden clue mechanic?

I just pick everything up and there should be symbols on the mini map which correspond to the camera

this one has those little grey cells working overtime

Did you scan the wine glass next to the bed? Game kind of gave prompts for everything else in his room except for that on my playthrough. Generally try scanning wherever the map shows a camera icon

The tutorials make it seem like scannable objects will be highlighted in the camera view but you do actually have to look for them yourself. I don’t think I would have found some of them without the minimap icon but in retrospect they do make sense as things you would take photos of, as a spy/detective

The Constant cuts her off from 47 & Grey just before the attack happens, so she thinks the mission is over & they’re on their way back while 47 is going around Absolution-ing on his own.


My first impression is that it is too easy.
Got silent Assassin on my first try, and not one moment did I get close to being caught.

Haven’t done the Private Investigation and did enjoy the vibes the place was giving off, but where is the challenge?

Dubai was also extremely easy to figure out on a first try, and I’m playing without mission story guidance.

Where is the challenge?