Defective Disc, waiting for resolution

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Day 1 posting here. A week of waiting. Bought a physical game and can give evidence it does not work. Cannot be returned. It is a Defective disc. Still awaiting a resolution or any reasonable response at this point. Thanks in advance.

Where did you purchase your game? You’ll need to return to your retailer for a return/refund, I’m pretty sure IOI can’t help you with physical copies.

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It was at a Walmart. The retailers will not do a return or refund. Due to copyright laws. It’s dumb. And I am tired of being hung up on when calling to get support from their end.

Well that’s a bit problematic considering most major companies offer refunds, especially if they’re defective. But it seems Walmart doesn’t offer it on specifically games, copyright laws shouldn’t really be an issue for actual issues pertaining to defective items.

There’s not a lot I can think of other than my suggestion above, unless I’m missing an alternative solution. Sorry you have to go through this.

It would be fine if it wasn’t something that should have a proper solution at hand. Copyright laws shouldn’t count towards the likes of a game that isn’t doing anything to override a copyright, I mean. I can’t see the content on the game. So what sense does that make?

The thing is, the company publishes the game as well as creating it. They have the solution, and I am willing to send it in or whatever needs to be done on my end to make it happen.

I guess just so they wouldn’t have an incentive to resell or fix a broken game? I’m no legal expert or anything but copyright law shouldn’t be an issue for retailers because there’s no direct connection to worry about copyright law. They’re the ones who sell items at a RRP, so if it was a copyright issue then it’s a big liability for Walmart and doesn’t seem plausible that they deny refunds on defective games out of copyright. Any customer service should be dealt with ease for defective items and knowing one prior to purchase would be next to impossible.

IOI doesn’t distribute physical copies directly, only through retailers which are offered through the buy now page. If you can then it’s perfectly valid to email and tweet IOI for a fix of this. But like I said you should really just need to return it to Walmart and not IOI, but I didn’t think that they never would offer refunds on games.

I’m guessing you were trying to get a refund instead of just exchanging it for another disc. They can’t claim copyright issues if you’re walking in with the game disc and walking out with the same game but on a new disc.

Can’t be exchanged either. In fact. It was their last copy that they were offering.