Disconnecting from servers when using smuggling

Title. Is there any solution to this. Playing on stadia.

It have been like that for almost a month now. Also I’m getting authorization errors constantly when I finish Isle of Sgail or when I start it, also random disconnects on every level… Pretty much discouraged me from buying Hitman 3 on Stadia :frowning_face:


These threads are the evidence that the devs dont really care about Stadia users, and no, buying another game to fix the previous is just not a solution…


HITMAN: World of Assassination will automatically be updated to the H3 launcher when H3 gets released. So you don’t have to pay for anything.

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The most frustrating part of this bug is that the hidden stashes work sometimes, and not others. The functionality seems to turn on and off randomly, as you can see in the last post of this topic: HITMAN 2 Stadia Problems to be fixed in HITMAN 3 - #12 by solderq35

Note that the stashes working or not seems to be synced between users; at the times the hidden stashes worked for me, they were working for other players on Stadia, and vice versa.

I’m wondering if it has something more to do with Stadia’s servers and how they connect back to IoI’s.

Like the “luck of the draw” of whether stashes work or not is based on a specific Stadia server you connect to initially.