Does anyone else feel bad for lenny?

i always just felt bad when killing him or even just abondoning him anyone else who feels the same?

A little bit. It felt more humane to kill him tbh.


A bit, I mean he is the only character that made me feel something other than apoplectic anger or compete apathy or incredulity.


Not really but more so then I did Victoria, which isn’t saying much.

By the time I got to him I was pretty much irritated with everyone in the game so he didn’t really stick out :confused:

Not really. Lots of groups have a lovable idiot. This includes good groups, but Lenny and his group were bad guys working for Dexter or the slickback hair dude. Forgot his name.

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A true testament to Absolution’s writing. But I would like to point out, from what I recall, it was Blake who foisted him onto Wade just to get him out of the way or some bizarre attempt to toughen and Lenny just seems to crave his father’s approval.


no. everyone in that game was painfully unlikeable, and not in an interesting or meaningful way.


Lenny was pathetic, and I mean that in the most literal sense. Yes he craved his father’s attention as well as the respect of others. But at the end of the day he was a bad person who, along with the Cougars, has terrorised the people of Hope

So did I pity him? Absolutely. Do I regret killing him? Not one bit


He killed the nun an kidnapped Victoria so nah, he got what he deserved. He might have been the lesser evil in the plot but he was still evil not to mention he knew about 47’s identity. We can’t have that :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel bad that this character even exists. He seems to have a specific development disorder and is shown to be an idiot. I always think about ableism when I see him, I hate that.

Sorry, I know it’s just an interpretation of mine, but as a budding special education teacher I often have a problem how people who are mentally disabled are shown in the media.


Caruso is also a very disturbed character which I feel bad about along with Clarence from BM.


Yeah. I didn’t wanted to start a discussion, but Lenny is a special character. All the characters in Absolution are like comic characters, they are so much over the top. And that’s why I don’t like the way he’s shown, because it is so extreme.

I feel more sorry for Ludjmilla Vetrova and Steven Bradley. I don’t know, they aren’t very good people, but killing them felt a bit harsh :sweat_smile:


really? she fucks absolutely everyone over.


Ludmilla is hot, that’s probably why. Anyway, i feel bad about Penelope, wrong place wrong time.
Same with a few other of the colorado targets, but they all have some sociopathic tendencies that even it out.

It’s just that Penelope is a superior Olivia imo.

i doubt that’s the reason, unless they also think the same about sweaty steve.

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Yes, but that’s no reason to kill her IMO. Same with Bradley and Graves or the Washington twins. I just think that sometimes there are targets in Hitman who might be „bad“ people but they don’t necessarily deserve to die :sweat_smile:

I thought the Washington Twins used their private army to kill anyone in the way of their treasure hunting quests? I swear I remember a conversation about them having people killed en route to some treasure, or have I fully confused them with the bad guys from every Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones movie?


They did? I can’t remember such a conversation. It’s long ago I played Hitman 2 haha! Well than cut them from the list!

Now I’m second guessing. I just spent an hour or two fiddling with the Heralds in Mendoza otherwise I’d go on an adventure to try and find out. Maybe tomorrow.

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