Death by Proxy and Unintentional kills in the whole trilogy (spoilers blurred)

In this thread, I try to gather all the “Death by Proxy” kills the whole trilogy of Hitman proposes :

It concerns every kills done by a NPC to a target. In other words, the kill isn’t performed by 47’s hands. I won’t consider the kills done by an animal (like the hippo in Santa Fortuna).

This list also concerns “methods intended by the developers”. The forum is full of very good players that create perfect setup to kill targets with a NPC through different things and items (I remember a setup where an explosion is triggered by the jogger and a rake in Whittleton Creek). I won’t add them.

Likewise, I won’t add situations where a target “kills himself/herself” because (s)he smokes by a leaked propane flask.

EDIT : The definition of a proxy kill is quite complicated. The actual definition is a kill performed by another NPC, but some kills required a NPC to be done, even if the NPC just do nothing but carrying something. After reflexion, I decided to keep the kills through poisoned food or drugs, but when a NPC is required to perform the kill. Indeed, what’s the difference between a NPC who kills unvoluntary a target through electricity or poison?

Target is killed voluntary by a NPC

Ken Morgan : Jordan Cross pushes Morgan over a balcony if they meet together in the hotel hall. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : Oops! I Did It Again!

Erich Soders : The chief surgeon Nicholas Laurent voluntary kills Erich Soders during the surgury. The surgeon must take drugs and informed that Soders killed his father. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : (Not) Malpractice.

Dawood Rangan : Killed by the Kashmirian during the painting. Kashmirian’s scope must be calibrated and paint must be replaced in the paint box. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Proxy Killer.

Vanya Shah : Killed by the Kashmirian during her meeting with the laundry foreman. The foreman’s documents must be retrieved - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Proxy Killer.

Alexa Carlisle : Killed when she’s drinking a glass of whisky poisoned by Emma. Need to frame the butler for Zacchary’s murder and the machine must be fixed in the greenhouse. - Requires disguises (to frame the butler) or Suit Only (if the family meeting is triggered after family shooting).
Related challenge : A Matter of Loyalty and Another Death in the Family.

Tamara Vidal : Killed by a sniper. You need to steal an earpiece and next order the sniper to kill the target. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : Mission Story - Eyes on Target.

Tamara Vidal : Killed by Cortazar during the Heralds meeting. Need to trigger the meeting. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Closing Statement.

Archibald Yates : Killed by his wife, pushed over the balcony. Specific files must be given to his wife. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : Domestic Disturbance.

Archibald Yates: After doing the “Closing Statement” hidden mission story, Diana stabs Don Yates. If 47 does not finish the work, Yates will ultimately dies from stab. It takes however a long time.
Related challenge: Closing Statement.

Ambrose Island
Noel Crest: Give the evidence that Hsu is dead to Akka. Akka will schedule a meeting with Crest and ultimately kill him by pushing him over a cliff.
Related challenge: A Kill to Treasure.

Siberia (Sniper Assassin)
Vitaly Reznikov : Destroy Roman Khabko’s clothes and create the big escape. Khabko will be angry and kills Reznikov.
Related challenge : none (but there is an achievement/trophy : Fragile Alliance).

Target is killed by a NPC unvoluntary

ICA Facility
Jasper Knight : Just put the files on the slide projector. 47 needs to switch off the fuse. The KGB officer will switch on the fuse while Knight is working on the slide and he will be electrocuted. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : Death by Proxy.

Sierra Knox : Robert Knox kills his daughter in an explosion. You need to put an explosive on Sierra’s car, recover the files and gives the trigger to Robert Knox during a rendezvous. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : Explosive Liaisons.

Alexa Carlisle : Killed during the photo shooting. The fuse box must be repaired, a water leak is made and wire exposed. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : One for the Ages.

Imogen Royce : If you time perfectly the different fires. First disables the security, the second phones to Royce’s bodyguard, moving way him from Royce, third launches the maintenance procedure, killing Royce. - Can be (theoritically) done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Medium Rare.

Target kills himself/herself

Hawke’s Bay
Alma Reynard : Waking her while she’s sleeping and scaring her by pointing a gun at her. She will flee and eventually will go to the sea and drown.
Related challenge : none.

Santa Fortuna
Jorge Franco : Create a bloody cocaine bag by putting a corpse inside the cocaine machine. Next, make Jorge Delgao tasting the bloody cocaine. He will ultimately commit suicide.
Related challenge : none.

Alexa Carlisle : Kills herself if you confirm the suicide theory for Zacchary’s murder. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : A Matter of Guilt.

Target is killed through poisoning (and NPC is required)

Silvio Caruso : Poison his food and ring the bell. The NPC chief Marcello brings the plate to Silvio. - Requires disguises.
Related challenge : What’s Your Poison?

Reza Zaydan : Poison his food and wake up the waiter. The NPC waiter brings the plate to Reza. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Poison IV.

Erich Soders : Poison the stem cells in the store room and destroy the stem cells used for the surgery. The NPC nurse brings poisoned stem cells to the patient. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Kiss of Death.

Hawke’s Bay
Alma Reynard : Poison the right ingredient (honey or sugar). The NPC Orson prepares a poisoned tea to Alma. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Sugar, Honey, Honey.

Sierra Knox : Poison the medicine contained in the baxter. Get rid of the pilot who the doctor is caring for. The NPC doctor will ultimately schedule a medical appointment with Sierra when the race is over and will inject poisoned drug to Sierra. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Vitamin Overdose.

Haven Islands
Ljudmila Vetrova : You need to prepare her food and poison it. The NPC cooker will phone to Ljudmila. She eventually comes taste her food. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : none.

Tyson Williams : Poison Williams’ medicine. The NPC doctor will come to auscultate Williams and ask him to take his drugs. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : Common Side Effects.

Agent Lowenthal : Poison the food from the delivery guy. Ring the bell. The NPC biker comes and brings the delivery food to Lowenthal. - Can be done Suit Only.
Related challenge : none.

Ambrose Island
Noel Crest: Prepare and poison the food for Noel Crest in the restaurant. 47 also needs to wake up the female cook in a nearby hut. Thus, the NPC cook brings the poison food to Crest.
Related challenge: Made to Order.

Special thanks: @Franz; @TheContractor ; @420 ; @Pitman ; @Pacifist_47 ; @PEA ; @OKIGorgon ; @Freezer ; @Generickillz ; @Sassthathoopyfrood (and all the others who contribute to this thread).

If you find other situations when you get a “death by proxy”, feel free to mention them.

EDIT : Modification of the post to add different categories.
Add some other kills.
Add challenges related to them.


Yes, he does!
Don’t know what triggers the doctor to go to the mansion, but it seems to be just a timed thing on Master.


I guess it depends on how far you want to stretch the definition of proxy. I’d say it’s only when some kills the target with the intention of killing them. But I can think of quite a few where 47 gets someone to kill (usually themselves) unknowingly

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You can propose. I would propably tune the definition and sort them according to the intention (NPC intends to kill target versus unvoluntary kill).

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Well I would ask if Target unintentionally kills themselves might be a category

The first example that jumps to mind is Ingram and Stuyvesant jumping to their deaths without the knowledge their parachutes don’t work. On one hand it’s 47’s actions that cause their deaths, but one could argue they die by their own hands. Idk, might be something :man_shrugging:


I get the idea, but I would probably need to rename the thread, as “target that kills unintentionally himself” isn’t actually a “death by proxy” as there is no proxy between the target and 47.

I already thought about that specific kill but I don’t include it as there is no proxy… IF I include this kill, other kills will be include (notably when the target is a smoker and does his/her hait close to a gas leakage).

But it’s the same with the waiter or other NPC that carries poisoned food to target. They do nothing but carry a plate…
Well, I’ll think about it.

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I think it is fine as it is. There number of kills in the OP is limited enough, no need to shorten or split the list. :slight_smile: Good job!

Btw I would also include the plate-carrying waiters. It is the same as the doctor in Miami.

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The KGB officer can electrocute Jasper Knight in The Final Test with the slide projector.


If this counts, the Chef Marcello for Silvio too I guess


You can remove the “(theoretically)” text from this one, @BlobSponge, I’ve done it many times and I’m not especially good at Hitman! It’s my only SASO method for Tyson.


Not theoritically. It was part of my SASO Master difficutly strategy.

Now, what else is there… there are suicides in Nightcall and Three-Headed Serpent. If you sabotage cage mechanisms, then Zoe will voluntarily go into it and die after you start the ceremony. Oh, and Soders can be killed by nurse bringing poisoned stem cells. I do wonder if poisoning shisha pipe in AHBOS counts, since Kong invites Matthieu to smoke with him.
And then there are NPC deaths by proxy and suicides, like the Curator, guy wanting to jump into water in Haven or Sierra killing blackmailer.


There’s the KGB colonel in The Final Test. If you turn off the power of the projector, Knight will attempt to repair it. Meanwhile the KGB officer turns on the electricity again killing the target. Of course, since this is just a simulation nobody died for real.


Also, in Crime and Punishment you can make Khabko kill Reznikov in a fit of rage.


Is the first part required? I thought it happened automatically some time after doing the second part.

Yeah, first part is not necessary and it can thus be done SO.

Also, what’s the deal with the Cortazar in Mendoza? That’s the only one I’ve never heard of.


I’m sorry, what? Where on earth do you do this opportunity? I’ve honestly never heard of it before.

It’s not a mission story, but its here Home | HITMAPS™

So does the chef in Dubai then.

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Excellent post! This is a very cool list @BlobSponge, so thank you for making it.

I don’t have any kills to add, but I do have some minor grammar corrections for the OP. I know, pretty lame of me, but I only want to help. Apologies in advance. :slight_smile:

  1. Alexia should be spelled Alexa.
  2. Heaven Islands should be Haven Island.
  3. While Marrakech is an accepted spelling, Hitman uses the alternative Marrakesh, so I’d suggest to go with that one.
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Good list! You forgot this one


I haven’t seen this mentioned yet but Hector Delgado’s suicide in SF.

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