Digital soundtracks and world book from the Deluxe Edition?

Where do I get them from? Nothing in my IOI account… (Edit: It’s okay now. They are available.)


There’s nothing on my account either…

They are currently unavailable, IO will come with an update when they are ruled out.


Its always ridiculous when you pay for something like Soundtracks and they are best provided while you are immersed in the game but the developers delay them. They lose value when you gain access 2 months later when you have moved onto something else. Really no excuse from them. I have the Deluxe edition and have pinged them countless times over this. Word finally surfaced on Reddit there is supposed to be a fix on the 22nd. Lack of real communication is simply dishonest.


Helpful to know, I’d been wondering how/when to access them.

It’s the 22nd and yet not a peep from IOI. Unless they’re working through the night they’ve probably closed down for the night/weekend.

They are working on the issue now. Please be patient and stay tuned to the following thread.

Players cannot access their Deluxe Edition content.
Status : In-game content (suits and items) are unlocked by completing the Deluxe Escalations. The artbook and digital soundtracks are downloaded via your linked IOI Account. We’re investigating a fix that will allow affected players to downloading them.

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Well apparently it isn’t going to happen today. They had it listed in the reddit FAQ to be released today but that received a stealth edit and any mention of a release date has been removed. Just as bad is their failure to even acknowledge an issue with the extras.

Another day and still no soundtrack. Is it really wrong for me to complain about the bulk of the digital content from the Deluxe Edition that has straight up not been released? I’m also a little irritated by IOI claiming that certain people are having trouble accessing their digital content when as far as I know NOBODY who has the Deluxe Edition has managed to obtain their soundtracks yet.


Agreed. I paid for the Deluxe edition and I want the content I paid for. I cannot find a single person who has got their soundtrack yet so clearly this isn’t an ‘certain people’ issue.

I don’t get it, once they fix the issue will the art book and sountrack be available in the game or you find them in the web? Because if you can only access that content in the web insted of the game you bought, that would suck. Hope is not the case

The soundtrack and artbook will be downloaded through your IOI Account on their website.

Thank you for leting me know. Althow im very sad to hear this is the case. Because i wanted to see the concept art while in my ps4 not in my crappy phone


You should be able to see the content through the PS4’s own web browser I think.

Of course, when it releases.

I can’t believe there isn’t even an official ETA yet for the soundtracks and digital content.

Tfw when you thought the premium for the Deluxe Edition was too much and you wanted to wait for a sale on the upgrade pack later in 2021, and then you find out you’re going to get your extra goodies at the same as the pre-orderers… :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed the soundtracks (for Xbox edition) are now linked in my ioi account online.


At it sounds great… :grinning:

I’ve signed into my IOI account and there’s still nothing there for some reason?

Not sure what’s going on? :thinking:

I still don’t have it either :confused:


Not sure what’s happening then? I’m hoping IOI are still on with it :crossed_fingers:

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Have you guys opened Hitman 3? Iirc you need to login into your IO account.